Samstag, 31. Mai 2014

My new family

Dear Readers,

today I have just a short post about my new family: The Tuxedos.
I've ordered them from Japan and waited a long time, until they arrived, so I'm very happy at the moment, that they're finally here :). 
I knew for a long time, that I also want cat families for my village, but wasn't sure, which family should be the first. 
But when I saw the beautiful black cat father of the Tuxedo family, I knew: they should it be!

So here I proudly present: The Tuxedos.

Here you see father Mason, mother Natalie (maybe I'll rename her), and the two girls Lily and Rose.

I think they look gorgeous and very elegant in their shiny clothes. I have the imagination of a really big house for them. 

Funnily Mason won't give Tennis lessions (how it's told in their description), but will be the owner of the hamburger restaurant. 

He's also a little joker. While the three ladies wanted a mother-daughter photo, he jumped infront of my camera.

But in the end I could take the picture ;).

For more informations about the family members, feel free to read their bios, which I added to the site:). Also I completed the bio of Elizabeth buttercup :).

Have a nice weekend!

Many greetings,

yours Kyra

Sonntag, 25. Mai 2014

Moles house part 2

Dear Readers,

without long opening speach:

Have fun with part 2 of the moles story:)!

Moving in

The McBurrows worked very hard in the next weeks to finish their new home, but all the time they were supported by their friends and new neighbours.

While Heidi, Flora and Daisy Buttercup (wife of Hornbull Buttercup) sewed new beddings for the family, choosed rugs and the new furniture, the men advanced the interior accessoires.

Digger ceiled a dividing wall between the two sleeping rooms, Hans helped him wallpaper it. 
In contrast Hornbull started to timber special beds for the moles family outside (Going into a underground house seemed a little bit suspect to him. As a cow he prefered to live on the ground and not under it.) 

Because Hornbull was a fast worker, the beds could be assembled very soon. The blue ladder was a special surprise for the children.

Faster than originally thought, the other furniture was delivered - the kitchen could be installed, while the chimney just had to be affiliated with the smoke stack.

In May the new home of the McBurrows family was finished. 
Happily the family stood together and looked at their house.
"It's wonderful!", Heidi kissed her husband.
"Yes, it is.", he smiled and layed his arms around her, "But this time it won't be destroyed." 

Digger looked at his two older children, who were looking at their new beds, "What do you two think?" 
"It's gorgeous!", Molly smiled, "We have so much more space!"
"And I can finally sleep in a loft bed!", cheered Muddy.
"Woe, you'll jump every night upon me!", the mole girl lifted her finger, but laughed, "Otherwise I'll sleep in the upper bed!"

Heidi picked her youngest son up in her arms, "And you, Monty? Do you like our new home?" 
He fastly nodded, "Can I play with my horse?" 
"Of course you can, darling.", Heidi sat him on the blue rocking horse, which they got from the Buttercups.

The family admired her new home the whole day, by looking in every room again and again. 
Heidi was affected by all the things they got from their friends:
The Löffel family gave them new dishes, pans, a coffee machine and a huge basket of food, while the Buttercups presented the children with a lot of toys.

When Digger and Heidi layed this night in their new cuddly bed (It was a special mattress by the "Fluffy and son"- company), the woman said: "We should make a house-warming party to thank all of our friends!"
"That's a great idea, honey.", answered Digger, "Let's celebrate this weekend!"

No sooner said than done. It was saturday afternoon, when the Buttercups and Löffels appeared. Heidi arranged a huge buffett together with their children, while Digger borrowed some tables and took care of the drinks.

"It's so beautiful!", excited Daisy clapped her hands, "And the couch... I would love to have this one, too!"
Flora nodded, "I'm so happy for you, you really deserve it!"
"Thank you so much.", Heidi gave them two cups of tea, "But it's also your desert!"

After the meal the parents inspired again together the new home, chatting about all the details (Well, the women were talking about the details, while the men admired their work with a beer in their hands). 

Here's what they looked at (without figures :D):

The children played hide and seek together and giggled a lot. Sometime in the late evening Monty, Rose and little Elizabeth Buttercup fell asleep. Carefully the parents put them in their arms, anxious not to awake them. 

"Sleep well and take care!", whispered Digger. Heidi waved to their friends, "Thank you for coming!"
"It was a wonderful evening.", said Hans, "See you on Monday!"

They all slept very well this night, dreaming of the delicious cakes and selfmade teas. All the sorrows of the loosing home desaster were vanished and everything was good.

I'm really sorry, that some of the pictures might have a bad quality. Don't know whats wrong my camera, sometimes it makes great and sharp pictures and sometimes cloudy ones -.-''.

But I really hope, you liked the story, because it was fun writing it :). 

Many greetings and a lovely day to all of you,
yours Kyra

PS: Here's a picture of the whole house:

Samstag, 24. Mai 2014

Just a quick one

Dear Readers,

I was asked by a friend of mine, how to make suitcases for Sylvanians out of cardboard.

Therefore I made a quick tutorial.

You need: 
Thin cardboard, some colours (if you want to colour it) or fabric (to cover it), hook-and-loop fastener.

Step 1: 
Draw something like this on your cardboard, or take this picture as a model. Cut it out.

Step 2:
Cut in the lines of the small triangle, so you can fold them. Fold all the lines and glue together. You'll have this result:

Step 3:
Now you can colour it, or cover in in fabric (like, you'll see in the following pictures.

Lay the suitcase on the fabric and glue it onto the fabric.

Here you see, that I'll just turned the fabric into the suitcase - it's really easy. I promise :).

Than add some hook-and-loop fastener on both sides.

Add a handel (I've also applied these old bordures to give the suitcase an "antique" look)

And you're done :). 

Hornbull Buttercup proudly presents: his new suitcase :D.

Hope, you had fun with this tutorial.

Part 2 of the moles house story will come soon :).

Many greetings,
yours Kyra

Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

Moles house part 1

Dear readers,

I'm very sorry for my long absence, but I had so much to do for University...

As long announced, I've worked on a house for my moles...

It's made out of papier mache, has two floors and 3 rooms (two sleeping rooms and one living room). 
Because I'm still not ready with the whole house, I thought of making a little story about the entry of the McBurrows family to my village and the first steps of building their new home...

Have fun! 
How the McBurrows moved to Marigold Creek

It was a cold and stormy night in Marigold Creek.
Hans and Flora Löffel have had an exhausting day.
The family had just moved into their new house and a lot of work had to be done.
Meanwhile most of the packing cases were already unpacked, but still a few things had to be done.
In the children’s room a rug was missing, while the washing machine was still in order (much to the anger of Flora, who had to wash their clothes in the nearby river… I have not to mention, how cold the water was in March…).

It was about 11 o’ clock, when suddenly the phone rang.
“What was that?”, Flora awoke with a start, “Who calls at this time? There must have happened something horrible!”

“Calm down, my dear.”, said Hans softly.
He stood up and walked to the phone:  “Hello?... Digger, is that you? … What…? Oh my, that’s cruel!... And now?...”

Flora walked to her husband, she was very anxious. Why did Digger McBurrow call them in the middle of a night?
The mole family, who were close friends to the rabbits, was very decently and would never call, if not something bad had happened.

Her husband put the phone down and sighted: "There was an earthquake and..."
"Oh my god!", Flora buried the face in her hands.
"Calm down, nobody is hurt. But the whole house is destroyed. Digger told me, that they lost everything. Not one single furniture could have been rescued...", the rabbit sat down on their bed, "They're homeless now."

Sadly Flora said: "Oh my... What do they want to do now?" "They have to look for a new building lot. But they want to move away from Dandelion Village... It's too dangerous."
"Why don't they come here? We're having enough building lots.", with impetus, Flora clapped her hands, "Wouldn't it be wonderful, when the McBurrows would move to us? Especially, because the Buttercups live far away. We're the only family here..."
"I'll call Digger.", Hans went back to the phone.

The McBurrows agreed immediately and moved to Marigold Creek in the very next day.
The Löffel family welcomed them tender-hearted. Flora had baked a huge chocolate cake, because her grandmother had always told her: "Good food will make everybody feel better!" 
Exhausted the McBurrows sat to the table. 

"Thank you so much, that we can stay at your house until our new home is build!", said Digger.
Heidi nodded softly. "I really hope we wont get on you nerves... It will be quiete a long while..." "Don't worry, Dear!", Flora laid her hand on Heidis shoulder, "You are welcome, everything will be fine."

After the meal the children went in their room. Anton showed Muddy the new aquarium, while Luna and Molly talked about plush animals. 

"I lost all of them...", said Molly with tears in her eyes. 
Luna took one of her plush toys and gave it to Molly, "Here. I want to give this too you, don't be sad anymore!"

"Of course.", Luna smilied, "I know, you will take good care of him!". 
"Yes, I'll do. Thank you so much!", happy Molly cuddled the toy.

In the next week the McBurrows looked together with their friends for a new building lot. Digger searched for the perfect ground, because he wanted to build their new underground home alone (Their old house was build by a dubious company with the strange logo "We build it, you have to live it"... Afterwards Digger was sure that that company was the cause for their destroyed home and that the earthquake just gave the rest...).

Luckily they found the perfect building lot very soon and a few days later the construction works started.
Hans helped Digger with the interior accessoires, while Hornbull Buttercup stabilized the outer parts of the mole's house.

(Sorry for the "couch"-background, I will make a better background soon.)

While the men were working really hard to finish the home soon, the women visited them at work.
"It looks wonderful!", happily Heidi clapped her hands. 
"Yes, very cozy!", said Flora, "Are we in the future living room, now?" 
Heidi nodded, "Here will be the kitchen and the living room. Our sleeping rooms will be in the lower floor."
"I'm sure it will be a beautiful home. You're so talented with decoration..."
The mole woman laughed, "I hope so. Thank you so much... Let's take a look at the lower floor..."

*Be continued*

I hope you liked the little story, you may got some first (little) 

impressions about the moles house - I'll finish it in the next 

days - so I'm sure I'll post new pictures very soon. There you

will see how the finished result looks. I'm more the less 

pleased with it :D. 

You might noticed that I've added a new site, called "About 

Marigold Creek", you'll find some information about my 

Sylvanian village there. 

Many greetings,

yours Kyra