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Advent Calendar: 17th of December

17th of December


A little group of seven people appeared this frosty morning in Marigold Creek.

"Sparky?", the adult woman said, "You musn't be afraid!"

The little dog sighed, "O...Okay..."
"We will for sure find a place to live! And I think Marigold Creek looks like a nice village!"

A seven year old mouse girl nodded. "It looks better than Pumkinvilles", she said with a quiete voice.
“Indeed.”, a cat boy agreed.

"Good morning, you must be Mrs. Hunter-Smith!", a rabbit man with brown tipped ears appeared and shook hands with the dog woman, "I'm Hand Löffel. I know that Mason Tuxedo wanted to welcome you, but unfortunatly two of his children got sick!"

"Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Hello Mr. Löffel! Yes, I'm Sarah Hunter-Smith, the earlier manager of the orphanage in Pumkinvilles. These are Sparky, Laurel and her younger sister Melanie, Thomas, Minerva and my daughter Jane."
"Nice to meet you! Would you please follow me?"
“Of course.”

Just a few minutes later they entered the warm living room of the Löffel family.

“Do you want to drink something? A cup of coffee, or maybe hot chocolate?”, he smiled at the children, who nodded all immediately.

“Yes, please!”
Good mooded he prepared the drinks, while Sarah helped him.

“We are very grateful that you opened your village for us!”
"It's our pleasure! We are happy that we can help. Also we're feeling so sorry that the orphanage had burned down...", Hans sighed, "We hope that we can build a new orphanage here soon!"
"That would be so wonderful!", Sarah said.

After they all enjoyed their drinks, Hans presented the plan for the sleeping organization. "You and Jane will stay at our house. Minerva, Thomas and Sparky will live at the Buttercups flat. Angus and Bessie will fetch them soon. And Laurel and Melanie will live at the Hawthornes flat. Michael should be there in a few minutes. They are all very happy to welcome you and take care of the children." 

Jane smiled, "That sounds great!"

A few seconds after Hans ended his speech, the door bell rung and Michael appeared. Together with Laurel and Melanie he left the house. Not long after also Bessie and Angus Buttercup entered the Löffel's house.

"I'm Angus.", the older man smiled, "And this is my wife Bessie! We just moved into a new flat, so you three will have lots of own space!"

"That sounds great!", Minerva Dappledawn - a young rabbit girl - smiled.
"I'm sure we will have lots of fun together!", Bessie said.

In the meantime Michael arrived together with Laurel and Melanie at their flat.

Katie already waited for them. She stood together with Harry and Mazie and waved, "Welcome! I'm Katie! And those are Mazie and Harry."

"Nice to meet you, I'm Laurel!", the girl said and shook the hand of the gentle looking mouse lady. She felt sheltered immediatly. Michael was so nice, he told many jokes on their way to the flat. And Katie was a beautiful woman and a typical mum at the same time.
"This is my sister Melanie.", she smiled, "Say hello, Melanie! You mustn't be afraid!"

The toddler greeted shyly, but soon she lost her fear. They all chatted together, about the old orphanage and then about the hobbys of the two children. Michael made the great proposal to have lunch at the Hamburger restaurant. 
"Oh, that's awesome! We just had hamburger very rarely!", Laurel cheered.

Together the mice went into the Tuxedos restaurant. 

While Michael entertained the younger ones with a funny story, Laurel went with Katie to order the menu.

"You can choose from everything!"
"Really?", Laurel's eyes widened, "We have any menu we want?"
Katie smiled softly, "Of course my dear!"

"Thank you so much! Then I would like to have the childrens surprise menu!" "That's a great choose!"

Together they returned to the table.

"We're finished in a few minutes!", Natalie Tuxedo said.

"Take your time!" 
While they were waiting for the food to arrive, Laurel said shyly: "We are very grateful, that we can live at your house! You are a wonderful family!"
"Yes!", Melanie agreed, "You are so kind!"

Katie's heart melted once again. She already had taken them in her heart, when Michael brought them into the house. They were such wonderful, nice and cute little girls. She felt so sorry for them that they had no parents. And she wished she could help...

"Thank you. It's our pleasure! And we are also very happy to have you here!" "Yes, we are!", Maizie glanced, "You MUST be our new siblings! That would be so cool!"

Laurel blushed. "That would be really cool...", she whispered.

They enjoyed a delicious menu and spent a great afternoon with playing games together. But when Michael and Katie went to bed they asked each other just one question:

"Should we adopt them?", Michael asked, "I... I really like Laurel and Melanie. And we could give them a home! I mean I know, we should look for a bigger flat then, but we have the abilities."
"Oh yes!", Katie glanced all over her face, "I just wanted to ask you the same question! And Harry and Maizie also like them very much!"
"We will talk to the girls tomorrow.", Michael smiled and kissed his wife...

To be continued....


  1. No no no, dont do this to me!! I hope the next part is up tomorrow ;-) Im so excited to hear what is going to happen. It is really a sweet story! I love Sparky!

    1. :D I'm so sorry that I interrupted the story! The next part comes tomorrow, yes :D. Thank you! Sparky has many fans, I think! :)

  2. Nooooo! I want to see the next bit!!! :0 Such a lovely lovely story, aw Thomas and Minerva look so cute together! I love it! And yes, Sparky is just adorable :D

    1. Thank you:). I'm glad it's an exciting story! :D Isn't Thomas' outfit cute? My mum found this old Barbie t-shirt(for Shelley) and it fits perfectly! :D

  3. I can't wait to see part of the story, Sparky is so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute! Poor orphans, I hope that they will find new homes soon!

  4. Yay, I'm so excited to finally see Melanie in a story, and of course Sparky is just too cute for words. I need to read the next part, I will obsessively check until it's up! ;) I How sweet that Micheal and Katie decided to adopt Melanie and Laurel. ;D Who are these new labs? The Hunter Smiths could be cousins with the new new labs! ;)

    1. Sparky is such a cutie pie! :D
      I got the two labs with Highfield farm :). Yes, exactly! I planned that they will be related :). Thank you sooo much! I hope my parcel arrives you soon

  5. What a heartwarming little tale! I am so happy that all of the orphans are in MC NOW, hopefully they can all find a home there... Melanie and Laurel will fit in just fine with the rest of their new family, I'm sure :D


    1. :) thank you! I hope they all will soon find a home! :D

  6. oh just so sweet! I am glad that the Hawthorns want to adopt the new children, they seem like a great match :) I love your table & seat decorations in the restaurant!

  7. Nice story! I'm sure the orphans will find their places in Marigold Creek.

    By the way Kyraja, I was looking for the dress Mrs. Hunter-Smyth is wearing all over your blog, but couldn't find! It is so cute, thanks for showing it again :)

    1. Thank you. :)
      About the dress.... I had sewn it, because poor Mrs. Hunter-Smith arrived naked at Marigold Creek. Thank you for the compliment!