Montag, 17. März 2014

New families

Hey everybody :),

when I was looking at my very small Sylvanian village, I thought, that it would be time to order new families. 
Also the residents told me that they're missing some of their close friends- you see, there was nothing else for I could do but to look for the said families :D.

I had good luck on Ebay and purchased the Fresian Cow Family by auction. So here is my brandnew "Buttercup Family":

The other family, I bought, is the "McBurrows Mole Family" and their baby boy. Because they are not yet released here in Germany, I've ordered them from the official UK site.

Aren't they adorable? I could look at them the whole day - they are so cuddly!
When I first saw them, I was surprised how small they are compared to the other families. But, indeed, a mole is smaller than a rabbit in reality - so I'm fine with it :D.

The other thing I did in the last evening are these two beddings for the baby beds:

If you're interested in reworking - just tell me so I can give you the measurements :).

I'm looking forward to your comments. 

See you soon:)


  1. The cows are one of my favorites and I love the Mcburrows too. Congrats on the new purchases. Also the bedding is adorable, I can't pick a favorite!

    1. :) thank you very much for your comment and your congrats:). I love new comments :).
      Thank you, me neither (But the families had already decided who will get the beddings: the pink one for the little rabbit girl and the blue one for the moles baby boy :D. I had no voice in this;)

  2. I was not interested in getting the cows at first but they are growing on me... especially after seeing all the lovely pictures on SugarBush Valley! :) The mole family is quite rare here so I can only get them via Ebay at a high price. They are so darn cute! Your bedding is so nice. I made some years ago for my critters too but I will need to make more eventually. It hand sew everything because I don't have a sewing machine so it's taking me a little bit of time.

    1. That's funny - I was feeling the same about the cows. But now I just love them :D. Yes, the pictures are so beautiful on SugarBush Valley! :)
      That's sad, but maybe the moles will be also published in the US? I had thought a long time, about ordering the moles from UK, because of the shipping costs. But in the end I couldn't resist :D.
      Thank you very much- I'm glad you like them:).
      I own a sewing machine, but I can't sew those small clothes and beddings for the Sylvanians with it. They're just to small :D