Sonntag, 23. März 2014


Dear readers,

I was again nominated for the LIEBSTER Award (see here) :). 
This time by Eaton Blackberry from the wonderful Sylvanian Families blog Sugarbush Valley. Thank you very much!

Because I think it's a great game, I decided to play it once again.

So these were the questions, I was asked:

1. Which country is first on your must travel list? 


2. Would you ever consider visiting South Africa?

For sure :).

3.Do you like watching sports and which is your favorite to watch?

Not at all, I'm very sorry.

4. What is your all time favorite movie?

Lord of the rings

5. What is you favorite novel?

Again Lord of the rings, but also Harry Potter.

6. What do you collect, and which of these collections are your favorite?

Owls and of course Sylvanian Families. I think the Sylvanians are my favourite- because they're so cute. 

7. Do you like winters?

I love them!

8. Do you prefer pizza or hamburgers?

... That's difficult, but I think I prefer pizza.

9. What is your favorite kind of flower?

Hydrangeas (I hope it's called like that...) 

10. What one decision in your life that you made would you change?

None :).

11. If you had one wish what would it be?

That I could teach my pupils instantly, instead of studying for 2 more years. :D

My 10 nominations are (the 11th is still missing :():

Because I'm totally uncreative in coming up with 11 new questions, I took some of my "old" ones too.

So here are my questions for my nominations:

1. What is your favorite plush toy?
2. What do you prefer - coffee or tea?
3. If you could travel back in time- where would you go to?
4. Which cine film will you attend to watch next?
5. Do you prefer living in the countryside or in the city?
6. Are you afraid of ghosts?
7. Do you have preferred clothes?
8. What are your hobbies besides blogging?
9. Do you have any pets?
10. Which room in your house/flat is the most important to you?
11. What is your favorite handicraft?

Have fun:).

Sadly today is the first day in this week, that I have the time to write a new post. 
I have a huge pile of different history books lieing on my desk, which have to be read until next week. So unfortunately I'm not having much time for beeing creative at these days... 
But still I've done a few things: 
I've added the bios of the mole and cow family:)
Also I'm planning to build an underground home for my McBurrow's, which of course I want to show here. I prefer a round room for them - so it should more look like a cave than a "normal" house.
I suppose that this undertaking will need a lot of time, but I really want to try it :D.

See you soon,

Montag, 17. März 2014

New families

Hey everybody :),

when I was looking at my very small Sylvanian village, I thought, that it would be time to order new families. 
Also the residents told me that they're missing some of their close friends- you see, there was nothing else for I could do but to look for the said families :D.

I had good luck on Ebay and purchased the Fresian Cow Family by auction. So here is my brandnew "Buttercup Family":

The other family, I bought, is the "McBurrows Mole Family" and their baby boy. Because they are not yet released here in Germany, I've ordered them from the official UK site.

Aren't they adorable? I could look at them the whole day - they are so cuddly!
When I first saw them, I was surprised how small they are compared to the other families. But, indeed, a mole is smaller than a rabbit in reality - so I'm fine with it :D.

The other thing I did in the last evening are these two beddings for the baby beds:

If you're interested in reworking - just tell me so I can give you the measurements :).

I'm looking forward to your comments. 

See you soon:)

Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

This and that

Dear Readers,

lovely Jane Chérie nominated me for the LIEBSTER AWARD, which was created to promote blogs with less than 200 readers. 
I think it's a very great idea, so small or unknown blogs can win more readers.
If you're nominated and you want to play the game, you mention the person, who nominated you, answer the questions, he/she asked you, nominate 11 other blogs and ask them 11 questions.

These were the questions I was asked by Jane Chérie

1. What is your favorite Disney movie?
It may sounds a little bit strange, but it’s “Hercules”, maybe it’s due to the music :D.

2. What is your favorite picture book?
“Frederik” by Leo Lionni. (I would also have mentioned Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, but I’m not really sure if it’s a typical picture book…)

3. What is your favorite novel?
Definitely Lord of the Rings.

4. What word do you use all the time?
It’s “definitely” :D.

5. What would you splurge on if you won $100,000?Maybe I would buy a holiday home in Turkey or in Thailand.

6. What would you never eat?
One of those 1000 year old eggs… O.o

7. What name do you wish you had instead of your own?

8. What do you like to daydream about?
About time traveling back into the medieval times or into the  Renaissance.

9. What is your phobia?

10. What do you want to be remembered for?
Hmh… Maybe for my creativity and sewing skills… Or maybe for publishing a book…

11. What do you wish upon a star?
That everything will be fine. I’m really happy with my life, so it should be like this forever.

Well, after answering the questions I thought about my nominations... and a problem appeared: Most of the blogs, I'm following were already nominated or had more than 200 readers... 
So please forgive me, I just can nominate these 4 blogs:

1.Emily's Sylvanian Families
2.Lily's Sylvanian Families
3.My Sylvanian Families Blog
4.For The Love Of Minis

I hope you won't chop my head of, because of this rule breaking :D.

These are my questions for my nominations:

1. What is your favorite plush toy?
2. What is your favorite drink?
3. If you could travel back in time- where would you go to?
4. Which cine film will you attend to watch next?
5. If you could live another life, how would it looks like?
6. Are you afraid of ghosts?
7. What is your favorite flower?
8. What are your hobbies beside blogging?
9. Do you have any pets?
10. What is your favorite season?
11. What is your favorite handicraft? 

See you soon,

PS: There will be soon some changes in my blog. New families will move into my Sylvanian village, which is in it's construction phase :). 
After that, there will be stories and of course more tutorials and sewing patterns.

Sonntag, 9. März 2014

Pets for my Sylvanians - a tutorial

Hello everybody,

first I'll want to show you that beautiful giveaway, which you can win, from the amazing Sugarbush Valley:

It's a wonderful blog about the residents of Sugarbush Valley, a dreamy place in far away Sylvania. Please take the time to look at it :).

While it's raining the whole day and because I really couldn't learn all the time for University, I've looked around in my handicraft cupboard and found some cardboard. 
Suddently I got the idea about an aquarium- eventually the Sylvanians also want to have pets.

If you also want to create a little, shabby chic looking aquarium, I'll show you here how I went on:

You need:

- cardboard
- acrylic paint
- polymer clay (choose the colours you want)
- some markers
- glue (superglue or "normal" glue for handicrafts) 
- transparency film 

Step 1:

Draw the single wall-parts onto your cardboard and cut them out. You'll need the following parts:

Measurements: 0,5x3cm

Measurements: 5x3cm

Important: I first had forgotten one wall, so it's missing in the foto. Please draw another 5x3cm wall.

Step 2:

Colour the peaces with the acrylic (from both sides).

Step 3:

Create your background-design for the Aquarium. I've drawn some infantile looking waterplants:

Stick the picture to one of your walls and to your bottom plate, like this:

Don't worry about the frazzle edges - they always appear by two-layer carboard. But we will make them disappear later ;-).

Step 4:

Stick the two small wallparts onto the bottom plate:

Now it should look like that.

Step 5: The inner life of the aquarium

Because the children want to have little fishes, let's take the polymer clay and start:

For one fish, you need two small balls of polymer clay, like these:

Press one of them with your finger.

The flat part will be the fishtail. Take another peace of clay and form a small pole. Stick it from both sites onto the tail:

Put two more on the tail and cut a small triangle out of the clay:

Now we'll form the body:

To get the body a bit more coloured, add a small part of another colour and role the clay, so the two colours can combine.

Combine the body with the tail:

Becaue the fish wants to swim, he needs some flappers. Make a small circle and cut them in the half:

Fold them together, like this:

And stick it to your fish:

Now just the eyes are missing. Make little holes with a needle in the fish's face and put little black balls into the originated holes.

Isn't it sweet? :D

Create as much fishes, as you want. I've done two.

Beside of inhabitans, your aquarium needs plants and/or decoration.
I've made this little rock with a hole in it and this easy waterplant. Just form everything you want.

Now your creations must bake in the oven.

Step 6:

After the interior has cold down, you can stick it to the bottom plate - I had also added some sand on the ground:

Step 7:

Take some transparency film, cut it into the right size and glue them on the walls. Sadly I've forgotten to take a picture, but it's not difficult.

Because I wanted that one of the fish can swim, I've sticked the fish with a transparent yarn onto the top of the aquarium:

Talking about the top... As you see I'd stick another plate and a little halfround knob onto it - so  it looks a bit more realistic.

Add the top to your aquarium - now it should look like this:

Not very beautiful, but it's easy to make it look nice.

Step 8:

Take a piece of thin card in the convenient colour of your aquarium.
Draw straight lines onto the card:

Cut them into the fitting size and attach them to your aquarium, like this:

Repeat this act for all sites, including the top....

We're finishend now! :)

This is my result- I've added a small floor cupboard. But the aquarium can also be placed on a table or another cupboard.

As you see, I've also drawn little nails onto the card. I like the idea of woodplates - especially because we're in Sylvania :).

I hope you had fun with this tutorial - I'm really curious about your comments.