Samstag, 11. Oktober 2014

Tutorial: How to make a wooden looking bed

Dear Readers,

besides beeing very busy at my lab, I started to make another bed for my newest achievement: Bramble Cottage. Finally my Buttercup cow family will have their own house.

You see, Hornbull points out a problem: The walls are a bit low and Daisy wanted to have a country style looking bed. 

So I helped them with making the bed, which should fit perfectly in the gap :D. 

It's a very simple tutorial, you only need cardboard, glue and paint (hot glue would be the best, because it dries fast) and of course fabric for the matress and bedding.

Step 1:

As always, take you measurements. My bed should be about 8,5 x 11,5 cm.

For the side plates: 2 x 11,5 cm

For the bed-head: 3 x 8,5 cm

For the foot of the bed: 2 x 8,5 cm

Step 2:

Draw on the measurements for the side plates - do that six times. Cut them out, stack and glue them together. This stabilizes the later bed.

Step 3:

Draw your design of the bed-head. I made it a bit rounder and added those typical deco ball things^^. Draw it another time, stack and glue.

Step 4:

Cut the foot of the bed two times, stack and glue together.

Step 5: 

Glue the bed parts together :). 

Step 6:

Lay the bed on some cardboard and draw around the inner corners to get the pattern for the "duckboard". Draw it another time, cut out, stack and glue together.

Step 7:

Now put the duckboard into the frame of the bed - best would be to put it in the middle of the sides. Fix it with hot glue from the bottom side.

Step 8:

After drying cover the edges with thin paper (so you the cardboard edges are hidden).

Step 9:

Colour the bed :). 

Step 10:

Sew the bedding (you'll find the tutorial at the end of this post) and the mattress. 

I think I haven't explained my technique for the mattress yet. So here it is: 

Draw a rectangle on your fabric, with the measurements you need. It'll be here about 7,5 x 11,5 cm.

Sorry for the bad lighting, the weather is very rainy again here in Germany.

Add enough(!) seam allowences. Mine is 0,5 cm on both of the smaller sides and more than 4 cm on the longer sides of the mattress.

Turn around the edges of the longer sides and fix them. 

Fold the ends like this, so they're overlapping. 

Sew lines on the right and left side to fix the shape of the mattress.

Turn around the fabric and you're done. Oh, and don't forget the filling :D

Daisy already put on the bedding, so this how my finished result looks:

Sorry for the chaotic looking rug. I really was in a hurry^^.

Also you can see in the picture the upper floor of Bramble Cottage. Here will be the adults and the childrens sleeping room.

And here's the second floor... I love this apple wallpaper :D. I hope I can soon get the furniture... But I'm still not allowed to buy any SF things until my birthday is over^^, so I'll have to be patient.

I hope you're all feeling good. Have a nice weekend!

Many greetings,

yours Kyra


  1. I love this tutorial! It looks so sweet and so 'country style' I bet Daisy loves it :D And the wallpaper is so so beautiful for each room, I love the apples and the border for the children' shroom :) :) :) so sweet!

    1. Thank you veeery much Aranera :). Yes, Daisy loves it :D. She looks at it the whole day, because it's the only furniture in the house yet *giggles* :D. The border is cute, I agree :D. I really hope to make a great farmhouse for my Buttercups :)

  2. Fantastic tutorial! Ill try this! And the wallpaper is wonderful too! The Buttercups will be truly happy there!

    1. Yay, great! I'd love to see your made bed than :).
      I hope so, but Daisy told me she's pleased with their home ;) :)

  3. Great tutorial! I am certainly going to try my hand at this gorgeous, low-strung bed. It is so cute and practical; a winner all round! I also love Bramble Cottage, congratulate the Buttercups from me :D Once again, you have decorated it flawlessly!

    1. Thank you Mia! :) I've congratulated them- they send their greetings to you :D. Great, I hope the reworking works out! :)

  4. Amazing tutorial! I love bramble cottage and the bed, it looks so like real wood. Really country style. How do you manage the wallpaper so beutifully?

    1. Thank you sooooo much Emily! Do you mean, how I cut it out that it fits? I measure all the walls and draw it on the wallpaper. Than I cut it out, press it to the wall and draw from the backside in the windows. Now I just have to cut out the window shape :).

  5. Thanks for all of these wonderful tutorials! It's amazing what can be made from cardboard! And your bedding is gorgeous! I hope you get to buy some more SF things very soon! xo Jennifer

    1. It's my huge pleasure! Thank you veeery much :). I always wonder myself about the cardboard :D. Thank you, hope so too :).

  6. Your tutorials are always awesome in simplicity and clarity! Thank you so much for sharing!!! Your bedding is so beautiful. I want to create some for my dollhouses too!

    1. Thank you so much for your sweet compliment! I'll definitly make more tutorials than :D. The bedding is easy to made :). But maybe we could do a trade one day and I can add some? :D

  7. I will most definitely try this! Adorable bed, it looks like it was store bought too! Glad you got a new home, the Buttercups must be very happy!

    1. What cute profil picture! :D Thank you dear Paige :). You made ne wonderful compliments :). Yes, the Buttercups are very happy about their home :)

    2. Haha, yeah she's the horse I care for temporally. Her name is Primrose. :)

  8. You are a great crafter! You just can make every little thing so perfect! I love this bed!

    1. Oh, wow! *blush* Thank you sooo much Chloe! :* That really motivates me! :)