Dienstag, 29. Juli 2014

Biographie of the Snow-Warrens

Dear Readers,

today it's just a very short post, I want to tell you that the Sno-Warrens bio is up:). So maybe a few secrets about my new family will be lifted.

The weather here in Germany is horrible. It rains and there's thunder and lightning the whole day. So it's quiete dark here and I couldn't take any good pictures. If I use the lightning from my camera the pictures look like... well the figures look like they're in the prison O.o.

Wish you all a nice evening, read/write you soon.

Many greetings,
yours Kyra


  1. I hope the weather clears up soon - lovely bios! I like the grandparents ones particularly :-D

  2. I didn't know there were Snow-warren grandparents!!! The family is lovely. I love rabbits very much but Snow-Warren family is not available here. Only the mom and two babies. I would have to purchase from oversea to get the rest. Your Bio Page is awesome! I should do one too but time is running short! I wish the weather will be better at your place soon!

    1. I didn't know it either. I've won them as a celebration family on ebay :D. I'm sorry, but I can let my eyes open for you, if you want? The Snow-Warrens also aren't sold here regulary, but sometimes there are good auctions.
      Thank you very much for your lovely comment :).
      Me too, still waiting for better weather -.-".