Freitag, 19. Dezember 2014

Advent Calendar: 20th of December

20th of December 


It was the 20th December when Molly McBurrow suddenly awoke.

“Oh… my… Oh no!”, she yelled in panic.
“What is it, my dear?”, worried Digger looked at his wife.

“I…I forgot the Christmas cards! All our relatives won’t get cards this year. That’s a… That’s a catastrophe!”
Her husband gently pulled her in his arms, “Don’t worry, my darling. If we write them today, they will arrive just in time! It’s still 4 days until Christmas eve!”

No sooner said than done the whole family was mobilized and wrote cards… Well not the whole family, Monty played with his father, who just signed the cards (He said that his handwriting wouldn’t look good enough for Christmas cards.) 

"I'm an angel!", Monty giggled, after he placed the play ring upon his head. "Yes, you are!", Digger agreed laughing.

“Do I write aunt with an “o” or an “a”?”, asked Milly.

"With an "a" my honey!"
"Thank you."

"I will draw a few stars onto the card.", explained Muddy, "Otherwise it looks so empty..."
"That's a great idea! I'm sure all the cards will look wonderful!", Molly smiled, slowly she felt better. Digger was right - they could do it in time!

And as it turned out, he was right.
Proud the children looked at the finished Christmas cards.

"And this was me!", Milly explained to her little brother.
"And I made that one!", Muddy said.

"Everything is alright, Molly!", Digger said smiling, "I'll bring them now to Pete and then they all be delivered right in time!"

"Thank you so much!", his wife answered assuaged and said to her childre, "And thank you so much for your help! Without you I couldn't have done it so quickly!"

The rest of the day was very peaceful and only 4 days were left until Christmas Eve...


You might have recognized, that I changed the name of the McBurrows girl. Funnily I had to find out that the mole mothers orgininal name is Heidi. Somehow I changed it into Molly, which is the original name of her daughter. But because I liked Molly as a mothers name that much, lovely Aranera gave me the tip to change the daughters name into Milly. So, I will look through all stories again and change the names^^. 

Yours Kyra


  1. Aww, this is such a cute story!! Milly looks so adorable in that picture and I can sympathise with Molly, yesterday I woke up and thought I hadn't bought presents for anyone ;D

  2. I like the new names better, I think they really fit! :) They all look so cute making their Christmas cards! I love the little ring on Monty's head :D

  3. I like the new names more, the christmas cards are so cute, I'm am glad that that I am not the only one who still has to make presents, should of made them earlier but you know, you just keep forgeting& putting it of =(

    1. There are still a few days left. I'm sure you'll be ready in time :). Thank youuu :)

  4. What a lovely (and realistic!) story. I think that everyone has been in that position before :D

    The new names seems to suit them very well!


    1. :) thank you! I'm also pleased with the new names :)

  5. So glad Digger could save the day. And Molly and Milly works brilliantly.

  6. Brilliant story, this happens to my family every year, so I can relate to Molly. XD