Montag, 15. Dezember 2014

Advent Calendar: 15th of December

15th of December


“Luna, Anton! You have to get up, it’s already 8 o’ clock!”
Tired Luna looked to her mother, who called them now for the fourth time, “But it’s so cozy here!”

“I know my dear, but today our school opens its doors! Isn’t that exciting? And don’t want to meet one of your new teachers?”, Flora asked.

Luna jumped out the bed, “Oh no! I totally forget about that!” Anton still moaned, but followed his sister in the kitchen, where little Rosie already waited to be brought to the nursery.
“You are two little late risers this morning!”, Rosie imitated their mother. Anton laughed and patted his sister’s head, “Yes, we are.”

“I wonder how the new teachers are.”, Luna said, “And how the classrooms look!”
Her brother nodded, “I hope the teachers are cool! And not too severe!”
“Well, as long as you behave good, the teachers will be nice!”, Flora winked at her two oldest children, who immediately promised to behave.

After a fast breakfast, Anton and Luna accompanied their younger sister to the nursery, and then they entered their new school. It was the first school in Marigold Creek and just finished.

A few children were already waiting.

“Hey Anton, hey Luna!”, Paddock and Anabell Buttercup waved. Also the Tuxedo sisters joined the little group.

“I’m sooo curious!”, Rose said.
“Me too!”
Soon also the other children arrived at the school.

At this moment a friendly looking bull appeared, “Good morning! I see everybody is there! My name is Gabriel Hornigold, I’m your new religion and art teacher!”

“Good morning Mr. Hornigold!”, the children said in a choir.
“Unfortunately I’m the only teacher at the moment – but the others will arrive in Marigold Creek after Christmas.”
“May I ask why?”, Paddock said.
“There was a huge snowstorm in Whisper Wood so they couldn’t get the last train.”
“Oh no!”, Lily looked with huge eyes at her new teacher.
“That’s why we have shortened school in the next days until Christmas. Normally we would have two classes, because we have one and second graders here. But for now we will be one class.”
“So we’re together in a class?”, Paddock looked at his younger sister.
Gabriel Hornigold nodded, “Yes. Should we take a look at your new school together?”

The children followed their new teacher in the brand new classroom. Everything smelt new and looked great. 

The children chatted together about the comfortable chairs and looked at all books. Their teacher let them go for a while, until he gathered them all in a circle.
“Do you like your new school?”

“Yes! It’s gorgeous! It looks much better than the one in Pumpkinvilles.”, yelled Monty.
“Exactly! In Pumkinvilles the whole school was damaged!”, Anton said, “The walls were ugly and the tables sticky!”
Rose and Lily agitated, “Iiih!” 

Gabriel laughed, “Well, good, it is better know! I think we will start with a little game. Of course you all know my name, but I also want to learn your names as fast as possible!”
He fetched up a little ball and passed it to Rose, “Please tell me your name and your hobbys.”

“My name is Rose Tuxedo and my hobbies are tennis and shopping… And reading!”, the cat said and laughed, “But I also like drawing!”
The teacher smiled, “Thank you, Rose! Nice to meet you! Would you please throw the ball to another child.”
She passed the ball to Luna Löffel – now it was her turn to tell the class and the teacher about herself. 

After the little game the mood was even better and Gabriel surprised the children with a huge ball of cotton wool.
"I thought we have an art lesson now, especially because the holidays are soon there."
The class cheered.
"And what will we do?", Lily asked excited.
"We will make our own flock of sheep. You know that the sheep played an important role at the Nativity story. And for sure all of you will have nativity set under your Christmas tree. And you can add your own sheep to the set.", the teacher explained.
"Oh, that's awesome! I love sheep!", Sophia cheered and all the children agreed.

Immediatly they started working. Everybody fetched some wool and first drawed a little picture to get an imagination of the later sheep.

Gabriel walked through the class and gave little tips. 
"Oh please don't look at the picture it looks horrible!", Muddy said, but had to laugh about his strange looking sheep. 

"I will make a big sheep!", Sophia said and Anabell nodded, "That's a great idea!"

The first school day was a huge success and all the children looked forward to the next day.


I hope you enjoyed all this little first school story. I'm very sorry that I was so late today, but I had a busy weekend and couldn't find the time to take the pictures earlier.

Yours Kyra


  1. Awww! This is such a lovely story! I love the school and I can't wait for the new teachers to arrive! :D :D I can sympathise with Anton and Luna, I don't like getting up and going to school in th mornings XD

    1. :D me too. Getting up early is horrible! I also can't wait to see them! :). Thank you for your lovely comment!! :)

  2. I love this school so much! It's on my to get list! Your story really makes me want to create a school for my little critters!

    1. It would be gorgeous if you would get a school for them! :D Thank you!

  3. What a lovely story! Today is my last school day AND this was my last year in primary, so indermediate, here I come! After the holidays anyway.
    Your school is so cuuuuuuuute! You are so lucky to have a school, I wish I had one, but I don't have any room...........

    1. Wow, that's great! Congratulations! :) Thank you, mmh... I hope you find a place for a school! :)

  4. I love your school Kyraja! :D It's set up so nicely and all the critters in it looks amazing too. I love seeing everyone walking to school, they look so cute in the mounds of snow. :) The school's polka dot wallpaper is really fun too :D

    1. Thank you Julia :). I'm glad you like the school- besides the bakery it's my favourite building :)

  5. This is an exciting story! I am so glad that all of the children are content in their wonderful new school. Now I am curious to know who the new teachers will be? But that will have to wait until the New Year, I suppose... :D


    1. The new brown Labradors will be the teachers, I think Kyra mentioned it in a post called something like: 'A new house and some orders'? Hope this helped :|

    2. Yes, it will be the new Labrador family! :) I can't wait to get them :) Thank you soooo much for your comment. Glad you like all my stories!

  6. Aww this so sweet! I feel so incredibly awful that they could not have their main teacher yet. I'm really sorry! :(

    1. Oh no, don't worry! With that snowstorm in Whisper Wood it would have been too dangerous for them to come :D. No really, don't worry!:)

  7. Congrats to the new school! It looks wonderful :)