Mittwoch, 10. Dezember 2014

Advent Calendar: 10th of December

10th of December

The next morning started early for Bobby, Marie had a nightmare and couldn't sleep anymore. To calm her down Bobby told her about a cruel dream he had once.

Marie could smile again after that, but then she asked the question, which Bobby feared the most: "Where's mommy?"
Her father took a deep breath, "Marie? Your mum had to go. She won't come back in the next time... But I will be there for you all the time!“
“Don’t come back?”, tears appeared in her eyes, “Why?”
“She had to go… I’m so sorry, Marie! It’s hard to explain.” Desperate the little badger cried. Bobby laid his arms around her. 

He didn’t find the right words to calm her down and maybe this was the best what he could do for now.
After a while she stopped crying, but she stayed close to her father.
“Should we look what’s in the TV at the moment?” She nodded and together they watched a strange morning show with a beaver who rapped about the forest.

Marie suddently giggled - the show was so silly, that even a two year old girl just had to laugh about such nonsense.

Assuaged Bobby watched his daughter. Good that she was able to laugh again.
Together they enjoyed a delicious breakfast (Bobby made pancakes) and then played tee-time with her teddy bear.

When Margarete and Pete appeared, they were very excited to meet little Marie. But Marie wasn’t at all. She hid herself behind her father’s back and didn’t want to say hello.

“It’s okay, my dear.”, Margarete smiled softly, “We won’t harm you! I’m Margarete and this is my husband Pete.” Marie shortly looked at the two bears, then she hid herself again.
“She wasn’t so shy when she met me yesterday…”, irritated Bobby scratched his head, “But I think she’s still shocked… The whole situation is new for her!”
“The poor girl.”, Pete nodded, “It must be hard for her…”
“Indeed… But shouldn’t we go shopping now? I fear she just have the clothes she’s wearing… I found nothing more than this basket!”

The bear woman took a deep breath, “I really don’t know what I should say about that… It’s just shocking! You’re definitely right, we must go shopping. But….” She opened her bag, “We brought a dress. It’s brand new, but it didn’t fit our Victoria. Maybe Marie could have it?”

“Thank you so much! It’s so cute!”, Bobby looked at the tiny dress, “How funny… I just thought a few days ago, that it would be lovely to have a little girl one day. But never thought it could happen that early!”

Together the friends went shopping. Marie clung herself the whole day at her dad’s neck and looked askance at all the strangers.
But when Bobby asked her something, she always answered quietly and sometimes she even giggled when Pete or Margarete made a joke.

A few hours later they returned to Bobby’s flat, brimming with tons of bags and all kinds of things, which the police officer had never heard about. 

Now Marie had four new dresses, two sleeping dresses, some trousers, underwear, socks and shoes. Also they had bought special tooth paste (with strawberry flavor), shampoo and shower gel (which smelled like peaches). Another new achievement was a cute cup in form of a bumblebee and a toaster.

Pete helped Bobby with the new children’s bed, he had also bought.
“What a cute bed!”, Margarete said, “You really have a good taste, Bobby.”
“You helped me.”, the badger grinned, “If you wouldn’t had help me, I would have been lost! Thank you so much again!”
“It was our pleasure!”

Soon it was time to say goodbye, because the little Petite children waited for their parents (Molly took care of them). And this time even little Marie talked with the Petites. She shyly said goodbye.

When they were alone, Bobby started to make sandwiches (using the new toaster of course), while Marie assisted him with the topping. They smiled at each other. “We’re a good team, right?”

“Yes!”, Marie giggled and stole herself a slice of salami.

Featured with all the new things and tips, Bobby was ready for being a father and he looked forward to it! He knew that times wouldn’t be easy all the time, but it was worth for little Marie.


Dear Readers,

I hope you enjoyed the second part of the Bobby/Marie story. Tomorrows story will be posted a bit later, because I still have to take the pictures, I hope you don't mind.
Still it hasn't really snowed here in Germany... After all Marigold Creek has some snow chaos ;) :D.

Wish you all a nice day,

yours Kyra


  1. What a cute story! :D Marie and Bobby are so funny and cute together. I loved it! XD

    1. They are my favorite father/daughter pair :D. Thank you!

  2. I loved this story, and I'm looking forward to the next one! xo Jennifer

    1. I hope you'll like the next one too :D. It's a more winterly one

  3. I just love little Marie, shes so cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute! I laughed at the bit when Marie hid behind Bobby, if I was her I would of done the same =)

  4. Bobby and Marie is fast becoming my favorite critters of Marigold!

    No snow in SA 😳 but seriously hot and extreme thunderstorms!

    1. Thunderstorms sound dangerous! O.O They are really cute together - I enjoy watching them :)

  5. Adorable once again! <3 I liked it when she stole the salami, I used to do that when I was little ^^ Margarete & Pete are so sweet!

  6. What a sweet little story. It was so kind when the Petites arrived to help out Bobby, it is just like the Marigold Creek spirit!

    There hasn't and probably won't be snow where I live, but the heat is unbelieveable and we are having storms every afternoon for the past week! :D

    1. :) I love the "Marigold Creek"- spirit, that sounds so nice :D. Thank you!
      Storms really doesn't sound good.

  7. Awww, this was so cute and very realistic that little Marie would be asking about where her mom went. Also I liked the TV show with the rapping beaver, haha! Margarete and Pete are so sweet helping clueless little Bobby buy everything he needed! Overall great story, I have really enjoyed it! It probably won't snow until after Christmas here, although sometimes we get lucky and have wonderful white Christmases!

    1. :D maybe one day I'll have the beaver family and can let them rap ;) :D
      Thank you so much! :) I fear too. Still no snow, just rain here... :(

  8. I hope little Marie feels herself home soon and settles to the new life with father :) Maybe she will get new friends from the Petite children.