Samstag, 18. Januar 2014

Sylvanian Bathroom

Hi everyone,

I told you about the bathroom, I'm working on.... It's finished now :-D.
I've documented the single steps in fotos. Have fun :-).

First I've sawd the wood plates with a coping saw.

Then I've drawn a network on the floor plate - to imitate bathroom plates.

I've coloured the floor in white and drew the gaps with a light blue copic marker.

After wallpapering....

....and coating the outer walls in dark red, it looked quite nicer. 

The next step took a while, cause I had to model the bottom plates (is it called like that?) and the window and door frames. They're made out of a polymer clay and had to be baked, before I could put them on the walls.

And now with furniture- the toilet and the sink.

A little cabinet.

And of course a bathtube on the other side of the room.

Mother and daughter Löffel seem to like the bathroom :-).

After all: A few things are still missing, I want to sew a nice curtain for the window and buy this cute washing mashine set. So: be continued


  1. Antworten
    1. So much praise- thank you so much :). I'm glad that you like my rooms:).

  2. That is gorgeous! I might give something like that a go myself...but it won't be as good as yours. Where did you get the wallpaper?

    1. :D don't say that, it's easy. I'm sure you'll make a beautiful room! :) I've googled "wallpaper" and printed it, because I was to lazy to buy scrapbook paper :D

  3. Looks great! Like I said before, you inspire me to try something like this! I love that wallpaper! Printing some out might not be a bad idea actually, as long as printer cooperates.