Samstag, 22. November 2014

Chaos on the Buttercup farm part 2

Dear Readers,

as promised here's part two.

Just three days after the last visitation of a flat, the next flat was a "desaster" (in the words of Bessie).
The cause was one too little window.
At this moment Hornbull and Daisy decided to go with the granparents next time Mason found a house or flat for them.

In the meantime, Elsie finished her ice cream cart, made the ice cream after the original recipt of their grandmother and started her business just one day later. 

She drove around Marigold Creek and stopped first at the nursery. The children knew that she would come today and runned to cart. Their parents had give them some money.

"Slowly!", Katie Hawthorn said, "We will all form a line and than one by one can buy an ice!"

The children fastly did what Katie said and ordered their favourite ice creams. They all tasted delicious!

"I'm glad everyone likes the ice cream.", said Elsie. 

"Oh they're wonderful!", meant Katie, who had bought herself a waffer with chocolate ice cream. I'm so happy you moved into our little village!"
"Thank you.", smiled the young woman.

After the nursery the next aim was near the bakery and the hamburger restaurant, where lots of villagers were on the way. 
Pete Petite and Bobby Roberts squalled to the stand. 

"Hello, Elsie! We've waited for you!", laughed Pete and his best friend continued: "You are our rescue!"
"Oh, hello! How can I help you two?"

"I would like to have a chocolate ice-cream.", said Bobby.
"And I a strawberry one!"
"Here we go!", Elsie giggled, "I'm glad I could rescue you!"
Pete nodded, "Indeed, it tastes wonderful!"

More and more of the villagers appeared and bought that many ice-cream that Elsie had to close her business earlier than she expected. 

It was a complete success! (And all without the notorious milkbottle)

In the evening the Buttercups celebrated the start of the ice-cream cart together - everything was fine that evening. Not one conflict happened.

At the next morning Hornbul and Daisy accompanied the grandparents - in the hope that they could persuade Bessie, if something seemed to disturb her.

"Good morning everybody!", said Mr. Tuxedo, the black cat, good mooded, "I see you brought help."

Angus nodded, "It's the best I think!"
The cat smiled, "Okay, than here we have the next flat, it's a two room appartement in the upper floor."

Interested the cows followed Mr. Tuxedo and looked at the flat.
"It's very nice!", Daisy said.

"And it has a balcony!", Angus pointed out, "I like it. The floor has a nice optic and it's really quiete here. No noises at all."

Bessie carefully looked in every edge, inspired every window and door. Than she shook her head, "But that's the problem. It's too quiete! I think I would feel, if I would live on a graveyard!"
"But if we live here, we will talk and the TV and the radio will make sounds. And when we get visitors it'll be louder too.", Angus argued.

"No, no and again no! I'm not pleased!"
"But mum..."
Hornbull interrupted his wife, "Give her a chance to find the perfect flat, it's a hard decision! And she must like it, otherwise she won't be happy."
Daisy sighed, but she knew he was right. 
"No problem at all!", Mr. Tuxedo said, "I have four other flats planned. But unfortunatly we just can visit three today. The last one will be renovated until the next week..."

Together the family walked too the next house, which was near to the nursery and the school. 

Before they even entered the flat, Bessie yelled: "Oh dear! No, that can't be! It's too noisy here! I love children at all ages, but that's too much for my nerves! I might get a heart attack!"
Angus rolled his eyes, "You are full of health, dear!"

"Mum, you will at least look at the flat!", Daisy said with a severe tone in her voice.
Grumbling Bessie followed into the house. But neither the beautiful chimney nor the fantastic view of the marketplace could convince her.

Now they wandered to the next flat, a cozy small granny-flat.

"It's too small! I can never life in such a tiny room!", aghast Bessie touched her fore-head, "I would feel like a bug!"
Angus snorted, "But there is more than one room, MY LOVE!"

"I can't... No, I don't want to live here, MY DEAR HUSBAND!", Bessie looked at her daughter, "Daisy, my butterflower, you understand me, right? You live in such a wonderful house. You wouldn't want to live here, too!"
The woman shook her head, "I like this flat, mum!"

"You attack me from behing! My own flesh and blood!" 
At this moment even the calm Mason Tuxedo had to roll this eyes, this cow exaggerated horrible!
"Well...", he said, "One house is left for today, maybe you will like this one..."

Bugged the cows followed the agent to the last object... This time it was too...
"...far away from Hornbull and Daisy's farm! Such a long way, how should I visit my grandchildren every day?!",  Bessie loudly moaned, "It's disastrous!"

"BESSIE MELINDA BUTTERCUP!", Angus squinted, "You are SO exhausting! All the flats or houses we visited were very nice, but you found always something to critisize. We MUST find an own home, we can't stay forever in their house!"

"But.... But...", with tears in her eyes Bessie rushed away and the rest of the family stood helpless in the room.

"Ähm...", Mason harrumphed, "I guess, this is the wrong flat, too?"
"I'm so sorry!", Angus said, "My wife is nerve-wrecking sometimes... But I'm sure the next house is perfect!"

Daisy and Hornbull looked at each other. Hopefully her father would be right.

The next days weren't the best at the Buttercup's farm. Bessie was huffy first and didn't talk to anyone beside her grandchildren. Than she wanted to make up her behaviour by beeing particular friendly. But she overacted with her friendlyness (One time she even destroyed a pot while she wanted to help Daisy to cook) and drove again her family mad. 

It was even that bad, that all three children were happy when they could return in their room and do homework!

Just shortly before the situation turned totally mad, the next visitation stood before.
But this time Daisy and Hornbull stayed at home and did some administrative work. Also Daisy just didn't want to listen again to her mothers nagging.

"Maybe they will find a flat today!", Hornbull said, while he listed the prizes for the farmers market.

His wife looked up and lifted an eyebrow, "You know it's my mother you're talking about! It would be a wonder if she wouldn't find anything in that flat." 

"Let's wait..."

Two hours later the grandparents returned.

"Aaaand?", Hornbull and Daisy hold hands.
Bessie glanced, while Angus answered,  "We are proudly owners of a new, wonderful flat with terrace!" 
"Oh thanks god!", Daisy cheered, "We're so happy for you!"
Bessie hugged her tightly, "It's such a wonderful flat! You must see it! It is just PERFECT! It's the most beautiful flat I've seen you, beside your house of course! Oh I must everyone tell the good news! And Anabell, Paddock and Elizabeth can have their own room too!"
"That's great. Congratulations!", Hornbull grinned.
"It really looks great and I can have my own garden, too!", Angus explained, "I can grow some vine!"

The two man started to laugh - both were huge wine fans.
"Perfect! I will help you to press the grapes!"
"I've always said that, but I must say it again: You're the perfect son-in-law!", Angus smirked.
"And you're the best father-in-law!", said Hornbull laughing, "Let's celebrate your new flat! I think I have a good red wine here."

The adults clinked classes and all the stress of the last days was gone.
When the Buttercup children returned home this day they found five laughing adults sitting on the floor, who made funny jokes about each other. 

Everything was fine again on the Buttercup farm and a peaceful advent time stood before.

I hope you liked the second part :). I really enjoyed writing it! 

Now I have to make an announcement: Starting on the 1st of Decembre this blog will turn into an advent calendar until the 24th Decembre :). 
You will find a new Sylvnanian story every day, which will hopefully shorten the time until christmas :). Also a giveaway will be hosted in the advent time.

Many Greetings,

yours Kyra


  1. Aww, I love the end! :) I'm glad the grandparents could fiind a nice flat for them to live in. Bessie's attitude still cracks me up a lot! :D Thanks for putting all the work into this wonderful story, Kyraja. The advent calendar sounds so much fun too!

    1. It was my huge pleasure and I'm very happy you like it that much. :) That motivates me writing more stories :)

  2. Great story! What a relief that the grandparents found their own place, at last! :-) Oh, how exciting! The advent calendar of stories and the giveaway both sound so fun! I'm looking forward to them! xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you Jennifer :). In my giveaway there's just one little piece missing, which I have to make...

  3. Amazing story and Bessie is so hilarious, she reminds me of my own grandmother - she can find a fault with everything :0 excellent story and I can't wait for your amazing-sounding advent calender!

    1. :D well, sometimes grandmothers can be cute and exhausting at the same time :D. Thank you!

  4. What a lovely story! I couldn't help but laugh all the way through. :D

  5. Happy ending at last :) But where will Elsie live? I salute to you, Bessie must have been hard to write too! Ooh, and you're going to spoil us with story-advent calendar, I can't wait.!

    1. Good question O.O. I think Elsie will move in one of these "horrible" other flats, which they visited :D. Thank you :)

  6. Awww...what a heart-warming story you have written. I am so glad they finally found their dream apartment. A story advent calendar? What a wonderful idea. I cannot wait to enjoy each story every day.



    1. :) I'm happy too, can you imagine how exhausting Bessie's nagging in my cupboard was? :D

    2. *chuckle chuckle* I can only imagine...

      MW :D

  7. Aww great story! Bessie seemed so persnickety at first but I'm glad they finally found a great home! I can't wait to see their flat! Wow, a story everyday?! I can't wait! :)))

    1. Me too, I just need lots of furniture :D. Thank you!

  8. Love this story! I like the apple wallpaper! I just love your diorama, it looks so complete and nice. I see you've used Paige's trees! They look absolutely wonderful. Wow the advent calendar sounds fun! Glad you have time to create all this lovely stories! Looking forward to read the next one ^^

    1. The apple wallpaper is my favourite too! :D Thank you very much! Yes, I used them they added the natural feeling :). I'm preparing the calendar since a long time, because it needs so long. Luckily Uni is in the afternoon, so I can take the photos in the morning^^

  9. Aaaah fantastic! Im so glad that Bessie would finally be out of poor Daisy's hair. Thanks for the great entertainment!

    1. Me too, Bessie was soo exhausting. She always pulled my hair and said "Write the second part, come on, write it!":D. Glad I could amuse you!

  10. Cute story with full of beautiful scenes!

    1. Thank you very much Agnès! Glad you enjoyed the story! :)

  11. I like both parts of the story. The ice-cream seems delicious and makes me want a bite...Bessie was picky. It must annoy Daisy sometimes, but as a reader, I like her character because it's very classic, and her words were always cute. Great job on taking the photos Kyra!