Montag, 21. April 2014

New accomplishments

Dear Readers,

I hope you had all wonderful easter holidays :). 

University starts tomorrow and some things still have to be prepared, so I'll do a quick post today.

I just want to show you a few picture of my two new accomplishments, which I received as easter gifts.

The first one was a washmashine set - I wanted this set all the time, because I love the retro look. 
As you see the Löffel family placed it in their bathroom.

You may have seen, that I've added a small white table in background. It's from a pizza delivery and it turned out to be a wonderful plastic table. So next time, you order a pizza... ;)

Not bad as a table, right?

The second present, I received, was the Fresian Cow Baby. 

I like her very much, but she's still a little bit shy and seems to be afraid of the nursery...

It's nice to see my Sylvanian families collections growing :).

Before I say goodbye for today, I really want to thank Emily from My Sylvanian Families Blog. She said very kind words about my site, so feel free to check out her cute blog!

See you soon,
yours Kyra


  1. They are wonderful gifts Kyra. It's so glad to see other sylvanian fans having their sylvanian families grow and share the stories of collecting. I like the retro washmachine. I only have the little 'modern' one and regret not to buy this one you have. It's so smart to use the white table here decorating the house. I like the cow baby too!! The color is just cuteeeeeeee. Looking forward to your next post.

    1. :) thank you. Me too, love watching other Sylvanian collections grow :).
      How's the modern one? I like it too, maybe one of my other families want it^^

  2. wonderful sets, that you have gotten there. I love that washing machine set too, and again all the detail is always so cute!

    But Cheddar is by far my most favorite. Interesting that yours is a girl mine is a boy.

    1. Thank you very much:). Yes, that is really interesting! In Germany Cheddar is a girl called "Franzi", but that sounds kind of weird - I might give her another name.