Sonntag, 31. August 2014

Finally: The Bakery

Dear Readers, 

finally: My bakery is done! Or better said, it's ready to be present. The outer area needs more flowers, but I've bridged the gap with accessoires from the garden set ;). Let's watch a few events from the first day!


Hans and Flora Löffel were awake since hours. The opening of their renovated bakery stood before. 

While Hans baked the last breads, his beloved wife decorated some cupcakes with fruits. 

All the fresh cakes were already set before the display window, the bakery smelled of warm bread and fruity sugar icing.

"I see Daisy and Annabel allready waiting outside!", Flora looked through the door, "We should open!"

"Here are the last breads!", Hans closed the ofen, putting the steaming bread into the counter, "You can open, darling."
Excited Flora turned the "Sorry, we are closed"-sign to show Marigold Creek, that they had opened.

"Good morning Daisy, hello Annabel!"
"Good morning Flora and Hans! Great to see your bakers hat again!", Daisy Buttercup entered the bakery, "Wow, it looks wonderful! So modern and cozy! You two have done an amazing job!" Interested the two looked around.

"The cakes smell so delicious! Can we buy a few pieces, mum?", asked Annabel.
"Of course, we will!", attentive the cow regarded the shop counter with all the goods in it, "Mmh... What should we buy?"
"Well, may I first offer you two pieces of cake? Or are you in a hurry? And of course we invite you." 
"No, not all!", Daisy laughed, "Thank you! We would love to have a piece of cake."

Just a minute after Daisy and her daughter enjoyed a piece of chocolate cake and a strawberry donut. 
"How I have missed your wonderful creations!"
Hans laughed, "And we have missed to stand here!"

After the snack and a huge coffee (and a hot chocolate for Anabell) Daisy bought two baguettes and a plate with different cake pieces and donuts to surprise the rest of her family.

Not long ago after the Buttercups had left, Molly McBurrow arrived together with Natalie Tuxedo.

"Good morning, ladies!", Hans grinned, "If you have some time, I can recommend a piece of Blackforest cake. Or cherry cake? It's an invitation, of course!"
Natalie nodded, "Thank you! I'd love to! That Blackforest cake looks stunning!"
"Oh, I also can't resist such delicious pastries!", thrilled Molly took place. 

Flora brought the cake pieces, "Here you go!"
"You're wearing a beautiful dress, Flora!"  
The rabbit smiled, "Thank you, Molly. I just thought, today's a special day, so I can wear a nice dress!"
"You're right! A special dress for a special day!", said Natalie, "That's the best Blackforest Cake I've ever had! May I order a whole cake for my birthday next week?"

"Of course, just tell us the day and we make it."

Both women bought a huge bag of breads and buns.

In the afternoon, when the sun shinned warm over the village, most of the pastries were gone and when Lettuce Snow-Warren entered she bought the last bread. 
"We have run out of bread!", shocked Hans and Flora looked at each other. 

"Oh no!", the shocked voice of Bobby Roberts let the three rabbits turn, "I'm to late! I've overslept!" 

"I'm so sorry, Bobby! It's embarrassing. ", said Flora.
Hans run to the huge flour sack, "I'll make immediatly new dough!" 

Bobby waved aside, "No it's my own fault! You don't have to start baking just because of me. It seems that I’m the last villager who have entered your lovely bakery. I should have knewn that your pastries are so desired!"
"We have some buns, brezels and cakes left. Can I offer you some of these?", asked Flora excusing,  "We'll have to bake much more for tomorrow. Something like that should never happen again! "

Bobbies eyes started to blaze, "You have buns left? And brezel? I love brezel! It seems years since I've eaten those!" 
Glad, that Bobby wasn't angry, Hans packed the pastries together,  "Here you go! This is on us! I promise you, that we'll have bread tomorrow!"

Happily the police officer took the bag, "I'll be your first customer tomorrow!  Pete praised it that much, that I just have to try it! See you!"
"Goodbye! "

Flora moaned, "I've never thought that  our pastries won't last!"
"Me too...", Hans kissed his wife softly, "But thats also a sign for success!"

"Right.", she nuzzled herself on him, "Let's prepare the dough for tomorrow!".

Tired, but with enthusiasm,  the Löffels worked a few more hours, befire they returned home. Together with their children they enjoyed a fresh baked chocolate cake.

What do you think about the new design? Here are a few more "impressions":

I'm so sorry,  that it took so long, but the cakes and breads needed a long time to make and I just had the sundays to work on them.
I've made the shop counter, the little cupboard and the stools also myself. And the little holder for the brezel (or prezel - I'm not sure how they're called international).

I'm very pleased with my bakery :).

Can't wait to read your comments!

Yours Kyra


  1. Wow! This is so fantastic! The counter is unbelievable and I just live the doughnuts. Poor Bobby, I bet he was annoyed with himself XD I love Floras dress too, she looks very beautiful :) Belinda wishes she could visit this bakery, and sends her greetings to Lettuce :D I love the slices of cake, and the outside area too - it looks like a lovely place to sit down in and enjoy a coffee and slice of cake. The pretzel looks so yummy, at least Bobby got some free. The little corner area with the jars of jam (?) and the little brown sack is so cute, and I like the floral wallpaper, it really suits the building. Great work!
    A xx

  2. *blush* So many compliments! Thank you so much, Aranera :).
    :D yes Bobby was annoyed with himself, but he told me that the pretzels were very good. So it really wasn't that bad for him.
    I think, that those should be jam :D. I think I have to decorate them :D
    I hope, that Lettuce can send some bakery goods to Belinda :)

    1. It is no trouble, I love your bakery! :D
      Ah, that is great, at least he enjoyed the pretzels :D
      Wonderful! I thought they were jam but I wasn't sure... ;)
      Belinda can't wait! Peter made a extra bag for Flora, to congratulate her for opening the shop!

    2. Oh really? That's so awesome! Flora will love her new bag! :)

    3. It is purple, with a butterfly gem on the front :D

  3. Again, it looks absolutely stunning! I just love the display counter, it's filled with so many delicous treats! I see you cut the holes in Hans' hat, his ears must feel much better now! Flora's dress looks beautiful, it was a wonderful occasion to wear it! I could go for some blackforest cake right about now.....

    1. :) thank you so much! Yes, Hans is feeling much better - he told me that he had a strange swoosh around is ears, before I cut the holes in the hat :D.
      Me too, maybe Flora will offer us a piece :D

  4. Congratulations! It looks spectacular! You shoulf be happy. The wallpaper is perfect, so are the shelf covers. The little stools at the bench are so cute and yes ideal for a sitdown. All the cakes and items you made a fantastic too. Floras dress is so pretty and yes the stoey is cute too! Thx for this you made my day!

    1. :) glad I could amuse you and even more glad, that you like the end result! Thanks so much! I like the stools also very much, now the customers can also enjoy a piece of cake, when it's raining outside.

  5. Wow! It looks amazing! The little stools at the bench is so cute! Floras dress is amazing and so is hans's hat. =) The items they ' backed' are so cute and look deliciouse! This is probably one of my favourite posts ever!

    1. Thank you sooooo much Emily! I'm glad you like it! :) It's good to hear, that the cakes look delicious - they made me gray hair :D :D :D

  6. Great job on decorating your bakery! I like all the cakes you made they look really yummy. I would like to buy it if I saw them in the store. The wall paper looks great. The vintage black oven is really cool. The interaction between Hans couple and customers is very very cute.

    1. Thank you so much! :) I love the vintage oven, it adds a nice retro look.

  7. Woooow!!! Your bakery is stunning, like something out of the Sylvanian Families Magazine. Did you really bake all of those products yourself? How?

    You are very skilled with decorating. The wallpaper is devine. I love all of the little chair covers and table cloths that you have made (hand sewn, I'm guessing). Your counter is absoloutely brilliant. Do you think you could do a short tutorial on that? It looks amazing, and I am always trying to find ways to store shopping products.

    Once again, your bakery is PHENOMENAL. I love ever single detail, and you should be really pleased.

    1. *blush* Thank you, that's a wonderful compliment! Yes I made them all by myself - they're made of polymer clay:).
      Tablecloths and co are handsewn, yes. :)
      I will make tutorial soon- I promise. :)

      Many thanks again!!!!

    2. Wooooow. You truly do have a talent :D
      For polymer clay, did you use a special finish? And did you use a FIMO-type produt? I am just curious to try my hand at making some products for my own bakery, however you have set some extremely high standards...

    3. :D thank you! :) I use FIMO (mostly FIMO soft) and after baking them a FIMO clear coat, but you can also use clear nail polish. It's easier than it looks and I'm sure you'll make wonderful bakery products! Can't wait to see them!

  8. Beautiful beautiful beautiful! I had to write it three times because it's so well done. I love the wallpaper and how you decorated the bakery with the same flower theme. Such a delicate attention to details made this a success! It's a pleasure to look at!

    1. :) :), aw, thank you!!! I'm so glad you like the details! :) The wallpaper was terrifing to find, but I love it too :D

  9. Oh my gosh! Your mini bakery is adorable! I love your color scheme and the beautiful wallpaper. Flora's dress is gorgeous too! I have two SF houses, and I really must improve them with wallpaper. I also need to sew my critters some custom-made clothes. They both make such a difference. Thank you for the inspiration! xo Jennifer

    1. :) thank you so much! It's fascinating watching the transformation of a SF house when you use wallpaper! :) Glad I could inspire you! :D

  10. Beautiful! I love Flora's dress!

    1. Thank you :). I'm gonna make soon a new tutorial for dresses - I found an easier way^^