Dienstag, 1. April 2014

Forest Nursery

Dear Readers,

I'm very sorry that my time for posting is so rare at the moment. There are so many things, which have to be done for the University until the next semester.

But my fiance bought me the cute new Forest Nursery from Sylvanian Families, which made me really happy :).
Because it's so adorable, I just have to show you my new accomplishment:

From the outside - I'm sorry for the bad lighting conditions.

The inside (without furniture, instead of the swing):

I like the bottom design, especially the rail ways :).

A little tribune for theater plays.

And the inside with the furniture:):

There's something really great with the piano: You can make a blackboard out of it. 

I love this possibilty :D.

Of course my Sylvanians wanted to inspect the new building immediatly. Katie Hawthorn was also very happy that she could work again as a nursery teacher, while the children lunged at the toys:

What do you think about the Forest Nursery? 
I like it more than the Rainbow Nursery, cause it looks a bit more "real". The colours are softer and the whole room is brighter. 
Unfortunatly the Forest Nursery is smaller, but it doesn't matter (Especially, because just three kids are visiting the nursery at the moment ;)).

See you soon,
yours Kyra 


  1. I totally love this nursery! It sure looks adorable and the furniture are very well-thought! The piano/board is very smart! Your critters seem to like it! I have an old old old nursery. Crayon marks all over it that I got from a garage sale. Not as pretty as this one!

    1. Thank you :).
      Yes - they like it :D ;).
      Oh, that's a shame with the crayon marks! But there are "dirt-rubber-sponges" (I don't know, how it's called in your country - I've tried to translate it^^), which vanishes normally all kinds of pencilmarks. Maybe you can restore your nursery with that.

  2. Thank you so much for the post/review! I loved this nursery from the first time I saw it, but could never derive from the promo pics how it looks. It is the one I want for my village (even before I saw your post) but now Im sure!!!! And yes I love it more than the rainbow one too!! There were rumours that it will be released in SA, so I'm patiently waiting. It looks like it is well priced too!

    1. :) you're welcome. Yes it's well priced, it was about 24,95€ (359.92 ZAR - if I used the right currency rate :D). I really was delighted, when I heard, that it would be released in Germany- so I can totally understand you!

  3. This is awesome! I love this nursery sets. Looking forward to more pictures of your sylvanian world.

    1. Thank you very much :). I hope I can add soon more pictures and projects.

  4. I love this nursery so much! It's adorable, and I agree, it is much better than the other one in my opinion. Has a nice realistic, but still cute, feeling to it. :)