Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2014

Three teddys Part I

Because I wanted to show some of my own designed teddy bears, I will start at that point:

This is Iuvi. He is 38cm and was made out of plush. His eyes are made of glass, he's filled with polyester wadding.


  1. This teddy bear is sooooooo cute!!! You could sell him in stores! Seriously you are such a talented sewer Kyra! :D
    Even though this was ages ago, I felt the need to comment! ;)

    1. Aww, thank you Paige! You made my day with this lovely comment! I'm glad you like my teddys :). If you want I can sew one for you, when I have a bit more time :)

    2. Aww, I'm glad. Of course, I am looking back at this still oogling at how adorable he is! Of course I would love that, but do not feel pressure! If you ever sew more, I love to see more of them here. :)

    3. :) if you want one - just tell me :D