Montag, 30. Juni 2014

Tutorial: How to make a sofa

Dear Readers,

as you know every Sylvanian family needs a cozy home.
In many houses the most used room is the living room, where the family can stay together. And of course there must be a cuddly sofa or an armchair.

But it can be hard to find for every family the perfect sofa. Maybe you don't have the place for a complete room set (like me, because the Löffel's house doesn't have a complete living room), or all your living room sets are already remited, or you just want to have a special, own designed sofa.

Therefore I've figured out a tutorial, how to make your own sofa. It's easy, fast done and cheap (because of the material).

You'll need:

- cardboard
- fabric
- wadding
- glue
- beads or fimo

Step 1:

Take your cardboard and make your measurements. You'll need 3 rectangles (they should stay associated). I've used this measurements: 4,6cm x 10 cm

Step 2:

Now fold the cardboards on the lines, like this. Draw round edges, if you want a rounder sofa and cut them out.

You can cut the future sitting also a bit smaller
Step 3:

Apply some glue on the future seating and stick some wadding at it.

Step 4:

Cut out some fabric, lay the cardboard on it (with the right side fazing down). Apply glue on the edges and just push the fabric around the edges into the glue.

Step 5:

Glue the two backsides together, now it looks a bit more like a sofa.

Step 6:

Cut out 2 identical pieces of cardboard (my measurements: 4,3 x 2,7 cm). Fold them in the half and glue them at the fabric (like in step 4). This will be the arms.

Step 7:

Glue them together in the middle and apply them at the sofa. 

Please note: I've taken the measurements of the arms after I've made the sofa, so it can differ a bit from the original. Please proof, if it fits first, before gluing :)

As you see, I've covered the edges with a small ribbon, but you can also let it "clear". 

Step 8:

Now you can glue some beads at the bottom as footholds or make some out of polymer clay and apply them to the sofa.

Step 9:

It's your choice to decide, if you want to sew some cushions or not (tell me if you want advice or measurements). I've done it and this is the finished result:

Flora and Hans are really proud of their new sofa and were willing to show you, how it looks in their kitchen/living room.

I hope you had fun with this tutorial, it would be gorgeous to see some reworks :). 

Maybe you've noticed that I shifted round the Löffels kitchen. I like it better that way.

Read you soon, I'm looking forward to your comments.

Yours Kyra

Sonntag, 29. Juni 2014

New arrivals

Dear Readers,

this week a wonderful parcel arrived me from far away :).

In the parcel I found these two furniture sets...

... Pete Petite (Marigold Creeks first postman)...

I woke him up a bit to early to take the photos, so he forgot his hat :D.

... and some really great surprises (thank you so much EB:))! The smaller ones will get it's own little story soon, so I won't tell much about them now, but I have to introduce Bobby Roberts, the new police officer of Marigold Creek.

Bobby, by the way, told me, that he don't like the stripes in the background. He meant, that he has the image of a police photo. So I had to promise him, that I'll take a better one soon.

I love him, he's absolutly gorgeous and I'm sure the villagers will be happy to have a police officer watching over them (even there is no much crime in the Sylvanian world). 
The bios will appear soon, I just have to interview the two a bit more.
Pete is waiting for his wife, while Bobby is not interested in a new relationship at the moment (bad experience, he told me).

I'm not sure about who'll get the two new furniture sets yet. But I'm creating a flat for Mrs. Katie Hawthorn and her family at the moment, so maybe they'll get some of them. 

Also I'm really sorry about the darkness of the pictures, I'll take better ones, when the weather clears up. I've tried using light, but that looked even more creepy on my poor figures :D. 

I'm planning lots of new posts (new stories, new tutorials and a look at the Hawthornes new flat), so read again soon.

Wish you all a relaxing sunday :).

Yours Kyra

Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014

Opening of the Marigold Creek first nursery

Dear Readers,

I'm sorry for my long absence. First I've been on vacation in Turkey, which was very nice, and now University stress is back.

So for today, I've got a new story for you. Enjoy :)

Opening of the Marigold Creek first nursery

It was a warm and sunny Monday morning, when the first nursery of Marigold Creek opend its door.

Katie Hawthorn, who had also just moved to the village, welcomed the mothers, who brought their children at their first day to the nursery.

She was in company of her little daughter Mazie. "Good morning everybody!", Katie said, "Are you excited?" 

Shy Rose Löffel nodded, while Monty McBurrow looked already through the window. 

"I'm sorry, he's always so curious!", Heidi excused. 

Katie laughed, "That's okay. Do you all want to come in?" To the children she said: "The toys are new, you will be the first one to play with!"
"Really?", asked Elizabeth Buttercup with huge eyes. The mouse nodded. 
Excited the children ran into the nursery - all but little Rose Löffel. Afraid she clung herself at the skirt of her mum.

"Everything okay, darling?", Flora looked down at her.
Rose whispered something into her mothers ear, which made her laugh. 

"No, honey, you won't stay here forever. I'll pick you up later. I promise!"

Katie Hawthorn smiled: "Should we two take a look at the nursery together?" Rose nodded and took the hand of her nursery teacher. 
Hand in hand they entered the building. 

Rose was astonished like the other children. The nursery was so colourful! 
Katie sat at her piano and started to play, "Should we sing a song together?" 
"Yes!", all of the children shouted. A few minutes later they all sang together the song of the little bumblebee, who flew around the world. 

The mood was great and soon all of the childen made friends with each other. Monty McBurrow fell in love with the great blue train, while the three girls drew pictures together. 

At the end of the day they all played together with the huge slide. Katie watched with care over them that nobody was hurt.

When the mothers appeared in the afternoon, none of the children wanted to go home - even Rose tried to hide herself behind some toys. 

"I see they had huge fun!", grinned Daisy Buttercup. "They had.", answered Katie, "And me too. You've got all wonderful children! I'm looking forward to see them tomorrow again!"
"Mrs. Hawthorn?", Monty asked, "What are we doing tomorrow?" 
"Will we sing again the song of Bumby bumblebee?", Elizabeth clapped her hands, "That was fun!"

"Yes, we will sing it again, if you want. And we will learn something about numbers!" 
Excited the children whispered together. 

"I'm really happy that we're having a nursery now.", said Heidi McBurrow, "The next school is in the neighbour city. It' such a long journey every day." 
Rose and Daisy nodded, "Yes, good that our youngest don't need to do that trip."

The children and their mothers said "Goodbye" to Katie and Mazie, who went back to the hotel, where they lived until they could move in their new flat. Katies husband, who was a sea man, was still on his boat, but wanted to join his family once he finished his actual trading project.

Also Rose Löffel went home with her mother. Luna took her sister on her arms: "Tell me Sweety, how was your first day in the nursery?" 

Soon the whole family listened to Roses adventures.
"Are you glad to visit the nursery tomorrow again?", asked Hans, while he played with his youngest daughter. "Yes!!!"

Laughing the parents looked at each other. So everything went fine again.


I really hope you liked the story, I'm looking forward to your comments.

Did you recognize the new background? I finally managed to draw a simple one :D.

Read you soon :).

Many greetings,
yours Kyra