Donnerstag, 13. März 2014

This and that

Dear Readers,

lovely Jane Chérie nominated me for the LIEBSTER AWARD, which was created to promote blogs with less than 200 readers. 
I think it's a very great idea, so small or unknown blogs can win more readers.
If you're nominated and you want to play the game, you mention the person, who nominated you, answer the questions, he/she asked you, nominate 11 other blogs and ask them 11 questions.

These were the questions I was asked by Jane Chérie

1. What is your favorite Disney movie?
It may sounds a little bit strange, but it’s “Hercules”, maybe it’s due to the music :D.

2. What is your favorite picture book?
“Frederik” by Leo Lionni. (I would also have mentioned Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, but I’m not really sure if it’s a typical picture book…)

3. What is your favorite novel?
Definitely Lord of the Rings.

4. What word do you use all the time?
It’s “definitely” :D.

5. What would you splurge on if you won $100,000?Maybe I would buy a holiday home in Turkey or in Thailand.

6. What would you never eat?
One of those 1000 year old eggs… O.o

7. What name do you wish you had instead of your own?

8. What do you like to daydream about?
About time traveling back into the medieval times or into the  Renaissance.

9. What is your phobia?

10. What do you want to be remembered for?
Hmh… Maybe for my creativity and sewing skills… Or maybe for publishing a book…

11. What do you wish upon a star?
That everything will be fine. I’m really happy with my life, so it should be like this forever.

Well, after answering the questions I thought about my nominations... and a problem appeared: Most of the blogs, I'm following were already nominated or had more than 200 readers... 
So please forgive me, I just can nominate these 4 blogs:

1.Emily's Sylvanian Families
2.Lily's Sylvanian Families
3.My Sylvanian Families Blog
4.For The Love Of Minis

I hope you won't chop my head of, because of this rule breaking :D.

These are my questions for my nominations:

1. What is your favorite plush toy?
2. What is your favorite drink?
3. If you could travel back in time- where would you go to?
4. Which cine film will you attend to watch next?
5. If you could live another life, how would it looks like?
6. Are you afraid of ghosts?
7. What is your favorite flower?
8. What are your hobbies beside blogging?
9. Do you have any pets?
10. What is your favorite season?
11. What is your favorite handicraft? 

See you soon,

PS: There will be soon some changes in my blog. New families will move into my Sylvanian village, which is in it's construction phase :). 
After that, there will be stories and of course more tutorials and sewing patterns.


  1. I love reading what people would answer :) About the things people would do with $100,000, I thought for sure you would say "Go to Japan and buy the entire SF collection at the theme park." :D I don't think it's problem if you nominate 4 people. It's having fun at the game and promoting other bloggers :D Thanks for participating!

    1. :), that's funny. Well, I first thought about something like buying all the Sylvanians, but the thing is, that I'm enjoying waiting or saving money for new Sylvanians- my joy lasts longer, if I hold out for some things, than if I get all the things at one time :D. And I thought a holiday home is always usable :D.
      I hope so ;).