Montag, 22. Dezember 2014

Advent Calendar: 23th of December

23th of December


Today was the huge dress rehearsal for the Christmas play and all the children of the nursery tried to do their best.

Katie Hawthorn started to play the first few notes on the piano, but then all turned into chaos:
All costumes, beside the crowns were missing. Sparky and Rose, who played Joseph and Maria forget about their text. 

Katie told them fastly. 

Then Monty and Elizabeth, who played the shepherds, tripped and fell over the stairs. 

After they were up again, the three Magi should appear, but Ron, Melanie and Maizie were irritated of their paper crowns. 

“I can’t see anything!”, Ron wondered.

And then little Victoria, who should play the angel, appeared without clothes.
“But, Victoria! Where is your dress?”, Katie asked irritated. “I… I lost it in the costume chest!”, the little bear girl almost cried.
“We will find it, I promise!”
“We done everything wrong!”, the nursery children were very sad.

“Tomorrow will be horrible!”, Monty said.

Katie sighed, but then she smiled, “Don’t worry my dears, if the dress rehearsal went wrong, the play will be perfect! I promise!”

To be continued….


  1. It will be perfect! And even if it is not, it will be totally cute!

  2. Yes, that is true! I'm sure the play will be wonderful :D

  3. I'm sure the play will turn out afterall =)

  4. Awww...Houston, we have a problem! :D Not to worry, Katie's wise words are certain to come true!

  5. Aww, classic, a chaotic Christmas play rehearsal. I'm sure it will turn out well in the end. ;)