Sonntag, 14. Dezember 2014

A fabulous trade with Aranera

Dear Readers,

recently I received an awesome parcel from Aranera. It was filled with wonderful goodies, which I want to show you now.

This is what I got:

The Chocolate grandparents and the breakfast set were the first things we agreed on (You can see my parcel, which I sent to Aranera, on her lovely blog :)). And I also knew about a few things like the Halloween stuff and the cookies, but I found so many wonderful surprises in the parcel!

I'm so happy that she sent me that fake grass, pipe cleaners and flowers for Dioramas! I searched for such grass for ages to find a good one, but I always ended up desperate. The ones I found looked either horrible or were too expensive (like 40€ for one meter O.o).

The wedding table is just gorgeous! If I put a battery inside all the little candles will shine :). I will show you this great effect in the January wedding story :)

Then Aranera made those cute Halloween goodies. Here you see witch hats, masks, a tiara, grave stones, pumpkins and a cute Halloween cake! They all look awesome! Thank you so much! I can't wait to feature them in a story!!!
Kind Aranera also sent me this cute wedding dress for Margarete and made a bouquet and tiara for her. Doesn't she look so lovely? I could look at her the whole day - she's so elegant!
For my hopefully soon finished shoe shop she sent me the cash register (Yippieh!). And she also made some teeny tiny sewing needles for Molly McBurrow, who can't wait to use them.

Then I got this cute toy teddy bear(made of polymer clay) and this lovely Halloween costume. Guess who it wears! :D

Isn't he cute? This little snowman will be hung at our Christmas tree :)

Here you see my birthday present from Aranera and I love it! Those little cars are just too cute. Bobby and his daughter were playing around with them! Unfortunatly Bobby was too huge for the car ;)

The Chocolate grandparents are SO adorable! I can't say more, they are just too sweet! They have a very soft and silky fur. And I think their outfits are amazing. They will be called Elfriede and Karl Löffel, but you'll meet them next week ;). Also I think Elfriede has such a soft and caring expression. :)

And now: The breakfast set! The breakfast set will go into the Tuxedos house, because I think that the triplets will love that sandwich maker! :D I adore this set, especially the bananas and the toast, it's so cute!

And that I also won't stay hungry, Aranera got me these cute looking  biscuits! I love Scottish Shortbread, but unfortunately it's hard to get in Germany. So many thank you's and hugs to you Aranera!!!

Last but not least I will present you some other new villagers of Marigold Creek. The first you see is Mr. Gabriel Hornigold (he's no pirate^^) the new pastor. He also teaches religion and arts at Marigold Creeks school.
This is Minerva Dappeldown and she's sooo cuddly. Look at her cute scarf! 

Minervas best friend is Thomas Keats (who will get dressed soon ;)). Both are orphans for now and will stay in Marigold Creeks orphanage.

Full bios will follow hopefully soon, but I'm very busy with taking the advent photos at the moment^^.

Thank you so much again for that wonderful, surprising trade! I can't wait for our next one! 

I hope you enjoyed that little tour, tomorrow you will finally see the school in action ;) :D.

Have a nice Sunday evening,

yours Kyra


  1. Yay! Thank you so much Kyra! :D :D I'm so so so happy you like it! Minerva looks very cute in the photo and I think Margarete looks like the perfect bride :D Awwww, Marie is sooooo cute in that ghost costume! :) :) And of course I had to laugh about Bobby on the tiny car XD I think Elfriede looks very gentle, and kind (different to Bessy!) And I can't wait to see the school tomorrow, with Gabriel teaching! :D

    1. Again thank you so much for that wonderful trade! :) Yes Bessie and Elfriede are totally different, but I think they will like each other :D. Today's story will be up in 2 hours :D

    2. My pleasure :D
      I think so too! They can chat about their grandchildren XD

  2. You are so lucky! It's like an early christmas present from Aranera. Elfriede has such a kind expresion and so cute. Minerva looks like a school girl and those ears are to adorable, can't wait for your next post!

    1. You're right, it was like a Christmas present! :) I love the ears too! :D Thank you!

  3. OMG I love this swap! You are very lucky! All this things are so cute! I'm in love with the tiny car! haha
    I think Aranera is very generous!
    I have never seen a Sylvanian families pastor! I want one! ;) lol
    Grandparents are so cute!

    Ps : I love Walkers cakes too! ;)

    1. Thank you, yes Aranera was very generous! :) :D me too, but I'm very happy to have one in my village.
      Hihi, Walkers are the best!

  4. What a fabulously sucessful trade for you!
    I just love the chocolate grandparents - they are on my Christmas wishlist.
    I have missed so much of your advent calendar, I am so sorry! Life just seems to have whisked the weekend away.
    I am also a huge fan of Scottish Shortbread: you are making me hungry :D


    1. You must get the grandparents- they're too cute! :D
      Don't worry, I totally understand. :)
      Thank you, I wish I could give you a cookie! :)

  5. Aranera sent you so many nice things, and she did a great job on the halloween items! The mini pumpkins are too cute & the wedding dress on Margerete. I can't wait for that wedding story! The new pastor Gabriel is adorable... where did you get his outfit? :)

    1. Hi Julia! Since you were wondering about Gabriel and his clothes, I gave him to Kyra dressed up already :) I had the pastor outfit from an eBay bundle I got a while back, and I wasn't using it, so we agreed for Gabriel to wear it :D

    2. :D right. I love his cute black outfit :)
      Thank you Julia! I'm also looking forward to the wedding :)

  6. What a great trade, Im really jealous! You got such nice items, but Im surely most excited about Mr Hornigold!!

  7. These is an awesome trade! Congratulations on getting such beautiful items! I like the grandparents very much. They are adorable! I have both grandparents and I just totally love how SF does this line of grandpa and grandma figures :)

    1. Thank you Jane! :). Oh that's great! I also love the other version - his mustache is just too cute! :).
      It would be great, if they would release grandparents for all families.

  8. What a great trade! Aranera really spoiled you with so many wonderful goodies! Maybe Gabriel could be a good match for Elsie?? :o The grandparents are adorable, and the breakfast set as well, an all around awesome trade it looks like!

    1. Yes, I think Elsie and Gabriel will meet each other soon. ;) :D
      Thank you! Yes I was sooo happy about all the goodies :)

  9. Awesome trade indeed :) So many goodies, and you chose good names (Elfriede and Minerva sound perfect!). I can't wait to see Margaretes wedding story!

    1. :) aww, thank you! I hope that I can write it soon! :)