Sonntag, 26. Januar 2014

A pattern for Sylvanian Families clothes - A Tutorial

Today I want to show you a simple pattern for a new dress for your Sylvanian ladies.

I’ve made 3 dresses for my Chocolate Rabbit family – one in all sizes.

I think they like their new outfits- especially Rosie, who hadn’t a dress before.

I’ve designed the pattern by looking at the original Sylvanian clothes. It took while, before I found the perfect size for every woman of the family.

The pattern is simply made out of 4 parts:

1.       The bodice
2.       The skirt
3.       Two parts for the breech

This is just a drawing, if you use the pattern, please take care, that the neckline is in the middle of the bodice :-D.

The sewing of the dress is quiet simple, but I'll show you the steps in pictures:

         First you have to transfer the pattern on the fabric (I’ve used cotton).

Then you turn the edges of the small “breech parts” down and fix them with a few stiches.

Now you have to turn down the edge of the neckline and fix it. Please sew really careful, because the fabric bunks out easily. After that you turn the outer edges down and also fix them.

Note:  Here you decide which sleeves your dress will get!  It depends on how wide you turn down the edge.  For short sleeves it has to be a wide border.

Also I fixed the edges with some invisible clue for textiles – so the seam won’t frazzle.

After that you sew the “breech parts” at the bodice. I hope, you can see it in the picture
(I had to use my mobile phone, cause my camera was lost).

Now you fold the bodice in the middle and fix the sleeve parts with some small stiches.
On the foto, which I had efore, really nobody would have see, what I meant, so I did a little shematic drawing for you:
Please sew, where I've drawn this small red stripes.

Well that was the harder part of the sewing. For the skirt you simply have to turn the edge down and fix it. After that you can pleat the fabric and stick it to the bodice. Sew carefully over the crinkles.

I know, I have no picture and I'm really sorry for that. But the thing is, that it's hard to capture this process in a photo... But if you want, I can try to make one, while sewing a new dress :-).

After all the dress is almost finished. 
Now, you can decide if you want to decorate your dress. I had added this small white stripe on the skirt... Damn, this mobile phone camera is really bad... I'm so sorry for the pictures - it looks better in reality :-D. 

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. I'm looking forward to your comments :-).


  1. Thank you for this awesome tutorial!!! I need to try it! :D

    1. Thank you very much - I hope you'll have fun sewing the dresses :-).

  2. thanks for the tutorial. I am going to give it a try. :)