Donnerstag, 13. November 2014

Unexpected Visitors

Dear Readers,

it's time for a new story. Enjoy :)


The sun was shining, but a cold wind made the weather not that cozy on this special Friday morning. 
Daisy Buttercup was cleaning up the sleeping rooms of their house. While Elizabeth stayed in the nursery, Paddock and Annabel were on their way to the school in Pumpkinvilles. Her husband Hornbull was working on the field, the last crops had to be harvested. 

Daisy thought about her children, luckily Marigold Creek had a nursery, but the school wasn't finished yet and teachers were also missing. The cow sighed, hopefully the building would be finished soon. 
She finished the cleaning and went downstairs in the kitchen of their farmhouse. Daisy had planned to bake a cherry tarte, so she started making the dough.

At this moment suddently the door bell rung.
Surprised Daisy looked at the door. Who might that be?

Irritated the cow cleaned her hands with a towel, than she opened the door.

"DAISY! My little butterflower!", an exciting older cow screamed.
Before Daisy could react, her mother flung her arms around her neck and started to chatter.

"You look great! As beautiful as ever! And your fur! Do use a special shampoo? Where is your darling Hornbull? And where are my little grandchildren? I missed them so much! We have moved to Marigold Creek! Great news, right? For the first weeks we of course have to stay here at your house. But... Isn't that great! We finally can spend much time together!"

"Hornbull is on the field,  the children are in school and nursery...", Daisy started to answer, than she stopped, "WHAT? You moved to Marigold... What did you say?"

Bessie Buttercup rushed into the house of her daughter.
"Mum?", a bit angry Daisy looked after her.

"You know that's her nature.", said Angus, Daisy's father, excusing.
"Hey dad!", sighing she hugged her father.

"Hey, little butterflower!", Angus kissed her forehead, "I wanted to call you before we left, but you know your mother. She wanted to surprise you!"

"Dear, dear...", Daisy shook her head, "So you left Pumpkinvilles?"
"We did... And not just us two..."
"Elsie?", surprised Daisy detected her younger sister, who had a soft smile on her face.
The two woman hugged eachother tightly. 

"Why are you here? And where is Marcus?"
Sadness darkened Elsie's pretty face, "This idiot left me for a slimmer woman!"
"Oh Elsie! I'm so sorry!", worried Daisy towed her sister softly into the house, "Please come in and than I'll make you a huge cup hot chocolate!"
"Thank you!"

A few minutes later Elsie sat together with a hot chocolate on the cozy sofa of her sister and listened to her mother, who explained (in a very complicated way), why they left Pumpkinvilles.

"... and than there were our neighbours! You remember the Cottontails? They left half a year ago, sadly. And in their house the most horrible persons moved in! The Prunes! Mrs. Prune was so curious, one day I caught her spying Angus. She even used field classes! That annoying person! And her husband was even bolder! He threw their trash over their fence directly into our garden! Can you imagine that?  And not forget their bad children! They smashed four of our windows with stones! And... And our postman! Mr. Perfidious! He always waited until we left the house and than rung for our parcels. Of course we weren't at home than. He always left a note "You weren't here. You must fetch your parcel in the office". I knew he acted in bad faith!", Bessie shook her head, "Isn't that just horrible? You see, we had to leave. There wasn't any other possibility!" 

Daisy sighed, but she did understand her parents. They weren't happy anymore in the last years in Pumpkinvilles. But still... They should have announced their move to Marigold Creek! When Hornbull returned, he would throw his hands up in horror... He for sure would...

"Angus? Bessie? And... Elsie, you too?", a surprised Hornbull said at that moment. 
All cows turned their head to the front door, where Daisy's husband stood.

"Did something happen? I mean... I'm happy to see you, not that you get it wrong, but...?"
"Hornbull, dear!", Bessie sprinted to her son-in-law and hugged him tightly, "We have wonderful news!"

After the whole story was told again (in all details), Hornbull breathed out, "Ouff! That is... That is... I think that is a surprise! Good that we bought that sleeper couch..."

"We really don't want to stay too long at your house. Just for a few days, we don't want to be a pain in your neck.", Angus said with a drastic sight at his wife.
"Days? Darling, days!?", Bessie exclaimed, "A new home can't be found in a few days!"
Angus hid his face behind a cushion, "I'm so sorry!"

Hornbull laughed, "It's okay. You're all welcome here and you can stay as long as you want!"

"Oh dear... You shouldn't have said that...", whispered Daisy, "A few days ok... But you know it will turn into weeks... months... Oh my god, years!" Her last words were spoken out loud, but Hornbull coughed that loud, that her parents didn't hear her slight hysterical words.

While Hornbull immediatly started to chat with Angus and Elsie, Daisy finished the cake she was making.

"Daisy?", Bessie layed her arm around her daughter, "I will try to hold myself back, ok? I promise. I know I can be very exhausting. Just yesterday Angus blustered with me about my behaviour."
"Dad blustered?", Daisy had to laugh, "Than it must have been serious!"
"It was.", the woman giggled, "I overdid it with the packing of the bags."
"Oh mum!", smiling Daisy gave her a kiss on the cheeks, "But believe me, I'm happy to see you."

While Angus and Bessie were gone for a walk (Hornbull showed them the newest buildings in Marigold Creek), Daisy tried to comfort her sister.

"I'm just not good enough!", sadly Elsie sipped at her chocolate, "I can never be so slim like that other cow!"
"And you don't have to look like that! You're beautiful! Markus doesn't deserve a woman like you! He was an idiot. And I'm sure you'll find a much better man soon!"

"You always think positiv..."
Daisy patted her, "You'll see, that I'm right!"
"Hmh... I hope so..."
"But tell me about your bicycle! I saw a little ice-cream sign!"
Elsie smiled and wipped a tear out of her eye, "I'm planning to open a little ice-cream shop. Do you rember grandma Emma's ice creams?"
"Of course, they tasted heavenly!"
"I found her recipes and thought it might be a good idea to sell the ice..."
"That's a gorgeous idea, Elsie! We all will love your ice-cream!", Daisy glared, "It will be wonderful especially for the children of the village."

"Phew... I'm glad you like my idea. Also I thought that I can earn my own money than... I always just helped mum and dad with their business..."
"It was a good decision and we all will support you!"
"Thank you!"

Elsie felt better immediatly, her sorrows slowly disappeared and she was happy that she left Pumpkinvilles and Markus behind.

When the three Buttercup children came home this day, the excitement was huge. All were very happy to see their grandparents and their aunt. 

For Anabell and Paddock the stay of the grandparents at their house was "super cool", while little Elizabeth fastened onto her grandma and told her everything about the nursery.

It got late this evening. Daisy cooked a fantastic stew and after dinner they all played Monopoly together. 

When Daisy and Hornbull went to sleep this day, they knew, that there would come a funny but also very exhausting time up to the family with more family members at their house.

To be continued...

Bad me stopped at that moment, I know, I know... :D But I thought it might be funny to read a few more stories about the Buttercups, especially because I hadn't the time to broach the issue of them earlier. And I love the Buttercups, so it will be fun to write about them more stories.

You see my rustic kitchen arrived and I must say, I adore this design! It fit's perfectly into a farmhouse. 
But more things must be done until I'm finished with the house... I have to add curtains in the second floor and of course the childrens room still have to been furnished (I'm waiting for the other furniture to arrive). Also I thought about decorating the walls with a few pictures...

I hope you liked the story, wish you all a very nice evening! :)

Many greetings,
yours Kyra


  1. Aaaaaah, how beautiful. I just love this family! And I can just imagine what will happen with 5 adults and 3 children in that house! Bad for ending it there! But good as so many things might happen! Thank you

    1. :) I was so happy that I could finally write a story about them, they're just too cute! I hope that I can upload the next story soon, so the chaos, we talked about, can start :D

  2. Very cute story!! I laughed so hard and loved poor granddad with the pillow over his face. :D

    1. :D thank you! Angus really has all hands full to remake the chaos his wife produced.

  3. I love that family aswell, and their house. The prunes sound really nasty, hopefully the don't move to marigold creek!

    1. :D I hope they don't move to Marigold Creek... But hey, it's kind of a funny idea to have a bad family in town. Now thousands of stories pop up in my mind.... O.O. Thank you :)

  4. So cute! How could you end it there though?! Teehee, the Grandpa with the pillow literally made me laugh out loud! :D I love the Buttercups, your lovely pictures and stories make me want them even more! :)

    1. I know, I'm a bad person^^. But don't worry, I already write a new story, so hopefully you can soon read how it's going on :). Thank you so much Paige :)

  5. This story is wonderful! I laughed so much at the other slim cow mention :) I love how hysterical is! She reminds me of myself LOL And great to see some family relationships going so well yet so real with its problems and ups and downs. I hope Elsie will succeed in her ice cream shop and she'll find a loving companion!!!

    And kudos on your pictures! They really retold the story in a perfect way. My favorite photo is the one where Angus kisses his daughter Daisy on the forehead!

    1. Aww, thank you! :) Elsie will start her business soon and about a companion.... Yes, she will meet also a mysterious man ;).
      That was my favourite photo too :)

  6. Poor Hornbull - what a mother-in-law to live with! I especially loved Angus kissing Daisy on the fore-head and Elsies dress. I do wonder what the slimmer cow looks like :D

    1. :D she can be very nerve wrecking. Santie has posted a perfect photo of the slimmer cow in the forum :D. Thank you so much for your comment!

  7. Oh so so cute! Poor Elsie :( :( I'm so sorry that Markus left her :0 :0 But Gabriel is coming to save her! XD Bessie and Angus are just SO cute as a couple, and that photo of Angus with the cushion over his face is too cute! :D I can't wait to hear more about the Buttercups! Excellent story overall, great storyline and fabulous pictures! :)

    1. Yay! Gabriel will be a very mysterious cow first, but he is such a nice man :). Thank youuuu, I hope that the new story can be posted next week.

  8. Very cute and sweet story!! Bessie Buttercup has such an outgoing and energetic personality which makes her (a grandma cow) an interesting role in the story. Her husband seems the opposite. No matter how young Buttercup’s family felt, I am glad that the grandparents were moved in so this big family was united. And it seemed that more people, more fun. The little ones love grandparents too. :)

    1. :) thank you very much. Bessie will plunge the whole family in chaos in the next story, so I hope it'll stay exciting!

  9. Fun story! There were some especially funny parts, such as when the grandfather put the pillow on his face and when Hornbull coughed over Daisy's hysterical outburst. Too funny! I look forward to seeing more, soon! xo Jennifer

    1. :D those were my favourite parts, beside the father/daughter scene, too. I think Angus is a real cute grandfather. Thank you :)

  10. I love your story!! Grandfather with the pillow over his face made me laugh a lot :) I love the Buttercups and this story is sooo cute! The kitchen in the house is very nicely decorated too. I really can't wait to hear the rest!! poor Elsie too. I'm glad she feels better though!!

    1. I think the grandfather have lots of fans now :D, He will definitly get more parts in the next story. Thank you so much, glad you like the kitchen. I must admit, I love it too :D. Elsie will feel even more better soon... ;)

  11. Thank you very much for adding me to your contact list. I follow your blog too but for the moment I have an issue with my blogger account, I can't follow on your "google friends connect"! I will come back later to check if it is solved.
    Have a beautiful weekend.

    1. It's my huge pleasure :). Thank you very much! Don't worry. Sometimes my blogspot doesn’t work either :). Have a nice and rekaxing weekend too :)

  12. Wow!!! Lovely personalities, and WAY too cute!!! Especially the picture of Elizabeth and her grandma!!! :D YAY!