Donnerstag, 26. Juni 2014

Opening of the Marigold Creek first nursery

Dear Readers,

I'm sorry for my long absence. First I've been on vacation in Turkey, which was very nice, and now University stress is back.

So for today, I've got a new story for you. Enjoy :)

Opening of the Marigold Creek first nursery

It was a warm and sunny Monday morning, when the first nursery of Marigold Creek opend its door.

Katie Hawthorn, who had also just moved to the village, welcomed the mothers, who brought their children at their first day to the nursery.

She was in company of her little daughter Mazie. "Good morning everybody!", Katie said, "Are you excited?" 

Shy Rose Löffel nodded, while Monty McBurrow looked already through the window. 

"I'm sorry, he's always so curious!", Heidi excused. 

Katie laughed, "That's okay. Do you all want to come in?" To the children she said: "The toys are new, you will be the first one to play with!"
"Really?", asked Elizabeth Buttercup with huge eyes. The mouse nodded. 
Excited the children ran into the nursery - all but little Rose Löffel. Afraid she clung herself at the skirt of her mum.

"Everything okay, darling?", Flora looked down at her.
Rose whispered something into her mothers ear, which made her laugh. 

"No, honey, you won't stay here forever. I'll pick you up later. I promise!"

Katie Hawthorn smiled: "Should we two take a look at the nursery together?" Rose nodded and took the hand of her nursery teacher. 
Hand in hand they entered the building. 

Rose was astonished like the other children. The nursery was so colourful! 
Katie sat at her piano and started to play, "Should we sing a song together?" 
"Yes!", all of the children shouted. A few minutes later they all sang together the song of the little bumblebee, who flew around the world. 

The mood was great and soon all of the childen made friends with each other. Monty McBurrow fell in love with the great blue train, while the three girls drew pictures together. 

At the end of the day they all played together with the huge slide. Katie watched with care over them that nobody was hurt.

When the mothers appeared in the afternoon, none of the children wanted to go home - even Rose tried to hide herself behind some toys. 

"I see they had huge fun!", grinned Daisy Buttercup. "They had.", answered Katie, "And me too. You've got all wonderful children! I'm looking forward to see them tomorrow again!"
"Mrs. Hawthorn?", Monty asked, "What are we doing tomorrow?" 
"Will we sing again the song of Bumby bumblebee?", Elizabeth clapped her hands, "That was fun!"

"Yes, we will sing it again, if you want. And we will learn something about numbers!" 
Excited the children whispered together. 

"I'm really happy that we're having a nursery now.", said Heidi McBurrow, "The next school is in the neighbour city. It' such a long journey every day." 
Rose and Daisy nodded, "Yes, good that our youngest don't need to do that trip."

The children and their mothers said "Goodbye" to Katie and Mazie, who went back to the hotel, where they lived until they could move in their new flat. Katies husband, who was a sea man, was still on his boat, but wanted to join his family once he finished his actual trading project.

Also Rose Löffel went home with her mother. Luna took her sister on her arms: "Tell me Sweety, how was your first day in the nursery?" 

Soon the whole family listened to Roses adventures.
"Are you glad to visit the nursery tomorrow again?", asked Hans, while he played with his youngest daughter. "Yes!!!"

Laughing the parents looked at each other. So everything went fine again.


I really hope you liked the story, I'm looking forward to your comments.

Did you recognize the new background? I finally managed to draw a simple one :D.

Read you soon :).

Many greetings,
yours Kyra


  1. Love the new background! Little Rosie is so sweet - I love how she tries to hide from her parents!
    Aranera xx

  2. Lovely story! The nursery is such a pretty building and the little babies in it are adorable!!! I love these scenes! Your background is so nice. I was thinking about painting my background too but I have no talent in painting at all! Looking forward to more stories from you! Good luck with the return to university!

    1. Thank you very much for your lovely comment. Glad that you like the background. Just try it. It's easier than it looks (cause I'm also not very talented in painting- a "normal" picture made by me looks horrible:-D).

  3. Great post!
    I am glad to hear Rosie likes the nursery!

    1. Thank you :). Yes, now she's in love with it. I'm sure there will be another story about the nursery.

  4. Fantastic! I love the nursery! But Rosie is a favorite, especially where she tries to hide! Cant wait for more and Katie's husband sounds intriguing. Does he have a name?

    1. Thank you :), Rose is also a favorite of mine. His name is Michael and he has travelled around the world :D

  5. The new background is nice.

    I love this story. It's interesting and detailed. The description of the kids' reaction to the nursery and mothers' conversation is so vivid. I especially like what Flora said to Rose:
    "No, honey, you won't stay here forever. I'll pick you up later. I promise!"...this makes me smile. Do you believe that I still have the memory of me going to nursery many many years ago and crying and worrying...I forgot how my parents comforted me, guess it was similar to this scene.

    Also, I like the wallpaper you decorated for them and the curtain. The curtain looks amazing with rings...You really made rings for the curtain...?? hahaha, great job!!

    Thanks for sharing the fun.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment!
      I totally believe you, cause I had the same problem as a child. I first didn't like the nursery, I wanted to stay by my mum^^.

      :D I've used jump rings for it (which I use normally for jewelry). Glad, that you like the rooms :).

      My pleasure.

  6. Hi Kyra
    Can I add your blog to my link page?

    1. Hi Emily,
      of course you can. I appreciate that! Thank you very much :-).