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A brother for Mazie

Dear Readers,

the following story had to wait since weeks on my computer, before I could take the photos. The house where I live is covered in fog everyday, so it's quiete dark. 
You can imagine that it's not that much fun to walk through cold and fog to the University (which had started on Monday), but it would be also silly to take the car, because it's just a 10 minutes walk :D.
But finally, here it is: Enjoy little Mazie, Harry and their family!


It was monday morning and Michael Hawthorne was totally worn-out. His wife Katie was taken into hospital all of a sudden: Their baby was coming!
While Katie already was carried by the ambulance, Michael tried to behave normal. 

He carefully helped Mazie to put on her clothes, but in his excitement he forgot the shoes.

After that Michael called Molly McBurrow and informed her about the sudden event. 

Molly agreed immediatly to take care of the nursery in the next days. Relieved Michael started to prepare some breakfast for his daughter.

"What do you want to eat, honey?" 
"Where is mommy?", Mazie asked with big eyes, "Is she ill?"

"Oh no, she's not ill. Your brother wants to come earlier than expected."
"Oh... I will meet Harry today? But why isn't mommy here. She can't see Harry than!" Michael had to laugh, "No my little Camembert, mommy will meet Harry in hospital!"

Mazie thought about that answer, than she nodded. 
That sounded understandable. 
Why should little Harry come all the way alone to their house? Of yourse mommy had to fetch him and carry him home, like she did with Maizie, when she was at one of her friends home.

"We must hurry a bit, because I have to take you to the nursery. Molly will take care of you and your friends. I will go to mommy, that she won't be alone in the hospital."
"Harry is for sure scared, you must be there daddy!"
Softly Michael kissed his little daughter, "You're such a wonderful girl! Would you like to have a salami bread for breakfast?"
"Oh yes!"

Just a few minutes later, the two mice rushed to the nursery. Molly McBurrow waved, "Good morning! How are you Maizie?" 
"Fine. Harry will come home today!", the little mouse proudly said. 

"That's wonderful!  I'm sure you're looking forward to see him!" 
Molly smiled and pointed at the nursery, "Monty is already here, if you want, you can go in." 

"Oh great! We want to draw a picture together. Goodbye daddy!"
Michael hugged his daughter, before she was gone. 

"Everything will be fine! I promise!", Molly said, after she saw the worried face of the mouse.
"But it's too early!"

The mole woman hugged him softly, "Monty was also a bit to early. Don't worry, our doctors are well prepared. Katie and little Harry will be fine!"

"I hope so... I'm so worried...", Michael sighed, "But thank you Molly! Your words calmed me down a bit. But still..."
Molly smiled, "It's ok to be worried. But it'll be fine!"
"Hmh... Now I will go to the hospital, Katie for sure misses me already!"

"Take care! And send her my best wishes!"
"Thank you!"

Maizie had a wonderful day at the nursery, together with Monty she draw a beautiful picture...

...than all the children played together in the new ball pit...

...before Molly taught the ABC to them. 

After the nursery,  Mazie went home with Molly and Monty.

It was 3 o'clock in the afternoon, when a very excited Michael Hawthorn appeared at the McBurrows home to fetch his daughter up.

"Maizie!", he hugged her tight, "Will you come with me to the hospital? Little Harry is there!"

"Congratulations Michael!", said Digger and gave him a short manly hug.
"Thank you! I'm so glad everything went fine! But he's so tiny!"

"Monty was also just a handful mole, I was afraid of holding him.", laughed Digger,  "Our other children were taller than him."
The man chatted another few minutes before Michael and Maizie left.

Half an hour later they arrived at the hospital. Fascinated Maizie looked at her little brother, who slept tight at their mothers side.
"He's so cute!", said the young mouse.

Two days later, Katie and Harry were allowed to go home. Maizie had drawn a welcome paper with the help of her father.

"Oh, how wonderful!", Katie kissed her daughter, "You're a great artist, my little Camembert!" 

Maizie giggled, than she looked at Harry, who was awake and tried to catch her hand. 
"Hello Harry!"
"He says also hello!", laughed Michael.
"When can he talk?"

Katie smirked, "Soon, you must be patient."
"Ok.... Will Harry eat Fondue with us?"
"Not yet, he just drinks milk at the moment. When you was a little baby you also did this."
"Really?", Maizie wondered, "But... But milk doesn't make full!"
"A baby will be full. Harry can drink just milk at the moment and than some mush."

Maizie understood, but still she felt sad for little Harry. Just drinking milk must be boring!

The next days were exhausting, Harry often was awake at night and screamed. Maizie couldn't sleep, like her parents. Than mommy or daddy stood up hugged Harry and sang lullabys to him. Mostly Maizie fell asleep at that moment too. She loved her little brother, although he woke her up.

But than their were those moments, when Maizie really wondered, why her mommy was so patient with her brother. She never said: "Be quiete, Harry!" or "Take care of your clothes, when you're eating!" 
She just said, "Sssch, mommy is here." or "Aw, isn't he cute, when he tries to hold the milk bottle?" 
And daddy also laughed and made fun with Harry.

But if Maizie would spill some milk over her dress, her parents would say : "Oh no, Maizie! Take care! Now we have to clean everything!" 
Or if she would scream, her daddy would hold his ears and tell her: "Maizie, you're a big girl! Don't do that!"

At those moments Maizie was huffy... Very huffy. She even went to little Harry and poke her tongue out at him. Wasn't that unfair? Harry got the whole attention and he could do what he want? 

It was again one of those moments: Little Harry bowled down his mush and her daddy laughed, "Did it taste so bad? My cooking skills aren't the best I suppose." 

And her mommy giggled, before she cleaned Harrys clothes.

"THAT'S UNFAIR!", screamed Maizie suddently. Scared her parents looked at her.

"Darling, what is unfair?", worried Katie sat at Maizies side.
"You... You... You don't grumble with Harry, when he... he spills his food!", tears dropped over her face, "And I... I would get trouble... And he is more important than me!"

"Oh, my little Camembert!", softly her mommy layed the arms around her daughter, "Harry is as important as you are. We love you Maizie and that will never change!"

Michael joined them, "Harry is just so small, he needs our help. Do you remember yesterday, when you helped me changing his nappies?"
Mazie nodded.
"He couldn't do that alone. Harry needed the help of his big sister and his daddy.", he smiled, "I know it's hard for you. When uncle Morris was born, I felt the same way. I was even jealous on him!"
"Really?", Maizie wipped the tears from her face, "I... I'm not jealous... I want that... that you also play with me... And that I... that I won't be in trouble, when I spill something over me!"

Katie and Michael looked at each other, smiled and than cuddled their daughter tight, "We promise!"
A bright smile returned to Maizies face, "I love you!"
"We love you, too, Maizie."
"And I love Harry too!", she giggled, "Although he's a mucky pup!"

At that moment Harry started to chuckle, than he laughed and clapped his hands. He babbled, while his mother sat him on the soft floor. 

Than the little white mouse crawled towards his big sister.

Maizie looked at him and said softly: "Let's play together!"

I hope you enjoyed that little story. I wanted to introduce Harry Hawthorne, because it would be bit unrealistic, if he suddently appeared :D. Also I was very happy to play again with the nursery - I really adore this little building.
Unfortunatly I couldn't take a photo of Mazie poking our her tongue, it was already too late to take good photos. I hope you don't mind

Many greetings, 
yours Kyra


  1. You made my day more bright (it was so boring). What a wonderful story. I actually had a tear in my eye. It is so realistic, the way Mazie felt about Harry. Great job!

    1. I'm so glad I could brighten your day :). Thank you for your lovely comment EB :). They always make me smile!

  2. This was an excellent story! I love how little Maisie is so excited about seeing Harry, I felt the same way when my sister was born. And Maisie not understanding about how Harry can only drink milk - so so cute! I love the pictures of the children playing in the nursery, they look so adorable on the climbing-frame/ballpit :D :D

    1. I think I would have also behaved like Maizie if I had siblings :D. Thank you very much, I loved taking the pictures of the nursery and the ball pit! :)

  3. This story is very interesting. It's exactly what I would imagine about having a new-born in a family. Maizie is a good sister and her words are so cute. Also she was like many first kids in the family who worried that little new-born baby will be loved more. But her parents did a great job to comfort her. Congratulations on Hawthorne’s! Thanks for such a fun story.

    1. :) thank you so much for the lovely comment! I don't have siblings, but I've seen this behavior by my younger cousins :). The Hawthorns say "Thank you" to you :D

  4. What a fun story, and so realistic about a new baby coming into the home and siblings getting jealous. Cute photos too! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you so much :D. I hoped that it would be realistic :).

  5. Loved it specially the camembert nick name really made me giggle:)

    1. :D thank you very much. I thought that Camembert sounds cute and fits to a little mouse :D

  6. Aaaw your story is so good! This is exactly the situation with my two children! You took great photos! I love the pace of the story and the accompanying pictures! The nursery is sooo cute! I just bought it because I kept seeing how cute it looked in pictures and couldn't resist anymore :)

    1. Hihi, really? Phew I'm glad I told a realistic story :D. Thank you for the compliment - I try to improve my photographing skills. Yay! Congratulations on the nursery!!!! I'm so happy for you :).

  7. I love Mazies nick name, your photographing skills seam really good to me. My village bakery arrived yesterday, I FINALY walpapered something and it doesn't looks so bad. If you don't look too closely =)

    1. Aww, thank you for that wonderful compliment!!! :)
      Oh great! I'm so happy for you! :) Can't wait to see your bakery, I'm sure it looks awesome!

  8. What a lovely story! I loved the photo of little Maizie sitting on the kitchen counter so much! :D

    1. :D she fits perfectly on that counter :'-D. Thank you so much!

  9. Oh! What a heart-warming story. Maizie is so adorable, and I love the way that you always manage to capture the detailed character of each one of your gorgeous critters :D What a great way to introduce little Harry!

    1. Thank you so much! :D I always try my best introducing my families - So I'm very happy about your comment! :) That motivates me very much! :)

  10. Adorable! I love watching their family grow! And little Maizie is just too cute for words! This story was very true to life and cute, excellent job! :)))

    1. :) :) thank you! Maybe they'll get another member... but I'm not sure :D

    2. They may be getting a new member sooner than later...... ;)

    3. O.O mmmmh??? Now I'm curious! :D

  11. Adorable story! I love the cute baby pictures of Harry and Maizie! <3 I loved how it had that real life touch, with the worries of the baby and how Maizie got upset, it made it so enjoyable!!

    1. Aww, thank you very much for your lovely comment, Julia! :) Glad yiu liked the story!

  12. Beautiful story :) Mazies feelings felt so real, even though I don't remember the birth of my little brother. I loved all the pics!

    1. :) thank you so much for your comment, Suvenkorento :).

  13. That's awesome! Looks great next to my Bällebad.