Sonntag, 18. Mai 2014

Moles house part 1

Dear readers,

I'm very sorry for my long absence, but I had so much to do for University...

As long announced, I've worked on a house for my moles...

It's made out of papier mache, has two floors and 3 rooms (two sleeping rooms and one living room). 
Because I'm still not ready with the whole house, I thought of making a little story about the entry of the McBurrows family to my village and the first steps of building their new home...

Have fun! 
How the McBurrows moved to Marigold Creek

It was a cold and stormy night in Marigold Creek.
Hans and Flora Löffel have had an exhausting day.
The family had just moved into their new house and a lot of work had to be done.
Meanwhile most of the packing cases were already unpacked, but still a few things had to be done.
In the children’s room a rug was missing, while the washing machine was still in order (much to the anger of Flora, who had to wash their clothes in the nearby river… I have not to mention, how cold the water was in March…).

It was about 11 o’ clock, when suddenly the phone rang.
“What was that?”, Flora awoke with a start, “Who calls at this time? There must have happened something horrible!”

“Calm down, my dear.”, said Hans softly.
He stood up and walked to the phone:  “Hello?... Digger, is that you? … What…? Oh my, that’s cruel!... And now?...”

Flora walked to her husband, she was very anxious. Why did Digger McBurrow call them in the middle of a night?
The mole family, who were close friends to the rabbits, was very decently and would never call, if not something bad had happened.

Her husband put the phone down and sighted: "There was an earthquake and..."
"Oh my god!", Flora buried the face in her hands.
"Calm down, nobody is hurt. But the whole house is destroyed. Digger told me, that they lost everything. Not one single furniture could have been rescued...", the rabbit sat down on their bed, "They're homeless now."

Sadly Flora said: "Oh my... What do they want to do now?" "They have to look for a new building lot. But they want to move away from Dandelion Village... It's too dangerous."
"Why don't they come here? We're having enough building lots.", with impetus, Flora clapped her hands, "Wouldn't it be wonderful, when the McBurrows would move to us? Especially, because the Buttercups live far away. We're the only family here..."
"I'll call Digger.", Hans went back to the phone.

The McBurrows agreed immediately and moved to Marigold Creek in the very next day.
The Löffel family welcomed them tender-hearted. Flora had baked a huge chocolate cake, because her grandmother had always told her: "Good food will make everybody feel better!" 
Exhausted the McBurrows sat to the table. 

"Thank you so much, that we can stay at your house until our new home is build!", said Digger.
Heidi nodded softly. "I really hope we wont get on you nerves... It will be quiete a long while..." "Don't worry, Dear!", Flora laid her hand on Heidis shoulder, "You are welcome, everything will be fine."

After the meal the children went in their room. Anton showed Muddy the new aquarium, while Luna and Molly talked about plush animals. 

"I lost all of them...", said Molly with tears in her eyes. 
Luna took one of her plush toys and gave it to Molly, "Here. I want to give this too you, don't be sad anymore!"

"Of course.", Luna smilied, "I know, you will take good care of him!". 
"Yes, I'll do. Thank you so much!", happy Molly cuddled the toy.

In the next week the McBurrows looked together with their friends for a new building lot. Digger searched for the perfect ground, because he wanted to build their new underground home alone (Their old house was build by a dubious company with the strange logo "We build it, you have to live it"... Afterwards Digger was sure that that company was the cause for their destroyed home and that the earthquake just gave the rest...).

Luckily they found the perfect building lot very soon and a few days later the construction works started.
Hans helped Digger with the interior accessoires, while Hornbull Buttercup stabilized the outer parts of the mole's house.

(Sorry for the "couch"-background, I will make a better background soon.)

While the men were working really hard to finish the home soon, the women visited them at work.
"It looks wonderful!", happily Heidi clapped her hands. 
"Yes, very cozy!", said Flora, "Are we in the future living room, now?" 
Heidi nodded, "Here will be the kitchen and the living room. Our sleeping rooms will be in the lower floor."
"I'm sure it will be a beautiful home. You're so talented with decoration..."
The mole woman laughed, "I hope so. Thank you so much... Let's take a look at the lower floor..."

*Be continued*

I hope you liked the little story, you may got some first (little) 

impressions about the moles house - I'll finish it in the next 

days - so I'm sure I'll post new pictures very soon. There you

will see how the finished result looks. I'm more the less 

pleased with it :D. 

You might noticed that I've added a new site, called "About 

Marigold Creek", you'll find some information about my 

Sylvanian village there. 

Many greetings,

yours Kyra


  1. Great and sweet story! Hans and Flora are so hospitable. Their kids are so sweet too. I am sorry for Mole's family. But I'm sure they will have their own place to live soon. I really like how you make your animals interactive and take part in each other's life. And the name "Digger" is too cute...:D

    I am following your blog now but I did it by adding your blog url to my reading list instead of click the google button.

    Have a good day! - Moonrabbit

    1. Thank you so much for your kind comment :). I'm glad you liked the story! :D I like Digger's name very much, it fits perfectly.
      And of course: thank you for following, I'm happy that it worked.

      Wish you nice day too. :)

  2. Great story! Perfect plot really. Nice to see friends helping each other. And Molly is so cute! I don't see a lot of pictures with the Mole family. They seem to be quite rare. I can't wait to see the mole's house!

    1. Thank you very much :). Glad, that you liked the story. You're right they don't appear very often.. I had to import them from UK.
      Oh I'm so curious, what you think of the finished result!

  3. Your first story about the mole house and I love it! Congratulations! I love your sets and the setup. Flora is real clever to bake them a cake, it would've made me feel better. Im definitely cross dressing my male girl baby to a boy too, how cute is that baby boy! The children is so sweetwith their friends. I love Hornbull on the roof, and giggled about the part about the construction company being bad, lol! Cant wait for part 2.

    1. Yay! I'm so glad you liked the story! Although I had the idea about the construction company, I had to laugh about it - great that you giggled :D.
      The mole baby boy really is adorable, I can totally understand you. Maybe it's because of the colour of their outfit, that the boy looks cuter... I'll take some photos - part 2 will be posted in a few days.

  4. I adore this cute story and your blog. I've not commented before but have done many of your makes including the fantastic aquarium and around six of the baby beds! I love this story - perhaps you'd like to check out my blog and village at

    1. Thank you very much for your nice comment! :) I've seen your aquarium and commented on it (could you see the comment? I'm worried that something is wrong with my pc...). You've reworked the beds? Great! I would be curious to see some photos:). Glad you like my tutorials. And I've read that you posted a new story, so I'll take a look :).