Sonntag, 21. Dezember 2014

Advent Calendar: 22th of December

22th of December


“Today we will decorate our Christmas tree!”, Daisy Buttercup declared during the breakfast.

“Yippieh!”, all her three children cheered.

“I can’t wait to hang on the ornament balls!”, Elizabeth glanced.
“But we will help you!”, Hornbull winked at his daughter, “Not that you fall from the ladder!”
“Okay, daddy…”
“Can I help you with the fairy lights, dad?”, Paddock asked, “That would be so cool!”

His father nodded, “Of course you can, it’s a men’s work!”
“And I will hang the tinsel together with mum!”, Anabell grinned, “That’s a WOMEN’s work.”

Daisy laughed, “It is.”
After the breakfast, they started decorating.
Hornbull and Paddock fastened the fairy lights…

Daisy and Anabell hang the tinsel…

…and Elizabeth decorated the tree with the ornament balls. Daisy helped her with the upper ones.

At the end the family was very proud of their tree.

“It looks even better than before!”, Elizabeth clapped her hands, “The Christkind will for sure like it!”
“She will, my darling!”, Daisy hugged her youngest, “Now daddy just have to place the Christmas star on top of the tree!”

“And I will!”, celebratory Hornbull fastened the star on the top, “Here’s this years Christmas tree!”

The family applauded happily. Now there was just one day left! 


  1. Very cute, it looks even better decorated! It is really cool that all the kids helped.

  2. This is such a nice story, of all the family completing the Christmas tree together :)

  3. Your Christmas tree is adorable!!! So cute and perfect for the house!

  4. Your christmas tree is lovely! I agree, tinsle is womens work!

    1. :D. Thank you. Yes, it's really like this in my home. My dad takes care of the lights and mum and I are decorating :D

  5. Ooooohh... the excitement is really building! That tree looks fantastic - pipecleaners? You are so creative! :D


    1. :D thank you. It was the fastest alternativ, becauae I couldn't get nicer trees, like the ones you had ^^

  6. Excellent decoration! I love the baubles and light bulbs.

  7. Awww, what a cute tree! Decorating a Christmas tree has got to be one of my favorite traditions. Glad you found a use for those lights.;)