Dienstag, 9. September 2014

Margarete Bellefleurs Part 1

Dear Readers,

I'm sure you rememeber the mysterious new woman, who will buy Riverside lodge... Well, today the mystery will be solved!

When the Taxi stopped, Margarete Bellefleurs paused. "Mmh, excuse mir, Sir, that can't be Marigold Creek. Where are the houses?"

Unfortunatly I haven't a Sylvanian car yet.

The taxidriver shrugged his shoulders, "Sorry, I don't know the right direction, but I guess it's behind that forest." He pointet at the thousands of huge darkgreen trees.
"You can't be serious!", shouted the young bear woman angry, "You tell me, that I have to walk alone through that... that monster of forest? There could be wild hornets or... or snakes. And why don't you know the right way? You could have told me earlier!"
"I thought you know the way!", the man answered.
Annoyed Margarete left the car. Alone she pulled out the heavy suitcase and the little transport case for her pets: two bumblebees. 
She payed the driver and just seconds later she stood alone in the forest.

Frustradet Margarete began her long way to Marigold Creek. 

Today wasn't her day... Or better said it wasn't her day since weeks. 
She lost her job, because the company, where she worked, closed suddently. After that Margarete was thrown out of her flat - the new hirer hated pets. Her only relatives lived far away, so Margarete had to look for a new place to live. But in whole Pumkinvilles none of the hirers accepted her bumblebees. 
Suddently, shortly before Margarete became totally desperate, a small article appeared in the newspaper:

Beautiful house for sale, located in the wonderful hills of Marigold Creek. Call: 789 - 156. 

Margarete called the number directly and hoped she could afford the house. A friendly man answered and against all her fears, the house was sold at a good prize. The money she had spared all the time sufficed.

Now, while Margarete was walking through the forest, she asked herself if it was a good idea giving up her old life. Maybe she could have still found a flat in Pumkinvilles... And a new job. Oh dear! She moved in a foreign village without a job.

Margarete stopped. Why did she do that? Sighing she looked at her bumblebees. "Lucky you, you don't need a job." Boris buzzed affirmative, while his brother Mo sleeped.

Hours later - the sun already set - Margarete arrived at Marigold Creek. 

She came along a cute looking nursery and two inviting shops: a bakery and a hamburger restaurant. 

Suddently it started to rain, Margarete begun to hurry. Her feet hurt terribly, but she just wanted to arrive at her new home.

"Miss Bellefleurs!" 
Surprised Margarete turned around and spotted an elegant looking black cat. "Mr. Tuxedo?"

"Yes, that's me!", they shook hands, "I'm so glad you're safe! We were so worried, what happened?"

"The taxidriver stopped before the forest and I had to walk all the way by foot."
Shocked Mr. Tuxedo looked at her, "Oh no! I'm so sorry! Let me help you with your baggage. Your new home is close." 

Interested he glanced at the bumblebees, "Aw, they're so cute! My two girls are begging for own bees." He laughed, "Maybe they'll get some for their birthday." 

Margarete followed the man to a small, but beautiful looking house with a blue roof.
"It's lovely!", said the bear relieved. 

Mr. Tudedo smiled, "I'm glad you like it, let's take a look." He unlocked the door.

Together they crossed the floor. 
"Here we are in the living room. The kitchen can be placed also here."

"The wallpaper is so cute! And that little chimney!" Excited Margarete watched around.
"I'm glad you like it. Have you seen the terrace?"

"Oh yes, it's lovely! I can't wait to sit there." 

A few minutes later the two entered the second floor.
"Here's the sleeping room, we thought of adding a bed. You shouldn't sleep on the floor in your first night here."

"Oh...", she blushed, "That's very kind of you."
"My pleasure.", Mr. Tuxedo pointed at the next room, "And here, besides the bathroom, is the childrens room!"

Margarete looked at the sweet blue wallpaper and smiled sadly, "I don't think I'll have ever children, but maybe..."
"Please don't be sad, Miss Bellefleurs.", softly he patted her shoulder, "I'm sure you'll enjoy it in Marigold Creek and than all the other worries will be also gone!"

Minutes later Margarete signed the contract of purchase. 
"Have a good night, Miss Bellefleurs.", Mr. Tuxedo waved, than he was gone.

"Thank you, you too!" 
When the door was closed, Margarete sat down infront of the cold chimney. Mo and Boris capered around.

"You do also like our new home, right?"

Hopefully it was a good decision to move to Marigold Creek.... The house was a dream and Mr. Tuxedo was so friendly. If the other villagers would be as nice as him, Margarete knew, that she would like it here. Than she just had to find a new job....

Exhausted the yound woman took her few belongings and went upstairs. 

She put the bedding on and nuzzled herself in the cushions. While the rain dropped on the windows, she slowly fell asleep. 

Her last thought, before the sleep overcame her, was about opening a shoe shop.


I hope you all liked the little story :). I won the house on ebay a few weeks ago. Because I'm still searching for the rest of the furniture I thought of including this process in a few stories about Margaretes start in Marigold Creek :D. 

Also I'm very sorry about the "couch"- background - I still need to make a larger backround^^.

Can't wait for your comments!

Yours Kyra


  1. This just made my day!!!! Thank you so much. Margarete's house is fantastic and Im really jealous! I think she will be happy in Marigold ... eventually, anyway!

    1. :D she will be happy, especially when the postman rings... ;) :D I'm glad I could cheer you up with the story! Thank you for your lovely comment!

  2. This story is just great! I love the bee carrier! Mo and Boris look very happy, Daisy would love to meet them one day XD The story is so sweet, the bedding for her bed is just amazing too! I love the pillows! It looks so cosy :) This is one of my favourite stories yet, can't wait for she to meet Pete :D

    1. :D I'm sure Daisy, Mo and Borris will be best friends. :) Thank you so much! I must admit, that I also love the bedding :D. Soon Pete will ring at her front door....

    2. Ah, of course! Pete is the postman! I have added some shoes to your parcel so she could add them to her shoe shop?...

    3. Yippieh! That's a great idea! I can't wait to see the shoes! :)

  3. First of all, let me tell you that I am amazed at how you transformed this house! I have the same and it's impossible to wallpaper or take decent pictures! Now to the story: I LOVE IT! In big capital letters! I ♥ ♥ ♥ this story! And the pictures you have taken are incredible! I like the angle of the last one seeing Margaret through the window. And how adorable are those bumblebees! I would have never thought of using them as pets but it makes sense for a bear!!!! Oh boy, I am just floored at the moment so please excuse this deluge of words. I just can't wait for the next episode!

    1. Oh wow! Thanks so much Jane, that's huge praise :), now I'm totally blushing! :D I'm soooo happy about your comment and I hope I can write part 2 soon :). The furniture for the living room is ready, but the kitchen... it's a little problem :D. Hihi, yes, I just thought my Sylvanians need also pets, glad you like them! Who's living in your Riverside lodge?

    2. I wanted the new version of the Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents to live there but I am having second thoughts as it would be too small for them. Maybe it would be ok if I add another structure to it.... we'll see.

    3. That's a lovely idea. It really is a small house, I'm trying to figure out how to arrange the furniture.

  4. What a sweet story! Those bee pets and their carrier are all so cute! That photo of Mr. Tuxedo is adorable! The wallpaper is so darling! Fun! I can't wait to see more of the story! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you so much! :). I'm glad you like the bees :D.

  5. Poor Margarete and poor Mo and Boris, getting thrown out like that.
    Luckily they found a home=) What home is it they are living in? Does it have a name?
    Love the wallpaper=)

    1. They're living in the "Riverside lodge" :). Thank you so much! :)

  6. Great story. I think you can seriously consider writing children's book. I'm glad that Miss Bellefleur finally find a cozy home to stay and have a career plan. A very long day for her but a sweet ending. I feel her.

    1. Wow, that's a huge compliment!!! Thank you so much Chloe! Now everything will turn out good for Margarete :)

  7. Great story! Glad she made it through the forest and has a new cozy home. I have a feeling she may be meeting a certain mailman sometime soon....?

    1. :D you're totally right! :D He will ring soon ;). Glad, you liked the story!

  8. What a cute story! So realistic fears, and the pet bees are very cute. Very clever of you to go around the problem of having no furniture for the house.

    1. Thank you :). :D yes, the furniture problem... I hope I'll get rid of it soon. But in part III the house receives an oven and a couch, it looks already better than :D. I'm very glad you like it, thank you for your lovely comments :)