Samstag, 13. Dezember 2014

Advent Calendar: 13th of December

13th of December


When Mason Tuxedo wanted to wake up his two girls Lily and Rose this Saturdaymorning, he found out that both had high fever.

“Oh no.”, Mason said, “You got sick over night!”
“I’m feeling like an icicle, daddy!”, Rose shivered and pulled the bedding under her nose.
“M… Me… t…too!”, Lily’s teeth chattered, “I… It’s s… so… c… cold i… in…. he… here!”

“My poor little flowers!”, softly he gave his both daughters a kiss, “You must stay in bed today!"

“But… But we wanted to meet Luna and Anabell today!”, tears appeared in Rose’s eyes.
Mason petted her, “I know. But with this illness you can’t go. You would feel even worse!”
Sadly Lily nodded.

Mason went down in the kitchen were the triplets already had their breakfast (the nursery made a trip to a railway museum on this day).

“We have a problem, dear. Rose and Lily have high fever!”

 “Oh no!”, Natalie looked worried to her husband, “I will call the doctor immediately!”

"Ok, I'll bring the triplets to the nursery now - not that they miss their bus!"
While Mason left the house...

... Natalie called the next doctor, who lived in Pumkinvilles.
Unfortunately the doctor's assistant told her that he couldn't do a visit at their house, because he was ill himself. But she got some instructions to help her children.

"When comes the doctor?", Lily asked.
"He can't come, he seems to be also ill.", Natalie explained.
"Oh dear...", Rose turned herself at the side, "But I don't like him anyway! You are a much better doctor mum!" 

"Thank you honey, but still... He could have brought you some medicine! On the next village meeting I must bring up, that we need a doctor!"

Natalie took care of her two daughters - she laid cold flannels on their fore-head, brought tee and made jokes with them.

After a while Lily and Rose slept for a few hours.
In the meantime, Mason returned.

"What a desaster!", he said, after his wife had told him the story, "How are they feeling?"
"The condition hasn't changed. But also it didn't get worse..."

When Lily and Rose were awake again they chatted with each other.

"I hope the Christkind will give me the dollhouse I wished for. That would be sooo awesome!", Rose said.
Lily nodded excited, but then had to hold her head, "Ouch! That hurts! Yes, I hope it too! We could play the whole day! And I hope that I will get the plush teddy!"

"I'm sure you'll get the things you wished for!", Mason appeared holding a book, "Should I read a story two my little princesses?"
"Oh yes, dad!", both cheered and their father began to read.

Soon the girls forgot about their fever - the story was so exciting! 

One hour later Natalie fetched the triplets from the nursery. Moonlight,Angelica and Peppermint run upstairs and began chatting about their trip. 

"The trains were sooo cool!"

"And so small!"
"I want a train for Christmas!"
"That sounds awesome!", Rose smiled. 
"We should go there too!", meant Lily, "I would like to see it!"
Mason and Natalie smiled at each other,"Good idea!"

"And here's a picture!", Angelica showed a picture to their parents.
"Katie made the photo!", Peppermint explained.

"Oh how cute you all look!", smiled Mason. 

Thanks to my boyfriends tiny new miniature train plate he plans to build, I could take this cute picture :D

The family spend the rest of the day together in the childrens room, taking care of Lily and Rose and planning the family trip to the train museum.


Dear Readers,

sorry for the late upload - I was busy opening an awesome parcel I received from Aranera :). I will soon post about it soon!

Hugs from rainy Germany,


  1. Aww! Such a cute story! I thought of your boyfriend's trains when you mentioned the trip to the train museum XD I love the adorable pictures you have taken, I hope that Rose and Lily get better soon! :) :) Mrs Tuxedo seems like a very good doctor ;D
    Lovely story overall, and I realy hope you like your parcel! :D

    1. Hihi, thank you! :) Yes, she's a good doctor and I think they get well soon :D.
      I LOVED the parcel :D

  2. An other adorable story! Fortunately mom is a very good doctor! ;)

  3. Awh I love this one! The triplets with the train is so adorable & your boyfriend did a really amazing job on it! :) I hope the sisters feel better soon, so they can go play out in the snow with their friends! :D

    1. Awww, thank you! :) I'll tell him.
      I think they will be fine soon :).

  4. What a cute story! I love the train, some of my nursery children would love to go to the railway station museum. Poor Rose and Lily, I hope they will feel better soon!

    1. I'm sure your nursery children would love it! :D
      Yes, they're feeling better :). I saw tgem running around a few minutes ago ;) :D

  5. That three little kittens are so cute! And another adorable story!

  6. Aww, poor Rose and Lily! I love that little train, it's so detailed and cute! Your boyfriend really did an amazing job! :D