Donnerstag, 16. Januar 2014

Visiting familie Löffel (The chocolat rabbit family)

As announced, I will document my Sylvanian Families collection.

I know, that they're a lot of houses, which you can buy for the figures, but I think, they're a little to small. Because of that, I've build single rooms, that could be added easily to a house.


Rabbitfamily Löffel is living  in two rooms at the moment. I will finish the bathroom in a few days.

 The sleeping room of the oldest kids

Here are still a few little things missing (like a rug and a desk).

Luna loves to play with her plush squirrel.

Anton is building his name, while mother Flora visits her children.

The parents' sleeping room

Still the curtains are missing (but I'm looking for the perfect fabric). Also little baby Rosie sleeps here.

This is Rosie and her father Hans Löffel.

I'm also having this sweet hamburger restaurant, where my Sylvanians could eat.

Because mother mouse and her daughter have not a house yet, they have to stay in the hamburger restaurant :-D.


  1. This is a very good idea! How do you build your room? Will you create a tutorial please? I like the flooring and how you decorate your rooms! The little curtains and windows are so pretty.

    1. Aw :-), thank you very much! The rooms are quiete practical, because you can design them, how you want. They're made out of ply wood- so it's quiete easy to saw it. But if you want, I would love to create a tutorial :-).
      What should be in it? The complete creation of a room? With curtains?

  2. Love that building blocks Anton is playing with! Your rooms are fantastic!

  3. Oh this inspires me to do something like this, I think I would need some help sawing the wood though. It's great being able to have such large rooms, much better for photos. And I love that master bedroom set! It's so cute! <3