Dienstag, 16. Dezember 2014

Advent Calendar: 16th of December

16th of December


It was early afternoon on the 16th of December and the market place suddently got filled with people. A little advent market had opened. Let's take a look, what is going on there:

Flora and Hans Löffel sold some fresh Christmas cookies and Hornbull and Daisy Buttercup had made hot wine punch for the adults and hot chocolate for the children. 

Also Digger McBurrow had built a gingerbread house for the children to play with.
Bobby and his daughter Marie looked at the gingerbread house.

"Wow!", Marie said, "It's sooo huge!"
"Do you want to take a look inside?"
"I.. I don't know. Maybe there is a m... monster inside?"
Bobby laughed, "I don't think so."
At this moment Peppermint Tuxedo looked out of the gingerbread house and both Bobby and
 Marie horrified loudly.

"I'm so sorry!", Peppermint said, "Do you want to play with me?" She looked at Marie, who first hesitated, but then agreed, "Yes!"

At the same time Monty and Sophia chatted about today's lesson in religion.

"Mr. Hornigold is so cool!"
"And he knows so many things!"

Molly and Digger enjoyed a cup of hot wine punch and a cookie and praised the advent market, "It was an amazing idea!"

"I agree", Daisy said, "We should have a bigger one next year!" Elizabeth crawled onto the table, reaching for the hot chocolate.
"Young lady, it's dangerous what you are doing!", Hornbull said, "If you want some hot chocolate you must ask your daddy!"

At this moment Margarete and Pete appeared. While Pete chatted with the McBurrows,  his wife stopped at the Löffel's stall.

"Oh wow! So many goodies! What should I take?"

Hans grinned, "The gingerbread is delicious I think. But they're all good." Margarete laughed, "Than I will try all sorts!"

Meanwhile Mason Tuxedo appeared.
"May I ask you a favour Flora?", he said. "Of course!"
"Thank you!", he looked assuaged, "Tomorrow the children of the orphanage of Pumpkinvilles will come. And unfortunatly Moonlight and Angelica are ill now! It's so horrible,  first Rose and Lily had fever. Now they're back to health, but their siblings lay down. I just hope that Peppermint stays healthy."

Flora sighed, "Oh dear! I'm so sorry to hear that! I hope they feel better soon!"
"Thank you. Well I wanted to ask if you
and Hans could welcome the orphans?"
"Of course we will welcome them! It's a pleasure!", she smiled.
"Thank you so much, I'll hand out the plans for the accommodation to you later.", Mason said, "The Hawthorns will take two sisters I think. .. But about the other 3... I have to look again."
"We're hosting the manager and her daughter!", Flora laughed.
"Oh I see! I'm so sorry, I'm so confused!"

Mason soon had to return home, but all the other villagers stayed until late evening on the market. It was a very nice day and the time until Christmas was shortened a bit.


Dear Readers,
today wasn't a "real" story - more an overview - I know, but I hope you enjoyed it anyway :). I'll do another post today later - so I would be happy, if you take another look :).

Yours Kyra


  1. I love this post! The market you made is sooo cute, and little Elizabeth on the table is such a funny photo :D Also, I can't wait to see who takes the other orphans!! I know Lettuce could be persuaded to take Minerva... But what about Thomas <:0
    Also, the cookie table is SO cool! The cookies look delicious and I really want to eat them >:D great post overal :)

    1. :D thank you :)
      Hmh... the other orphans will be a bit of a mystery :)
      :D I've heard that the cookies tasted delicious:D

  2. Oh how cute is that gingerbread house! The mini food look awesome!

  3. The christmas cookies are so cute! Poor Moonlight and Angelica, hopefully the fever doesn't get any worse, or infect other villagers!

    1. I hope it too! But at the moment I don't hear anyone coughing out of my cupboard :D
      Thank you!

  4. Oooh...a bit of drama :D I hope that The Tuxedos get well soon! I can't wait to meet the orphans :D

  5. Oooh poor Tuxedos, I'm sending them healing thoughts! The gingerbread house was really a great addition to the story! :)

  6. Even though you felt it wasn't a real story, I enjoyed it very much! I loved the gingerbread house idea and all the Loffel's goodies was so delicious looking. Very entertaining!