Freitag, 21. November 2014

Chaos on the Buttercup farm Part 1

Dear Readers,

the Buttercup story goes on and Daisys feared troubles seem to come true...

Anabell turned herself in the bed. While her two siblings still slept, she was awake since half an hour. She heard her mum fussing around in the the kitchen, while her dad growled something. 
It was kind of unnormal, that her mother was upset - normally she was always in a good temper. 

Silently Anabell sneaked out of her bed into the kitchen.

"Daisy, honey, don't fuss, just because of a wrong placed cup.", Hornbull said rolling his eyes.

His wife glanced at him, "That is just the beginning! Wait a few days and you will totally agree with me!" 

"She's your mother and you know she just means well.", Hornbull detected his daughter and opened his arms, "Good morning my little honeyflower!"

"Good morning, dad!", Anabell snuggled against him, "Why are you upset, mum?"
Daisy looked like she was caught, "I'm so sorry that I waked you up with my bleating! Your grandma placed the cups in the first shelf and not in the..."

"... second one, where it belongs!", Hornbull accomplished her sentence, which made his daughter laugh. 
"Don't worry mum, maybe it's because she's smaller than you!"
"But... But that's no...", Daisy stopped, "You're right dear. I shouldn't say those things.". She sat herself beside Anabell and gave her a dearly hug, "Hopefully I won't devil you when you're older!"

"You could never devil me, mum!", Anabell smiled, "You're the best mum in the world!"
Daisy felt better immediatly, "Thank you my darling!"
"But where are grandma and grandpa?"
"They are at the bakery.", Daisy sighed, "Oh dear, I'm a cruel woman! Grandma wanted to buy us some fresh buns and bread. I feel so guilty!"
Hornbul shook his head, "It's okay, but try not to overdo. It's a hard situation for all of us."

"And where's aunt Elsie?", Paddock appeared and yawned loudly.
"She visits the Löffels.", answered his dad.

"Oh no, I should have gone with her! Anton and I are planning Muddys birthday present!"
"But you'll see him on monday in school!"
"But that's still such a loooong time...."

At this moment Bessie and Angus returned.

"We're baaaack!", yelled grandma Buttercup full of energy and started to place all the dishes on the table (of course not in the correct order). 

But Daisy stayed quiet this time- after all she loved her mother and thought "Well, it's just for a few weeks. Dad told me this morning that they wanted to look for a new flat the day after tomorrow."

Together the family enjoyed the breakfast (Elizabeth slept until lunch time). After that Angus and Hornbull looked at Angus' stamp album...

Daisy read a book with Paddock and Annabel...

 ...and Bessie assorted her wool.

While assorting the cow spread the wool all over the room - luckily Daisy was concerned with something different.

It was a peaceful day, but Sunday morning started with a long discussion between Bessie, Daisy and Elsie.
"You MUST add a milkbottle to your ice-cream cart! How would it look without one?", Bessie said, "Ice is made of milk, you MUST use a symbol!"

Daisy shook her head, "But not every sort of ice is made of milk, mum. There's also water ice or sorbet!"
"And I just don't WANT a silly milkbottle on my bicycle!", muttered Elsie, "I'm not selling milk or cheese!"
"But every ice business has a milkbottle in it's sign!"

"I've never seen that before!", Daisy argued, "And if Elsie just doesn't want to have a milkbottle?"
"In my time they all had a milkbottle."
Elsie snorted, "So for 100 years!"
"I'm not that old, miss!", aggrieved Bessie said, "You really hurt my feelings. I just..." Her voice turned louder and shriller, "I just want the best for you. I just... I just want that your business has a good start! And you broke the heart of your mother!"

Huffy she walked away, while Elsie did the same. 

Daisy rolled her eyes, she just wanted to have a silent and relaxing sunday... 
Luckily at this moment Elizabeth came to her and asked her mum, if she would play with her, which was more relaxing than listening to another conflict.

In the late afternoon both, Bessie and Eksie had calmed down. Also it was decided that the ice-cream cart won't have a milkbottle. 

On the next morning Daisy and Hornbull enjoyed quietly a cup of coffee, while they read some magazines. The children were at school and nursery, Elsie was shopping and Angus and Bessie visited the first flat.

"Oh dear, terrible news. The orphanage in Pumkinvilles got burned down. Luckily none of the children were harmed, but they have no place to stay...", Hornbull read, he looked up to his wife, "They're planning to send the children into the surrounding villages."

Daisy dropped her head, "It's so sad, the poor children. I wish we could adopt one, but under those circumstances..."
"I know. I feel the same.", her husband took her hand, "But if some of the children really will be send to Marigold Creek, I'm sure there will be a way, they find a home."

"I hope so...", Daisy said. She continued reading her magazine, but her thoughts revolved the orphans of Pumpkinvilles...

After midday, the grandparents returned.
"And? How was the flat Mr. Tuxedo showed you?", Daisy asked full of expectation.

"It was way too big for us!", Bessie said, "There could live a whole family! No, no, no. Nothing for us!"
"It was a house...", her husband told his daughter, "It really was too big."
"Well, okay, I can understand that."
"But I must say that Mr. Tuxedo is a nice man, I didn't know you even had an estate agency here!"
Hornbull nodded, "Yes, it's quiete new. Mason, Mr. Tuxedo, loves to help people finding a new home. It's a hobby of him. I heard he will have a small bureau in his new house too."
Angus smiled, "Than I'm sure he will help us furthermore!"
"For sure!"

Even her parents didn't find the perfect flat today, Daisy was still confident. But this feeling didn't hold to long...

To be continued 

I've written the whole story, but unfortunatly I have to fight with the dark weather and couldn't take all the pictures. That's why I splitted the story in two parts - I hope that I can take the pictures for the second half soon. I hope you forgive my cruelness^^

Many Greetings,
yours Kyra


  1. Aaaaah, what a wonderful way to begin the weekend. Thx, cant wait for the next part!

    1. :) it was my pleasure! Next part will be up this evening :)

  2. Nice story so far. I'm looking forward to the rest soon. Your cow family is so cute and so photogenic! I really like your photographs! xo Jennifer

  3. Amazing story so far, so much drama =) The cow family are so adorable, this story was very exciting, can't wait for the next part =).

    1. :) thank you Emily! The cow family is really one of my absolute favourite families. This evening the next part will be up!

  4. Such an amazing story! So so cute photos, I love the border you used. I hope the orphans find new homes soon! :)

    1. I'm so happy that I found the bordure :D Every picture looks better with it :D. Thank you! About the orphans... I think you'll find out around the 16-18th decembre ;)

  5. I just love this story! It made me laugh many times, especially the argument over the milk bottle on the ice cream cart. I love Anabels pajamas too! Can't wait for the next part, it's just too good :D

    1. Glad I could make you laugh! :D I hope I can still amuse you in the next part :). Thank you, I've sewn the pyjama weeks ago, but hadn't a chance to use it until now :)

  6. The Buttercups seem to be turning on eachother, :O I guess they have been living in tight corners! I loved the bit about the milk bottle on the ice cream cart, sounds like something my Grandmother would say! Oh and Daisy, ever the perfectionist, is still so sweet to Bessie. Anyway, I will be eagerly awaiting the next part! :D

    1. :D yes, the farm was too small for 8 cows! Glad you liked it! The milkbottle part was my personal favourite too :D.

  7. Aah, the mother-daughter-conflicts don't seem to be going very well D: I hope nobody gets hurt. I was surprised to realise that Daisy and Elsie have different black markings!

    1. Now that you mentioned it! I never realized the different markings O.O. :D

  8. Nice story. I am going over all of your stories that I haven't read since last time I commented. Feel lucky and grateful to have a free day and cute SF stories to read.

    And, I guess the wife & mother-in-law is a universal difficult unsolved problem...even in the Sylvanian world...seriously, I literally discussed with women from at least 4 countries before...