Donnerstag, 20. Februar 2014

Some sweet things

Hello everyone :-),

as announced, I’ll show you some of the printable miniatures, which I reworked from this site:

I’d used photobase paper (the website says that this would be the recommended paper) and painted it in format L (also after “listening” to the advices of the website:-D). 

After cutting them out, I had to assert that all my clues, which I had at home, were too weak. All boxes just “jumped” apart, even if I pressed them 10 minutes between my fingers :–(.

So I had to order some stronger superclue (WARNING: Please take care of your fingers! The superclue really is a super fast clue :-D) – after all it worked and these are my first results:

Because I love sewing, this set must have been done:

Some sweets in a display:

I love those funny writings on the products :-D.

Some other food:

And those two household goods:

The "pure clean" was my first project- as you see the clue was faster than me :-/. That's why it doesn't look so good. 

I'm sure I will rework some more cute things (which of course I'm going to show you). 

But this time I'll use other paper- it was kind of hard to fold the photobase paper. Also I'm sure that the miniatures would look also nice, if I would use normal paper.

Before I forget, here’s another little project, I did in the last days. A new gardening outfit for my chocolate rabbit father:

After he got his new outfit, Hans started to work immediatly.

If you’re interested in reworking:
--> I think the trousers are a little bit to small; I couldn’t close them on the back, so I think I have to create my own pattern But I’m sure this pattern would fit a sylvanian child.

Oh and I have a question for you… 
I’m searching for small simple silk or satin ribbons in different colors (without ornaments), which I can buy in a set.
I’ve searched all over the internet and in different stores, but I really couldn’t find it. I’ve just found ribbons with dots or stripes in one color and not in sets:-/.
Does anybody know where I could get them?

I hope you liked the post- see you soon :-).


  1. Thank you for the pattern and tutorial! It's really lovely what you did with the outfit!

    1. You're welcome:-).
      Thank you very much; I'm glad that you like it.