Sonntag, 27. Juli 2014

Coming home

Dear Readers,

after a long time, I'm finally back. The first exams are over and I passed all of  them - so I'm at a really good mood this days :D. It was hard work, especially the oral exams, I'm really glad it's over for the moment... But let's move to another, more exciting theme.

Do you remember the letter Flora received? She first told me that the content was still a secret, but yesterday evening some occasions happened in Marigold Creek....

"Flora? Everything okay?", Hans looked inquiring at his wife, who chatted since hours with her cousin Lettuce Snow-Warren. 

She placed the phone by side, nodded and ran to the bath room to fetch the clothes out of the washing machine. 

After hanging them fastly at the laundry rack she ran back to the telephone and started chatting again.
Shaking his head Hans sat beside her, watching the strange and excited behavior of his wife. 

"That's fabulous! I have to say it again.", Flora smiled,  "I'm looking forward to see you! It's been such a long time!"

After another 10 minutes she hang off the phone. 

"Now, darling, tell me! What's so exciting?"
"Lettuce told me, that they want to move to Marigold Creek.", Flora clapped her hands, "After the birth of their youngest they need a bigger house with more space!"
"Those are really great news! Here are lots of estates.", said Hans as he looked at the new family photo, Lettuce sent in her letter, "Little Alice is a cutie! Will Bernard and Edith also live here?" 

(The family photo)
"I think so."
"Marigold Creek is really growing fast at the moment... First the nursery, than the restaurant and more and more families!"
"You're right.", Flora nodded, "I'm looking forward to see the new Hamburger restaurant. The Tuxedos seem to be a very nice family. I've met Natalie yesterday in Pumpkinvilles. She was very friendly. Did you know that they have twin daughters?  They're Antons age."

Her husband laughed,  "Twin daughters.... The poor parents!"
"Mmh... But with the Tuxedos and the Snow-Warrens children here..."
"We definitly need an own school! ", Hans completed her thought, "We should all sat together and talk about that problem. I'm sure the other parents think the same."

At the same time Katie Hawthorn prepared dinner in the kitchen. Mazie sat on the countertop, watching her mother cutting the cheese. 

"Rosie and I want to make a game tomorrow. .."
"That sounds great!", Katie smiled,  "What are you planning?  Can we all play it together?"
"Yes!", the little mouse chuckled, "It's about a farm..."

"A farm? Do you want to play farmer?", gently Katie stired the content of her pan.

Suddently the door bell rung. Surprised the mice looked at each other.
"Who could that be?", Katie looked through the door viewer and gasped. 
"Michael!", with shacking hands she opened the door and looked in the smiling face of her husband. 

Before she could say another word, Michael Hawthorn laid his arms around her, kissed her and spined her around. 

" Oh honey, I'm so happy to be at your side again!"
"I missed you so much!", Katie nestled to him.

Michael kissed her again, before he run to his little daughter, who looked at him with huge eyes.
"Yes, darling it's me. Your daddy, who was too long away from his family... But now I'll always stay at your side! " 
Mazie wrapped his arms around her dads neck, talking to him overhappy. 

Joking around with his daughter,  smiling at his beautiful wife, Michael was very thankful to be at home.

Together the little family enjoyed a delicious cheese fondue.
"I missed your cooking ", laughed Michael,  "The zwieback was horrible."
Amused Katie took his hand, "I'm tranquilised you still like it!" 
"I love it!"

After the meal Michael opened his suitcase, "For you my love... I've seen it in a boutique and knew right away,  that it'll fit you perfectly!"
Thrilled Katie took the beautiful blue summer dress, "It's amazing!"

"And for daddys girl...", the mouse smiled, "A new picture book and a plush animal."

Mazie pressed the toy at her heart and declared, "His name is Boo!"
"That's a perfect name!"

It was a wonderful evening, Katie and Michael talked until the sun rised in the morning, nuzzled close to each other. 

They told their adventures: about angry wales on the sea, hungry seamen, the opening of the nursery and the attack of some ugly flys, who wanted to eat some chocolates.

At last the family was together again and the common, but perfect every day life was back again in the Hawthorns household.

I hope you all liked the little story. Next time will be more action - I promise ;).

But at this part I really have to say a huge "Thank you" to Sigrun, who sent me Michael from a far away island. In this case Michael really was on a long trip, but I'm not sure if he travelled per ship or per airplane... I might have to ask him.

Also Sigrun sent me another new member of Marigold Creek:

Pete Petites  future wife... She'll appear soon in a story :). 
Last but nost least I've also received some beautiful and sweet fabrics from her - thanks so much for that wonderful surprise!!!!! It made my day :).

Read and write you all soon,

yours Kyra

PS: Katie wanted to show you all her new dress, so here she is:


  1. Oh what a sweet story! I'm so glad you found Michael and Pete's wife too! Katie looks lovely in her very fashionable dress :-D Are you going to get a school? If so, which one? I love Maisie's little toy - is he made from clay? By the way, I made some bees, finally! I left them at home with my beehive so I can't photograph them at the moment, but when I go home I will. The Mice have a lovely house - and I can't wait to see more of the Snow Warrens too!
    A xx

    1. :) thanks so much. Hihi, she’s so in love with the dress :D
      Yes, I'll get a school. And I want to get the country tree school, cause I can place my nursery on the top :D.
      You're right, the toy is made of clay :D.
      Great! I'm looking forward to see them :). Are tgey sitting in their hive? :)
      I hope I can write the bio for the Snow-Warrens soon

    2. I can fit only on the bottom of the hive but I might try and hang the other one from the roof of the hive :-) oh yes, that's a good plan for the school! It means all the mothers can drop off the children and the babies at the same place - I bet they'd love that :-D the dress is really lovely. It suits her well. Looking forward to seeing the bios :-)

    3. Sounds wonderful! :)
      That was/is my plan! :D
      Thank you:).

    4. I won't be back to my home for a couple of weeks so you may not see them that soon... Did you find any invisible thread? I haven't checked the craft stores in this area yet but I hope I can find something :-D

    5. That's okay :D.
      Yes, I have some invisble thread- I've ordered it in the internet. If you won't find some, I could send you some :D

  2. What A nice story!
    I expect Katie was very pleased to have Michael living with them!
    Sorry that I didn't do the tutorial yet but you see its been the first week of term 3 and I was very busy.Also it was my birthday and I never had time to post a tutorial, it will be my next post though.

    1. Thanks so much for your lovely comment :).
      Don't worry about that, I was also very busy.
      But: Happy Birthday to you!!!!!!! I hope you had a wonderful day and lovely presents! Did you got some Sylvanian things? :)

  3. This is a perfect story! It fills with joy and love. I like how you present the interactive acts and dialogue between husband and wife, parents and kid in Sylvanian world. Their personalities are so vivid. Wives are kind, husbands are caring, and kids are cute!

    1. :) thank you for your lovely words. I like creating a perfect world with ideal families, because Sylvanians look like they're living in a never ending dream (by the way, that's why my blog is named like that:D). But I'm sure there will be also some harder times for my families :D

  4. Congratulations on passing your tests! It must be such a feeling of relief! I read your story and love it. I like family being reunited and I love happy endings and new beginnings. I hope you will be able to show us more about the life of your critters. The blue dress is so cute. Did you make it yourself?

    1. Thank you very much:) ; yes it is a relief :). Now more than the half of my studium is done.
      I hope so too, but I'm sure I will :).
      Yes, I made it myself. Thank you :)

    2. Wow that's amazing! It's very pretty!

    3. :) many, many "Thank you"s :)

  5. I can't stand the waiting anymore! I want the Snow-Warrens to arrive NOW!!! Congratulations on all the new villagers! Yes I want to know too if you have a school or which one you are planning on getting.

    1. :D they'll arrive soon, I promise :). But grandpa Bernard is still searching for his typewriter (he's an author).
      Yes, I'm planning to get a school and I want the Country tree school, cause it fits to my nursery:)

  6. What a beautiful story! I am very happy for Flora, and can't wait for the Snow-Warrens to arrive. So happy for Katie to have her hubby back, the dress is gorgeous! Your handmade double bed looked exquisite in the new flat:D

    1. Thank you so much:). Glad you like the story! They will arrive soon. Hehe, thank you- I like the bed also very much :D

  7. Loved the story, as usual! Glad Katie finally got to see her husband again! Lovely dress too!