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Margarete Bellefleur Part III

Dear Readers,

first of all, I have to tell you that I'm having a lab at the moment. Because I'm becoming a teacher, I, of course, have also some practical training at school. And now I'll stay for three weeks at a school. Unfortunatly all trainees have to do lots of tasks, so it could be that I won't have much time for posting in those weeks. I'm very sorry for that, but I'll be back soon ;) :D. 

You for sure all wanted to know, what's happening between Margarete and Pete... So here is the promised story! :)


Margarete tried to behave normal, after she was directly faced with Pete Petite, the handsome postman of Marigold Creek. She just had met him a few times, but never talked to him in person.
"Hello, Mr. Petite.", she said shyly.

The postman smiled, "You're looking very pretty this day!" Than he blushed all over his face and turned around. 
"I have seen you ordered a couch and an oven?", he coughed, than he tried to sound a bit cooler, "I'll build them up for you! You shouldn't do that on your own. They're very heavy!"
Pete wanted to press the hands on his face, after such a statement. Now, Margarete for sure thought, he just wanted to hit on her.

But to his luck, the beautiful woman blushed, than nodded softly. "Tha... Thank you for both of your statements. It's very kind of you to help me. I was already a bit worried, after I read it's a cast-iron oven."
"Of course I'll help!"

Together the bears opened the packaging.

"It's a beautiful couch!", said Pete.
"Thank you. Would you like a cup of tea, or coffee?"
He glared all over his face, "That would be very nice! Yes, please!"
Happy Margarete turned and went into her house. 

While she prepared some coffee, she could hear Pete pulling in the couch.

He was very careful with the cushion and a few minutes later Margaretes first bought furniture stood in it's place. 
Excited she decorated it with the cushions she had bought earlier. 

Pete wiped over his forehead.
"Oh my... I hope it's not too exhausting?", worried Margarete handed over a cup of hot coffee.

"Oh, no, no, not at all!", Pete said, "I'm doing a workout every day!"
"That's impressive!", Margarete looked at her feet, "I... was never good at sports..." 
"Oh, me too!", added Pete fastly.
"But when you are working out every day, you must be good at sports!"

"I'm just doing weight training.", the postman drank a few drafts of the coffee, "Thank you for the coffee, it's delicious!"
"My pleasure."

Pete returned to the oven, which looked kind of innocuous to him. 

But when he started to lift him, he felt the full weight of a cast-iron oven. 

"Are you sure you can do this alone? I can help you! Or I can call Hornbull, the Buttercups are living next to me.", asked Margarete a bit worried.

"No, no!", Pete gasped, "The oven is not more like a feather to me!"

Of course the oven was much to heavy for the postman, but he wanted to impress Margarete. 
When he first saw her, walking down the street, he fell in love. She was so beautiful and gracile. Pete knew: He wanted this woman! And no one else!

Only just Pete managed to get the oven into the house, but when he lifted it to the right place a huge pain flashed through his back.

With a loud curse he collapsed on the bottom, directly in front of Margarete.

"Oh my god, Pete!", shocked she run to him, trying to help him up, "Are you hurt?"
"I...", he gasped with tears in his eyes, "I'm o... Ouch!" 
Carefully Margarete towed him to the new couch and helped him lay down.

"Miss Bellefleur?"
"I must admit that I'm not doing weight training every day.", he blushed all over his face, "I... I just wanted to impress you, because you are so beautiful and... and I'm just a postman.... But now your for sure think I'm a total idiot... I'm so sorry!"

Margaretes heart started to race. He liked her! 
Softly she pet over his cheak, "I don't think you're an idiot. You're the most lovely and handsome postman I ever met."
Pete grinned, than he cringed, "Thank you Margarete, can I call you by your name? Oh dear, my back is really hurt."
"Of course you can!", she smiled and took a blanket, which she carefully laid over him, "Should I call the doctor?" 
"I hope you don't have too!", said Pete with shock in his eyes, "I wouldn't be able to do my job in the next weeks, if he would tell me, that I must stay at home... Or in the hospital."
"Yes, but it's important to get you checked!", worried Margarete looked at him.
Suddently Pete took her hand, "I'm okay with you at my side!" Than he pulled her down to himself and gave her a long kiss. 

All worries about Petes back were forgotten for a short while, Margarete felt like she was in heaven.

Satisfied the two bears nuzzled close to each other and stayed on the couch. 
"I totally fell in love with you!", murmured Pete with burning cheeks, "I... I hope I didn't say anything wrong now!"
Margarete glared all over her face and softly kissed him, "Me too, it was... it was love at first sight!" They smiled at each other.

"But... uhm... Pete... Don't you think we should go to a doctor?"
He sighted, "You're right. It still... hurts..."

Margarete called Hornbull Buttercup, who immediatly drove them into hospital. 

The doctor diagnosed a small herniated disc and Pete had to stay in bed for the next few weeks. Good for him, his best friend Bobby Roberts helped him with the post and Margarete took care of his well-being. 

After the very eventfull Saturday, Margarete visited him every day in his small flat. She helped him cleaning and cooking and to Petes huge joy, they were finally a couple. 
And it didn't took very long, until they moved together into Margaretes house. They had more space now and it was much easier with one household than two.

Every evening they sat together on the couch, reading their favourite books or talked for hours. Margarete enjoyed the evenings very much and she knew: She had found the perfect man!

"Hello, my darling!", Pete said, leaning on a crutch, while he was waiting excited for her arrival.

Margarete waved, than she kept up a bag with fresh cupcakes, "Flora created a new recipe, she absolutly wanted us to try them!"

"Oh great, I love her cupcakes!", Pete took her bag, "I cooked some noodles, I hope they taste good." He gave her a kiss, "And I used some ketchup to make a sauce... Not very professional, but it has the right colour!"
Margarete laughed about his triumphant look, "I'm sure it 'll taste wonderful!"

Together they enjoyed the noodles, than started to ate the cupcakes. 

After a few bites, Pete suddently cursed, "Damn! It was the cherry cupcake! I'm such an idiot!" 

Wondering Margarete looked at him, "What is it, honey?"
"Flora told me: Not the strawberry, the cherry one!", the postman murmured to himself, "I remember... And what did I do? Ate the wrong one!"

"What is it about the right and wrong cupcake?", skeptikal she liftet her brows.

Pete took something small and silver out of his mouth, "I... I had something prepared... But now it went all wrong! And... And..."
Margaretes eyes became huge, when she realized that her boyfriend was holding a beautiful ring in his hand.

"I've eaten the cupcake, which was determined to be yours! I gave Flora the ring and she made everything right, but I... I... it was the excitement... But..."

He kneeled infront of her, "Will you marry me, Margarete Bellefleurs? I know I destroyed a wonderful moment.... again... But, will you? I love you and I will spend the rest of my life with you!"

"I...", Margarete nodded, "I will! And I love you too, Pete Petite, from the bottom of my heart!"

Excited and nervous at the same time, Pete sliped the ring over her finger, "Thank you so much! I was so worried after I ate the wrong cupcake.... That's so typical for me..."
"Typical for the best fiancé in the world!", Margarete smiled. 
Laughing Pete pulled her in his arms and kissed her, "I love you!"

The End (for now... :D)
...And? Was it too icky/cheesy (don't know what's the better word- I apologize ^^)? 
I hope not, but I thought a little bit of romance after such embarrassing situations for poor Pete won't hurt :D.

I'm really curious about your comments :D.

Many, many greetings,
yours amused Kyra

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Margarete Bellefleurs Part II

Dear Readers,

without a long opening speech, here's part two. Enjoy :).

When Margarete woke up the next day,  it was already lunch time. 

She stretched herself, than she left the bed and fed her bumblebees, who were waiting hungryly for their food.

"I'm sorry, honeys. I just was so tired!" Softly she patted Mo's head. 

When she spotted her dishes on the little chimney, she recognized that she hadn't anything to eat at home for herself. 

Margarete decided to go for a walk. She wanted to buy some things and also she hoped to meet some of the villagers of Marigold Creek. 

When Margarete left her house, she suddently became very nervous - What if the villagers doesn't like her? She tried to calm down and went to the middle of the village.

"Good afternoon!", a soft voice said. A small mole woman smiled at her, "I'm Heidi McBurrow!  You must be our newest villager!"

"Oh, hello!", Margarete also begun to smile, "Nice to meet you! Yes, I am. My name is Margarete Bellefleurs."
"What a lovely name! We all were so curious to meet you!"
"Yes, it's always so exciting, when new residents arrive! It's still a small village, it's nice to see it grow. Are you going to encounter our village?"
"I was searching for something to eat.", Margarete blushed. 
Molly McBurrow pointed at the hamburger restaurant, "If you want really delicious burgers or sandwiches, here's the perfect place. If you prefer a cup of tea, coffee and a delightful piece of chocolate cake, visit our bakery!" Her finger switched to the bakery.

"Thank you so much for your help, I think I will go for a burger, I haven't eat for a whole day..." 
The mole looked at her with huge eyes, "Oh dear! You must be exhausted! And I hold you up, I'm so sorry!"
"No, no. I'm grateful that you're talking to me. I... I was a bit afraid first..."
"You musn't be afraid, Digger - that's my husband -  always says  'Marigold Creek is the most friendly place on the world'.", Molly started laughing, "But he's right with that. We are all friends here and if somebody is in a bad situation, everyone will help."

"That sounds wonderful. It wasn't like that in Pumkinvilles...", at this moment Margarets stomach groweled loudly, "Oh, I'm so sorry! That's embarrassing."
Heidi shook her head, "It's not embarrassing dear, but you have to eat something! I will go to the nursery now - I have to fetch my youngest from there. But I would be very happy, if we could meet for a coffee tomorrow?" 
Excited Margarete nodded, "Oh yes, it would be my pleasure!"
The two women made an appointment for the next afternoon, than Margarete entered the hamburger restaurant.

"Oh, hello Miss Bellefleur!", Mason Tuxedo waved behind the grill, "How was your first night in the new home?" 
"It was very relaxing!", Margarete really felt relieved after that warm welcome.
"I always say 'If the first night is good all the others will be even better!'"
A gracile looking cat with beautiful shining fur smiled at Margarete, "Hello, I'm Natalie Tuxedo, Masons wife. I'm so glad you like the house. May I offer you something to eat? You must be hungry after such a long journey. I know how hard it is to take care of all the packed things..." 

"Oh yes, I'd like to eat the daily menu...", Margarete sat down on a chair Natalie brought her, "Thank you so much... For everything... And especially for the bed!" 
The cat smiled, "I'm glad you like it. It's a pleasure."

While Margarete waited for the fresh burger, she had ordered, a gently looking badger came to her table. He wore a dark blue uniform. 

"Good afternoon, Miss Bellefleurs! I just wanted to say 'hello'. I'm Bobby Roberts, Marigold Creeks one and only police officer!", he had a warm laugh, which made Margarete feel sheltered. 

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Roberts."
"Call me Bobby, everybody does that."
Natalie gently put down the menu at this moment. 
"Enjoy your meal. If anything bad happens, please call me. I will help immediatly!"
Margarete nodded, "I will -  thank you!"

After she finished the burger (it really was an extraordinary delicious burger), she said goodbye to the Tuxedos and went into the bakery, which was run by the Löffel family. 

"Good afternoon, Miss Bellefleurs", said the rabbit with the bakery hat, "I hope you had a good start in our village? I'm Hans Löffel."
"Nice to meet you, I'm Margarete Bellefleurs. But it seems that everyone already know me here. I had a wonderful start, thank you!"
Hans grinned, "Oh well, sorry about that! It's just, that we're such a small village. A newcomer is always a sensation. How can I help you?"
"I'm glad you are all so nice to me!", interested Margarete looked at the shop counter, "Wow, those cupcakes looks delicious!"

"Thank you, the strawberry cupcakes are the newest creation of my wife."
"Than I definitly want one of these.... And....", she pointed at the chocolate marshmallows, "And two of those. And one baguette please. I totally forgot buying food, before I left my old town."
Hans carefully packaged the food, than he grabed a marmalade glas, "This is my mothers handmade cherry marmelade from this summer. Let me give this to you as a present. You shouldn't die of hunger in your first days here!"
"Are you sure? That... That's so kind of you!", Margarete again was surprised by the kindness of the villagers.

"Of course I'm sure!", Hans smiled.
"Than thank you very much!", Margarete payed for the rest of the bakery goods, "Have a nice day, Mr. Löffel!"
"Call me Hans... Otherwise I feel so old."
Rident Margarete left the bakery, "Okay! Goodbye!"

When Margarete returned home, she was at a really good mood. All the people she had met were so obliging and friendly. And she would have a coffee with Heidi McBurrow tomorrow, who she really liked. 

Margarete stood up very early the next morning. She cooked herself some instant coffee (She still had no coffee machine) and ate a few slices of bread with the delicious cherry marmalade, she received from Hans Löffel. 

After that she had another look around her new house.
"I need some curtains in the first floor! Definitly... And the other furniture... Oh dear, I must search for a job..." 

She started looking around in some furniture magazines - soon she found the perfect couch and the best oven for her little house.... But she wasn't able to afford it yet.

A little bit frustated Margarete ate another piece of bread, than she did a little housework and waited for her meeting with Heidi McBurrow.

When the two woman met in the early afternoon, they had a warm welcome. But Heidi wasn't alone: A little mole boy cramped her skirt.

"This is my youngest, say "Hello" Monty!"
"Hello.", he said with a shy smile.
"I just fetched him from the nursery, I hope you don't mind."
"No, don't worry. I love children!"

Together they sat outside the bakery and ordered some coffee, cake and for little Monty a hot chocolate and a chocolate marshmallow.

"Now, tell me. How are you, dear?", asked Heidi.
"I'm fine thanks. It's just that I'm wondering where to get a job...", Margaretet sighed.

"Oh, well... I don't think that's a problem. Did you know, that we're planning to build a farmers market? The Buttercups, Snow-Warrens and Hawthorns want to sell their vegetables and fruits here. And Michael Hawthorn is a fisherman, so he'll probably sells fish. Maybe you could offer your help here? Or what about...."

Heidi got interrupted, because Flora Löffel brought the cakes.
"...helping in the Bakery?", the rabbit woman completed the sentence of her close friend, "Hello Margarete, I'm Flora!" 
Astonished Margarete shook hands with her, "Nice to meet you!"

"I'm very sorry that I interrupted you, Heidi. But I just heard your sorrows Margarete and maybe I can help. My husband and I  would need a helping hand in the bakery. Hans bakes all day and I'm working both here and at home. My youngest daughter just turned 3 years old and she needs me. I would be really happy to have more time for my children and my household."
Margarete Bellefleurs gasped, "You're offering me a job?"
"Yes, it would be nice to have you here. Hans told me you're such a friendly person. But I would also understand if you don't want to..."

"No, no!", called Margarete, "I would love to work at your beautiful bakery. I was just a bit shocked. Your offer is so kind and I really... really appreciate that!"
"Great!", Flora glared all over her face, "Than will you start tomorrow? We're opening the bakery about 8 o'clock. If you come a bit earlier we will show you around and explain the cash point."
"Th... Thank you so much! I'll be on time!"
Flora smiled and put down the cakes, "So, but now, I'll let you eat. Enjoy yourself." 

She patted Montys head, "Did you like the nursery today?"
"Yes! We're making balloon faces!"
"And than we will make a theatre!"
"A play, honey!", Heidi laughed and winked at the two women.

Margarete and Heidi enjoyed their cake and coffee and talked together for a long time about family, dreams and daily things. Margarete felt like she had known Heidi for years. When they said goodbye to each other, Heidi hugged her.
"Thank you so much for that wonderful day! I hope we'll meet soon again!"

"Of course, I would love to invite you into my house. Unfortunatly I don't have something to sit on yet, but I have a fluffy carpet. And hopefully I can order a couch soon."
"I would love to visit you.", Heidi answered.
"And I would be happy, if your husband and your children also come to my house."

"Oh, I'm sure they will. Thank you!", the mole woman smiled, "I'll bring some potato crowd. I hope you like it?"
Margarete nodded fastly- she was so happy that she made already friends... And even better: She got a job! 

When Margarete returned home, she made a little dance through her house. With enthusiasm she started to sew curtains for the living room. 

The fabric was a present from her grandma (she sent it a few weeks ago) and it added the perfect touch to the room.

Next day....

Shortly before Margarete could knock at the door of the bakery, Hans opend it with a loud: "Gooooood moooooorning!"

"Good morning.", she smiled.
"Flora is bringing Rose to the nursery, but she'll be soon back. But I thought I can already show you around." 
Good mooded Margarete followed the rabbit.

After some instructions, the first day in her new job started.

While Hans made fresh dough for breads and Flora designed new cakes, Margarete served the customers. 

The first one was Michael Hawthorn, a funny white mouse man, who bought a huge bread. 

Soon Daisy Buttercup, a farmers lady, arrived. She was very friendly and told Margarete that she was preparing a huge dinner for her parents, who returned home to Marigold Creek (which was a huge surprise).

Later Natalie Tuxedo and Bobby Roberts bought some bakery goods, than it was almost 5 o'clock in the afternoon - and the bakery closed.

"I hope you liked your first day here?", asked Flora. "We think you've done an amazing job!", added her husband, while she nodded. "Indeed, you did! 

Margarete blushed, "Thank you so much for everything! I'm so glad I can work here. It was huge fun!"
"That's good, so we're seeing us tomorrow morning?"
"Of course!", Margarete smiled.

She still was smiling when she returned home. Now everything will be fine! 


A few weeks later, Margarete was fully settled in Marigold Creek. She knew all of the villagers and learned much about their family backgrounds (the villagers loved to talk in the bakery). She loved her new village and all the friends she made. 

It was saturday morning, when suddently the door bell rung.

Surprised Margarete opened the door, who might that be?
Two beautiful warm brown eyes met hers and Margaretes heart started to race.

"Good morning, Miss Bellefleur. I have a delivery for you!"

To be continued....

Ok, ok, I know that was unfair :D. I also know that it was a long introduction in the village, but I wanted to make it look more realistic.

How do you like the curtains in the bedroom? I love the fabric :D. But it was hard to make curtains for a round window... As beautiful round windows are, as horrible are they for decorating...

I hope to write part III soon.

Your Kyra