Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Biographie of the Snow-Warrens

Dear Readers,

today it's just a very short post, I want to tell you that the Sno-Warrens bio is up:). So maybe a few secrets about my new family will be lifted.

The weather here in Germany is horrible. It rains and there's thunder and lightning the whole day. So it's quiete dark here and I couldn't take any good pictures. If I use the lightning from my camera the pictures look like... well the figures look like they're in the prison O.o.

Wish you all a nice evening, read/write you soon.

Many greetings,
yours Kyra

Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

Coming home

Dear Readers,

after a long time, I'm finally back. The first exams are over and I passed all of  them - so I'm at a really good mood this days :D. It was hard work, especially the oral exams, I'm really glad it's over for the moment... But let's move to another, more exciting theme.

Do you remember the letter Flora received? She first told me that the content was still a secret, but yesterday evening some occasions happened in Marigold Creek....

"Flora? Everything okay?", Hans looked inquiring at his wife, who chatted since hours with her cousin Lettuce Snow-Warren. 

She placed the phone by side, nodded and ran to the bath room to fetch the clothes out of the washing machine. 

After hanging them fastly at the laundry rack she ran back to the telephone and started chatting again.
Shaking his head Hans sat beside her, watching the strange and excited behavior of his wife. 

"That's fabulous! I have to say it again.", Flora smiled,  "I'm looking forward to see you! It's been such a long time!"

After another 10 minutes she hang off the phone. 

"Now, darling, tell me! What's so exciting?"
"Lettuce told me, that they want to move to Marigold Creek.", Flora clapped her hands, "After the birth of their youngest they need a bigger house with more space!"
"Those are really great news! Here are lots of estates.", said Hans as he looked at the new family photo, Lettuce sent in her letter, "Little Alice is a cutie! Will Bernard and Edith also live here?" 

(The family photo)
"I think so."
"Marigold Creek is really growing fast at the moment... First the nursery, than the restaurant and more and more families!"
"You're right.", Flora nodded, "I'm looking forward to see the new Hamburger restaurant. The Tuxedos seem to be a very nice family. I've met Natalie yesterday in Pumpkinvilles. She was very friendly. Did you know that they have twin daughters?  They're Antons age."

Her husband laughed,  "Twin daughters.... The poor parents!"
"Mmh... But with the Tuxedos and the Snow-Warrens children here..."
"We definitly need an own school! ", Hans completed her thought, "We should all sat together and talk about that problem. I'm sure the other parents think the same."

At the same time Katie Hawthorn prepared dinner in the kitchen. Mazie sat on the countertop, watching her mother cutting the cheese. 

"Rosie and I want to make a game tomorrow. .."
"That sounds great!", Katie smiled,  "What are you planning?  Can we all play it together?"
"Yes!", the little mouse chuckled, "It's about a farm..."

"A farm? Do you want to play farmer?", gently Katie stired the content of her pan.

Suddently the door bell rung. Surprised the mice looked at each other.
"Who could that be?", Katie looked through the door viewer and gasped. 
"Michael!", with shacking hands she opened the door and looked in the smiling face of her husband. 

Before she could say another word, Michael Hawthorn laid his arms around her, kissed her and spined her around. 

" Oh honey, I'm so happy to be at your side again!"
"I missed you so much!", Katie nestled to him.

Michael kissed her again, before he run to his little daughter, who looked at him with huge eyes.
"Yes, darling it's me. Your daddy, who was too long away from his family... But now I'll always stay at your side! " 
Mazie wrapped his arms around her dads neck, talking to him overhappy. 

Joking around with his daughter,  smiling at his beautiful wife, Michael was very thankful to be at home.

Together the little family enjoyed a delicious cheese fondue.
"I missed your cooking ", laughed Michael,  "The zwieback was horrible."
Amused Katie took his hand, "I'm tranquilised you still like it!" 
"I love it!"

After the meal Michael opened his suitcase, "For you my love... I've seen it in a boutique and knew right away,  that it'll fit you perfectly!"
Thrilled Katie took the beautiful blue summer dress, "It's amazing!"

"And for daddys girl...", the mouse smiled, "A new picture book and a plush animal."

Mazie pressed the toy at her heart and declared, "His name is Boo!"
"That's a perfect name!"

It was a wonderful evening, Katie and Michael talked until the sun rised in the morning, nuzzled close to each other. 

They told their adventures: about angry wales on the sea, hungry seamen, the opening of the nursery and the attack of some ugly flys, who wanted to eat some chocolates.

At last the family was together again and the common, but perfect every day life was back again in the Hawthorns household.

I hope you all liked the little story. Next time will be more action - I promise ;).

But at this part I really have to say a huge "Thank you" to Sigrun, who sent me Michael from a far away island. In this case Michael really was on a long trip, but I'm not sure if he travelled per ship or per airplane... I might have to ask him.

Also Sigrun sent me another new member of Marigold Creek:

Pete Petites  future wife... She'll appear soon in a story :). 
Last but nost least I've also received some beautiful and sweet fabrics from her - thanks so much for that wonderful surprise!!!!! It made my day :).

Read and write you all soon,

yours Kyra

PS: Katie wanted to show you all her new dress, so here she is:

Mittwoch, 9. Juli 2014

Tutorial: How to make a double bed

Dear Readers,

as you might have seen in Mrs. Hawthornes flat, I've created a double bed for my Sylvanians. If you're interested in reworking: Here's the tutorial :).

You need:

- card board
- glue (best would be hot glue)
- some fabric (for the bedding and to cover the bed)

Step 1: The bed itself

Take your measurements and draw a rectangle on a piece of card board. Add 4 more rectangles on the side plus adhesives straps. 
The height of the other rectangles decide about the future height of your bed.

My bed is about 11 x 8 cm and 2 cm high.

Cut it out and glue it with the help of the straps together.

Cut out some fabric, lay the bed with the right side facing down on it. Tighten the fabric close to the bed and glue it directly onto the cardboard. Like in this tutorial (or in the step below^^).

Step 2: The back of the bed

Cut out 2 half round pieces, which fit to the width of the bed.

Cover them both in fabric and glue them together, so you can't see some "ugly" edges. If you want you can cover the edge with a stripe of fabric or a ribbon.

Attach the back to the rest of the bed.

I will also add some ribbons to the sides of the bed, but haven't found the right ones yet... So if you have some, you can add them :).

Step 3: The Bedding: The cushions

Unfortunatly I can't give you here the measurements, I used (cause I forget to measure it and was faster with sewing...). 

To get a nice shape for your cushions, decide first how big your cushion should be (normally I want it to have it 3x4cm).

The best thing would be drawing a rectangle (with the future size) onto your fabric. Add 0,5 cm seam allowances on the sides, plus 2 cm on the one and 1,5 cm on the other side, like this:

Red are the seam allowances, black the future cushion.

Now cut the fabric and neaten the edges (so it couldn't frazzle).

Turn down the upper and lower edge and fix them with a simple running stich.

Than fold the fabric together, so the edges can overlap - best would be to orientate yourself on your drawed rectangle (sorry, that I can't show in the picture... But you'll see this approach in the next step too)

Sew lines on the right and left side to fix the shape for the cushion. 

Turn the fabric around... and you got a cushion! :)

This is the way it looks from the back - now you can fill in the wadding.

Step 3: The bedding: The blanket

Here again have to apologize. I sewed the blanket, without taking photos. But to show you, I've sewed a new one. So here are the steps :).

Take your fabric (I used two different ones, cause I like the effect). 

Now draw your future bedding onto the fabric (for a double bed use 8x8,5 cm or greater, just like you prefer). 

Add 0.5 cm seam allowances on 3 sides at the fabric, which will be the future "to be seen"-side (!). 

Now repeat the method with the other fabric, but add on the top 2-2,5 cm seam allowances.

 Don't ask me about the red stripes, they suddently appeared... Thanks god, I can't see it, when the fabric is turned around...

Sorry for the non ironed fabric (I made it real fast and ironed it later, that's also why I had to neaten the edges, after I sewed the whole bed. Please neaten the edges before sewing together, that makes it easier :)).

Now turn round the edge of the longer (here white) part and fix it with a running stich. 

If you want to add a ribbon or something like that, it's the time to do that. Lay the ribbon onto the turned edge and apply it with some stiches.

From the back.

After that comes the most complicated part. I say complicated, because if you do this the first time, you might think, that can't be right, what I'm doing... But maybe just I felt that way :D.
You have to turn the upper part (the turned one) around - orientate yourself on your drawn lines.  
Now put the other fabric onto it. The right sides of both fabrics should face each other, so you just see the wrong sides, when you're sewing.

This what I meant:

Please look carefully at your turned edge. It should look like that.

Now just sew along your drawn lines (use the back-stich). 

After sewing, you can turn around the bedding to see it's right and well-looking side. You'll see that you now can put over the upper turned part. 

From the side.

And we're finished :).

I really hope, it's not too difficult to rework. It's kind of hard to describe the creation of the blanket. If you have any questions, please ask. And I could also create a video if it's too irritating.

Many greetings,

yours Kyra

Sonntag, 6. Juli 2014

Marigold Creek on a Saturday afternoon (but reported on a Sunday ^.^)

Dear readers,

yesterday, I went by Marigold Creek to take a new picture of PC Bobby Roberts (as promised). He wanted to have a more cozy photo, which shoes his gentle nature. So this is the result:

After that I met the Buttercups, who were enjoying a walk in the afternoon sun. 

Hornbull told me that the new resident Pete Petite visited the Löffel family, so I thought of saying "Hello" to him. 

While Flora received a letter from her cousin Lettuce Snow-Warren, Hans talked to Pete. 

I've asked Flora, what Lettuce wrote, but she told me that it's still a secret. So it'll pass a bit more time, before the secret will be bared.

Listening to the talk of the two men, I learned that Pete felt totally stressed about his old home. 
The villagers were unfriendly and devious (some of them tried to stole letters out of Petes bag) there.

Calmative Hans put his Hand on Petes shoulder, "Everything is alright my friend, now you're living here and Marigold Creeks villagers are normally lovable. Nobody will steel the post!"
"Thanks god!", Pete said.

I took a closer look to the children upstairs. While Luna draw a very nice picture, Anton played with his younger sister, who were cooking him a delicious play meal.

The McBurrows enjoyed a peaceful afternoon together: Heidi read in her magazine; Digger acted the goat with little Monty. 

And Muddy and Molly played the famous game: "Which star am I?".

Shortly before I wanted to go back to my studies, I suddently recognized a new building in Marigold Creek: the Hamburger restaurant. 

In front of the building stood Mason Tuxedo, but without his family. I greeted him and asked, where his family was. 

"They're at our old home, packing our belongings. I'm here to hand our flat above the restaurant over to Katie Hawthorn. She and here family are our hirers!", he said.

I watched the handover, before I accompanied Mason into his restaurant. 

He inspired the delivered furniture and told me that the restaurant will open it's doors in the next two months. Still a lot of decoration were missing.

Unfortunatly I had to return to my studies after those interesting meetings. But I'll take a closer look to the families very soon.

Hope you had fun with this little story :D. Above the hamburger restaurant is, like you've seen, a new (self-made) flat. Still a few things must to be done (decoration, window frames, cupboards...). But when I'm finished with it, I'll make a whole post about the new home of the Hawthornes.

Read you soon & have a nice Sunday evening!

Many greetings,
yours Kyra

PS: Visit the family site, the new bios of Pete and Bobby are online :).