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Moles house part 2

Dear Readers,

without long opening speach:

Have fun with part 2 of the moles story:)!

Moving in

The McBurrows worked very hard in the next weeks to finish their new home, but all the time they were supported by their friends and new neighbours.

While Heidi, Flora and Daisy Buttercup (wife of Hornbull Buttercup) sewed new beddings for the family, choosed rugs and the new furniture, the men advanced the interior accessoires.

Digger ceiled a dividing wall between the two sleeping rooms, Hans helped him wallpaper it. 
In contrast Hornbull started to timber special beds for the moles family outside (Going into a underground house seemed a little bit suspect to him. As a cow he prefered to live on the ground and not under it.) 

Because Hornbull was a fast worker, the beds could be assembled very soon. The blue ladder was a special surprise for the children.

Faster than originally thought, the other furniture was delivered - the kitchen could be installed, while the chimney just had to be affiliated with the smoke stack.

In May the new home of the McBurrows family was finished. 
Happily the family stood together and looked at their house.
"It's wonderful!", Heidi kissed her husband.
"Yes, it is.", he smiled and layed his arms around her, "But this time it won't be destroyed." 

Digger looked at his two older children, who were looking at their new beds, "What do you two think?" 
"It's gorgeous!", Molly smiled, "We have so much more space!"
"And I can finally sleep in a loft bed!", cheered Muddy.
"Woe, you'll jump every night upon me!", the mole girl lifted her finger, but laughed, "Otherwise I'll sleep in the upper bed!"

Heidi picked her youngest son up in her arms, "And you, Monty? Do you like our new home?" 
He fastly nodded, "Can I play with my horse?" 
"Of course you can, darling.", Heidi sat him on the blue rocking horse, which they got from the Buttercups.

The family admired her new home the whole day, by looking in every room again and again. 
Heidi was affected by all the things they got from their friends:
The Löffel family gave them new dishes, pans, a coffee machine and a huge basket of food, while the Buttercups presented the children with a lot of toys.

When Digger and Heidi layed this night in their new cuddly bed (It was a special mattress by the "Fluffy and son"- company), the woman said: "We should make a house-warming party to thank all of our friends!"
"That's a great idea, honey.", answered Digger, "Let's celebrate this weekend!"

No sooner said than done. It was saturday afternoon, when the Buttercups and Löffels appeared. Heidi arranged a huge buffett together with their children, while Digger borrowed some tables and took care of the drinks.

"It's so beautiful!", excited Daisy clapped her hands, "And the couch... I would love to have this one, too!"
Flora nodded, "I'm so happy for you, you really deserve it!"
"Thank you so much.", Heidi gave them two cups of tea, "But it's also your desert!"

After the meal the parents inspired again together the new home, chatting about all the details (Well, the women were talking about the details, while the men admired their work with a beer in their hands). 

Here's what they looked at (without figures :D):

The children played hide and seek together and giggled a lot. Sometime in the late evening Monty, Rose and little Elizabeth Buttercup fell asleep. Carefully the parents put them in their arms, anxious not to awake them. 

"Sleep well and take care!", whispered Digger. Heidi waved to their friends, "Thank you for coming!"
"It was a wonderful evening.", said Hans, "See you on Monday!"

They all slept very well this night, dreaming of the delicious cakes and selfmade teas. All the sorrows of the loosing home desaster were vanished and everything was good.

I'm really sorry, that some of the pictures might have a bad quality. Don't know whats wrong my camera, sometimes it makes great and sharp pictures and sometimes cloudy ones -.-''.

But I really hope, you liked the story, because it was fun writing it :). 

Many greetings and a lovely day to all of you,
yours Kyra

PS: Here's a picture of the whole house:


  1. Wonderful story! The Mcburrows may be happy and proud an so ,any wonderful friends to share it with!

    1. Thank you so much for your nice comment! I'm sure they are :-)

  2. Thank you for such a sweet story. Congratulations on McBurrows' new home. I especially like the baby bed you made. "As a cow he prefered to live on the ground and not under it"....this is true but sounds so funny in the story....hahahahahahhh

    1. :) thank you very much. Glad that you liked part 2 and the baby bed :). :D happy, that you laughed - it really should sound funny :D.

  3. Your house looks really well-made. And you decorated beautifully the interior. It looks quite roomy and not at all cramped. Fantastic job! How darling is the children's room! I love the bunk bed! Pretty good creation overall and it's quite inspiring to see you make your own house and furniture. I don't think I have that talent and it would take me too long to even figure out where to start!

    1. Aw, thank you very much for your lovely comment! Glad, that you like my house :).
      I'm sure you'll have the talent! :). Funnily, it wasn't my idea to build it that way - it was my fiance who gave me the inspiration :D.

  4. What an amazing homemade Mole House!
    Sorry I didn't comment on Part 1, I was too eager to read Part 2.
    I can't wait to see what else you have up your sleeve

    1. A lot of things... I promise :D
      Thank you again for your lovely comment! :). Glad you liked the house. Mmh... I can do the mysterious forecast that my next but one post will be a story about the forest nursery :)