Sonntag, 31. August 2014

Finally: The Bakery

Dear Readers, 

finally: My bakery is done! Or better said, it's ready to be present. The outer area needs more flowers, but I've bridged the gap with accessoires from the garden set ;). Let's watch a few events from the first day!


Hans and Flora Löffel were awake since hours. The opening of their renovated bakery stood before. 

While Hans baked the last breads, his beloved wife decorated some cupcakes with fruits. 

All the fresh cakes were already set before the display window, the bakery smelled of warm bread and fruity sugar icing.

"I see Daisy and Annabel allready waiting outside!", Flora looked through the door, "We should open!"

"Here are the last breads!", Hans closed the ofen, putting the steaming bread into the counter, "You can open, darling."
Excited Flora turned the "Sorry, we are closed"-sign to show Marigold Creek, that they had opened.

"Good morning Daisy, hello Annabel!"
"Good morning Flora and Hans! Great to see your bakers hat again!", Daisy Buttercup entered the bakery, "Wow, it looks wonderful! So modern and cozy! You two have done an amazing job!" Interested the two looked around.

"The cakes smell so delicious! Can we buy a few pieces, mum?", asked Annabel.
"Of course, we will!", attentive the cow regarded the shop counter with all the goods in it, "Mmh... What should we buy?"
"Well, may I first offer you two pieces of cake? Or are you in a hurry? And of course we invite you." 
"No, not all!", Daisy laughed, "Thank you! We would love to have a piece of cake."

Just a minute after Daisy and her daughter enjoyed a piece of chocolate cake and a strawberry donut. 
"How I have missed your wonderful creations!"
Hans laughed, "And we have missed to stand here!"

After the snack and a huge coffee (and a hot chocolate for Anabell) Daisy bought two baguettes and a plate with different cake pieces and donuts to surprise the rest of her family.

Not long ago after the Buttercups had left, Molly McBurrow arrived together with Natalie Tuxedo.

"Good morning, ladies!", Hans grinned, "If you have some time, I can recommend a piece of Blackforest cake. Or cherry cake? It's an invitation, of course!"
Natalie nodded, "Thank you! I'd love to! That Blackforest cake looks stunning!"
"Oh, I also can't resist such delicious pastries!", thrilled Molly took place. 

Flora brought the cake pieces, "Here you go!"
"You're wearing a beautiful dress, Flora!"  
The rabbit smiled, "Thank you, Molly. I just thought, today's a special day, so I can wear a nice dress!"
"You're right! A special dress for a special day!", said Natalie, "That's the best Blackforest Cake I've ever had! May I order a whole cake for my birthday next week?"

"Of course, just tell us the day and we make it."

Both women bought a huge bag of breads and buns.

In the afternoon, when the sun shinned warm over the village, most of the pastries were gone and when Lettuce Snow-Warren entered she bought the last bread. 
"We have run out of bread!", shocked Hans and Flora looked at each other. 

"Oh no!", the shocked voice of Bobby Roberts let the three rabbits turn, "I'm to late! I've overslept!" 

"I'm so sorry, Bobby! It's embarrassing. ", said Flora.
Hans run to the huge flour sack, "I'll make immediatly new dough!" 

Bobby waved aside, "No it's my own fault! You don't have to start baking just because of me. It seems that I’m the last villager who have entered your lovely bakery. I should have knewn that your pastries are so desired!"
"We have some buns, brezels and cakes left. Can I offer you some of these?", asked Flora excusing,  "We'll have to bake much more for tomorrow. Something like that should never happen again! "

Bobbies eyes started to blaze, "You have buns left? And brezel? I love brezel! It seems years since I've eaten those!" 
Glad, that Bobby wasn't angry, Hans packed the pastries together,  "Here you go! This is on us! I promise you, that we'll have bread tomorrow!"

Happily the police officer took the bag, "I'll be your first customer tomorrow!  Pete praised it that much, that I just have to try it! See you!"
"Goodbye! "

Flora moaned, "I've never thought that  our pastries won't last!"
"Me too...", Hans kissed his wife softly, "But thats also a sign for success!"

"Right.", she nuzzled herself on him, "Let's prepare the dough for tomorrow!".

Tired, but with enthusiasm,  the Löffels worked a few more hours, befire they returned home. Together with their children they enjoyed a fresh baked chocolate cake.

What do you think about the new design? Here are a few more "impressions":

I'm so sorry,  that it took so long, but the cakes and breads needed a long time to make and I just had the sundays to work on them.
I've made the shop counter, the little cupboard and the stools also myself. And the little holder for the brezel (or prezel - I'm not sure how they're called international).

I'm very pleased with my bakery :).

Can't wait to read your comments!

Yours Kyra

Dienstag, 19. August 2014

How to sew a coat - and Araneras Giveaway

Dear Readers,

first I want to point out Araneras lovely Giveaway, which she's hosting at the moment. Please take a look, she has made pretty and delicious looking cakes!

Than Mrs. Molly McBurrow told me that she wants to show you a new sewing tutorial. She sewed a coat for her son Muddy and was kind enough to show us the steps. I promised to publish it here.

So, you need:
fabric (felt is perfect)
hook and loop fastener
buttons or other decorations

Step 1

Cut one pattern, which should look like this.

The size depends on your figure. Measure the length and width of the arm, add some seam allowance. Also measure the length from shoulder to feet and figure out the width from shoulder to shoulder.

Transfer the pattern to the fabric, you should get this pieces:

Now just lay the two front parts on the back and sew around the edges.

Turn around and add a small stripe of fabric - this will be the belt.

Add your hook and loop fastener and some buttons.

Finished! :)

Heres Muddy wearing the coat :D.

I hope you had fun with the tutorial!

Read you soon,

Yours Kyra

Sonntag, 17. August 2014

Saturday events

Dear Readers,

it's time for a new story... Especially after my absence... 

You' ve sure wondered, when the Snow-Warrens will arrive in Marigold Creek. So: Here they are! 

Enjoy :).


It was Saturday morning. Anton Löffel was still sleeping, while his sister Luna giggled together with little Rose in her bed. 

They talked about Roses experiences in the nursery.

After a while the two girls decided to wake up their older brother.

Silently they sneaked to his bed... And jumped with louds screams at the mattress. 

Appalled Anton woke up and cursed. But shortly after he had to laugh about his sisters, who looked apologetically at him. 
Soon the three rabbit children capered together, minutes later they bounced on the bed, singing a little song, Rose learned in the nursery.

Hans and Flora heard the noises from the childrens room.
"Seems the three having much fun!", smiled mother rabbit. Carefully she pulled a fruit cake out of the oven.

"Yes, but maybe I should take a look at them... One of the curtain rails is a bit loose..."

Before Hans could say a word to warn his children, when he entered the room, the curtain rail over Antons bed broke and fell on the floor. 

"No!", he screamed, while the three little rabbits watched the curtain rail fall with large eyes.

Luckily none of the children was harmed, however they had all a little shock. 
"Dear!", Hans run to his children and checked if everything was okay. He laid his arms around his children, "I'm such an idiot! I should have fixed it earlier!" Anton laughed, "Oh, dad! You always do things in the last minute!" 
"My little rascal!", the rabbit gave his son a kiss, before he scratched his head, "I should repair the curtain rail..."

"But after breakfast!", Flora appeared in the door case. She shook her head, when she saw the chaos in the room. "Thanks god, nothing happened! ", softly she picked Rose up, "Darling, please check all curtains rails.   And the doors.... and the toilet seat..  and... please just check everything!"
"I will...", murmured her husband.

After the breakfast, Hans repaired the curtain rail. Anton helped him and soon the two were joking around.

Today was a special day for the Tuxedo family and whole Marigold Creek: The hamburger restaurant opened its doors! 
Because the new house of the cat family was still in its building process, the two girls Lily and Rosie, stayed at their grandparents house.

At 11 o'clock Mason unlocked the front door, while Natalie checked a last time her outfit.
"You look perfect, honey!", Mason kissed her softly, "I'm sure all the villagers will love you!" 
"I hope so... I'm so nervous!"

When the door opened, Hornbull Buttercup clapped his hands, his family and the Hawthorns joined him.

"Can we go in?", asked Cheddar excited,  "I'm so hungry and it smells delicious! "
"Welcome everybody,  we're glad to serve you the first hamburgers! I just put the meat on the grill!", Mason smiled and returned fastly behind his grill - burned meat wouldn't be a good start into business.

Natalie welcomed all of the guest and surprised the children with popular "Huggables" - a huge adored toy.

"Oh! Thank you!", Anabell took the Huggable with a shy smile.

"That's very attentive!", said Daisy Buttercup, "I've heard a lot about the Huggables, but didn't know where to get them... Unfortunatly there's no toyshop here."
Natalie nodded, "It was hard to find them, I've ordered them in Evergreen Village and they needed weeks to arrive!" 
"In Evergreen Village? That's far away!", Katie Hawthorn was astonished.

The families entered the restaurant and sat down. All ordered the huge family menu. 

When the first hamburgers arrived the whole restaurant was filled with "Delicious!"- and "I want more"- calls. 

Soon the McBurrows arrived and after another 10 minutes also the new postman Pete Petite and his good friend Bobby Roberts entered the restaurant. 
The two bachelors decided to eat at least four times the week in the hamburger restaurant. "The meat is perfect! And those french fries...", gushed the police officer. 

"We're so glad you like it!", said Natalie, while her husband put more meat on the grill (Hornbull had ordered another family meal).

Molly McBurrow, who tried to stop little Monty from climbing on to the table, meant: "Really, you're having a wonderful restaurant! I'm sure we'll eat here often... And I have to say...". 

She interrupted herself, "Monty! It's not allowed to pull the table cloth!" With an excusing sight, she went on, "...the table cloths are so beautiful! I love the fabric!" 

Natalie Tuxedo blushed, "Thank you so much!"

At the same time the Löffel family left also for the Hamburger restaurant. All of them were very excited about the first opened restaurant in Marigold Creek.
The Löffels owned a bakery - though it was closed at the moment, because of an complete renovation. The bakery belonged to the rabbit family since... well... since ever! After Hans' parents went in pension (they've started a trip around the world), they decided to renovate the building. But soon all the work should be done and the bakery could be opened soon. 

When the Löffels arrived the restaurant, the Buttercups left it.

Hornbull rubbed his stomach, "Dear, I've eaten too much!"
"Hello!", Flora waved the family, "How was the meal?" "Amazing!", called Paddock, "I could have eaten a ton of those burgers!" 
"Our new restaurant is a wonderful achievement to our village!", added Daisy, while she pattet her husbands shoulder, "You know, it's your own fault, honey..." 

"I know..."
Anabell showed her new Huggable to Luna, "Isn't it beautiful?" 

"Oh!", Luna glared, "I want one too!"

Seconds later she received a beautiful green striped Huggable. "Thank you so much!"

"My pleasure, it's a welcome present for all our little guests."

Hans laughed, when he saw that his youngest daughter was afraid of taking her present from a foreign lady, "You can take it, dear. It's for you!" Flora nodded encouraging. 

"Thank you", whispered Rose, before she hid herself again behind her mothers skirt.

The rabbit family followed Natalie into the restaurant and took their seats. From all sites sounded greetings. 
While they were waiting for their meals to arrive, the parents chatted with the McBurrows. 
"Have you heard that the Riverside lodge will be selled?", asked Molly.
"No, really?"

Interested Hans bended forward, "Who wants to buy it?" Digger shruged his shoulders, "It seems to be still a secret! But I've heard a woman showed her interest!" 
"I'm so curious, who will live in there!",  said Flora.
"Me too.", answered Molly, "If she's alone?"
At this moment Natalie appeared with the burgers, "Here you go!" "Thank you."

Like the other families the Löffels enjoyed their meal very much and left the restaurant lately.

After all it was a full success for the Tuxedos. Happily the couple stand together after the last guests left. They clapped there hands together.

"We managed it!", said Mason enthusiastic.
"And I'm sure they all will come again!"
"They will!"

After the Löffels returned home, they all met in the kitchen, talking about the todays events.

Suddently the door bell rung.
"Who might that be?"

Flora oppened the door.
"Surprise!", called Clarence Snow-Warren. 
"Clarence! Lettuce! What a wonderful surprise!", Hans laughed, while his wife hugged her Cousin tightly. 

"And Bernard and Edith! Welcome! Come in!"
Flora looked happy at the three Snow- Warren children, "You've grown up, honeys!"

"And little Rose too!", Lettuce talked to the youngest member of the Löffel family, "Do you remember me? I'm your auntie." Rose shock her head, but she liked her aunt directly - which was extraordinary, because she normally was afraid of everybody.
"How are you all?"

After all greeted each others, Anton and Luna took her cousins with them in their room. Soon the four talked and laughed together.
"We'll be in the same class, do you know?", Luna asked her cousin Lucky. 
"Thanks god!", he meant  and added quietly, "I'm a bit afraid of school..." 

"Don't be afraid.", Anton smiled, "I'll show you all around, when school starts! The teachers are really nice and it makes fun!"
"That's so kind of you!", said Sophie, "I wasn't happy about our move... But when all the children are like you, I won't be afraid." Anton laughed, "I'm sure you'll like them! You must meet the McBurrows... Oh and the Buttercups! They're so funny! We're always playing hide and seek!"

Meanwhile Bernard and  Edith enjoyed a cup of coffee on the sofa.

"Delicious! Which sort of coffee do you use, dear?"
"Sunset Coffee. We'll add it also in our sortiment, I just discovered it!", answered Flora.

"Ah, so you'll open the bakery soon?", Clarence asked excited, "That's great! I can remember the old bakery, it was charming..."
"And it should be even more charming now!", said Hans, "Where are you planning to build your new farm? It's so awesome, you've moved here!"

"We'll meat with the estate agent on monday and than he'll show us some estates! I'm so curious. You know, I always adored Marigold Creek. It's perfect for farming!"
"And it's great to have a fruit farmer here! You must meet Hornbull Buttercup, he leads a vegetable farm with his family!"
"Wonderful! Another farmer! Do you think, he'll give me some tipps?"
"For sure."

Flora looked at the youngest Snow-Warren child, who sat at her mothers legs, "Alice is even cuter in reality! She's the dearest!" 

"Thank you!", proudly Lettuce kissed the baby on the head,  "I'm so glad, she and Lucky and Sophie can grow up on the country side, now. The city life wasn't the best for them..." Her cousin nodded, "I believe... How's the hotel your staying at?"
"Very nice, but I'm looking forward to start building the farm. Clarence talked already with a Mr. McBurrow... Do you know him?"
"Digger McBurrow? Yes of course, he's the carpenter of Marigold Creek under and upon the earth. And one of our dearest friends!"
Relieved Lettuce breathed out, "Than I'm not worried anymore!"

The two rabbit families had a wonderful evening together, talking about all the new plans. Of course Hans and Flora offered their relatives to help with everything. 
And Edith wanted to take care of the six children in this time. She had made friends with little Rose. 

When the Snow-Warrens left shortly after midnight, everybody went to bed, excited about the future and all the new events.

I really hope you all liked the story! More and more villagers are moving to Marigold Creek and also the business grows :).

I'm sure you' noticed the "intertextuality" to Araneras cute huggables. I really liked her invention and thought it might be funny, when Marigold Creeks children also play with them.

Read you soon! Thank you so much for your compliments, they make me happy all the time :).

Yours Kyra