Donnerstag, 18. Dezember 2014

Advent Calendar: 18th of December

18th of December


Sarah Hunter-Smith gathered all orphans in the warm and cozy bakery of the Löffel family the next day. She wanted to take a look if they all were feeling good.

"How was the first night?", she asked.
"It was great!", Thomas Keats answered, "Bessie and Angus are very nice. They made Pizza!"

"It was delicious!", Sparky added, while he got himself a cupcake.

Minerva nodded, "Yes, it was much fun! Bessie will teach me how to knit! I can't wait to knit my own scarf!"
"And they said, that we can always visit them later!", the cat smiled.
Assuaged Sarah agreed, "That's very nice of them! We had also a good night, or Jane?"

Her daughter smiled, "Yes, it was very nice! You must meet Luna and Anton, they're great!"
The children agreed to meet each other later and play in the snow.
"And how was your first night, Laurel and Melanie?"

The two girls glanced all over their face, "It was wonderful! We played games and we were at the Hamburger restaurant!"

"And we got a surprise menu!", Melanie told, "I got a little figure to play with!"
"I'm so happy you like the Hawthorns!"

"Mrs. Hunter-Smith?", Katie Hawthorn asked at that moment.

"My husband and I want to talk to you, if that's okay."
"Of course it is!", wondering she followed the two mice outside, "I hope the children behaved well?"

"Oh yes, they did!", Michael smiled, "We like them very much and wanted to ask you, if it is possible, that we could adopt them?"

Sarah's eyes widened, "Oh, really? That... That would be amazing! Laurel and Melanie are such accomplished and nice girls!"

Michael and Katie smiled at each other, "They are. And we both took them in our hearts immediatly!"

"So, you are really sure?"
"Yes, we are."

"Have you already spoken to the girls?", Sarah asked.
Katie shook her head, "We wanted to talk with you first. We didn't want to raise false hopes..."
"I understand.", the dog woman smiled, "I'm sure they will love the idea! They are so happy about you. They just told me about the wonderful day they had yesterday."

Michael laughed, "It was great! We had so much fun! And our own chilren Harry and Maizie like them too!" 
"How wonderful!", Sarah cheered, "I'm always so happy when children find new parents. It's such a rare event! Of course we have to clarify a lot of things - lots of papers must be signed and I have to check your flat, but I'm sure this will be no problem!" 

"Thank you so much!", instinctive Katie hugged Sarah, who returned the hug tightly. "It's my pleasure!"

While the children played outside, Katie and Michael talked about the news with the Löffels, who were very happy for the Hawthorns!

"That will be so exciting for them!", Flora said, "Do you have an idea yet, were to move in? Mason has a few more flats, I think..."
"I will call him later.", Michael answered, "We will definitely need more space with 4 children!"

Hans took a look in the oven, where fresh bread was baking, "Oh yes, definitely! With our three kids it's almost too less space."

"But I wonder about the other children, who didn't come to Marigold Creek, do you know, where they went?", Katie asked. 
"Yes, they're gone to Evergreen Village!", Flora gave a croissant to her friend, "Sarah told us yesterday evening, that they arrived safely!"

"Thank you! Oh, that's interesting! Do you know some people in Evergreen Village?"
"Not me, but my cousin Lettuce Snow-Warren. Her cousin Belinda Bluetail lives there! They often write letters to each other. But I have a sister in Sugarbush Valley."

In the early evening, when all mice were back in the flat, Katie talked to Laurel, while Melanie played with Maizie and Harry and Michael prepared the dinner.

"It was so exciting today! I hope we will never have to leave Marigold Creek!", Laurel said, "Everyone is so nice here!"
"It's good that you're saying this, my dear...", Katie took a deep breath, "Do you like it here? I mean... With us?"
The girl nodded fastly, "It's wonderful! And you are wonderful too!"

"Michael and I... We thought, that you... Would you like to stay with us longer? As our daughter...? And Melanie too?" 

"Y... You want adopt us?", Laurels eyes filled with tears, "That... That would be... Yes! I will stay here forever!" She looked at her sister, "Did you hear that, Mel? Katie and Michael will adopt us! We will have parents!"

With huge eyes little Melanie crawled onto the bed. She smiled all over her face, "Not alone anymore!"

At this moment Laurel and Melanie hugged Katie tightly. 

Michael joined the little group and in the end the whole Hawthorn family laid in each others arms. 

Laurel and Melanie finally had a home and this years Christmas would be the very best Christmas of all times.


Yes, I know, the ending was a bit icky, but hey, it's Christmas soon :D. 
I hope you liked the story. The coming ones can be a bit shorter, but the Christmas story on the 24th will be a long one :)

Yours Kyra


  1. Yay! I loved this story sooo much! :D :D The Hawthorn family are so cute all together and Belinda sends her greetings to Marigold Creek! ;D Oh, and Florence wants to let Sarah know that one of the orphans has already found a home! :D All the little orphans are adorable :D

    1. Oh those are great news! Sarah will be sooo happy to hear that :) :D. Thank you so much! I love the orphans too :)

  2. *cries* It's a beautiful story. I am a sucker for orphans story! I think started to make up orphans stories with my plush animals when I was about 8 ^_^

    1. Aww, really? That sounds soo cute! Thank you very much! :)

  3. What a lovely story, and lucky Melanie and Laurel! The rest of the orphans are so adorable,hopefully they will find homes soon!

  4. Awww, what a lovely story! I loved the last picture, them all hugging, so sweet. The hawthorns are such a nice family!

    1. :) they are! They all have such cuuute round faces :D. Thank you!

  5. Aww I'm in love with this one, it's so heartfelt! <3 I think the new additions to the Hawthorns will be great :)

  6. Yes, a bit icky but that's okay. I don't know how much reality the adoption story could have xD I loved Melanies lilac dress by the way!

    1. :D me too. Thank you! Yes, I like that dress too, it was part of a play set.