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Advent Calendar: 6th of December

6th of December


Today was a special day in Marigold Creek; today was St. Nicholas’ Day!
All children had waited for the 6th of December, because St. Nicholas would visit every house.
Also in the Snow-Warrens house the excitement was huge! Lucky and Sophie prepared a Christmas poem, which they planned to present St. Nicholas. 

But their younger sister Alice hid herself under her bedding and didn’t want to come out – a circumstance, which her grandmother noticed.

Edith Snow-Warren carefully lifted the bedding, “Hey, little flower, why are you hiding yourself?”

“I’m scared…”, murmured Alice and her ears shacked, while she said those words.
“But why? Did something happen?”
Alice looked left and then right, “It’s because of St. Nicholas!”

Edith looked surprised, “But he will bring presents! He’s a good man; he won’t harm you, darling!”
“But… But just if I was a good girl, otherwise he will put me in his bag!”
The older rabbit woman shook her head, “Why should he do this? You’re a good girl Alice. You always behave flawless!”

At this moment little Alice sniveled, “N… Not always… I did something bad… I know St. Nicholas will put me in the bag!”
“It can’t be that worse, tell me, what have you done, my flower?”
“I… I hid daddy’s socks behind the bath tub!”

It was hard for Edith to hold her laughter back, but she managed it. Softly she asked: “Are the socks still there?”
“No… I put them back… I didn’t want that daddy is angry with me…”
“But then you really don’t have to be afraid, Alice. St. Nicholas won’t bluster with you and you also don’t have to fear that he might put you in his bag!”
Alice eyes grow huger, “Really?”
“Yes, I promise!”

“Thank you grandma!”, assuaged the little girl hugged her grandmother.

Although Alice was still worried over the day. 

At around 9 o’ clock in the evening – the Snow-Warrens sat in the living room – a loud knocking sounded through the house.
While Sophie and Lucky got excited, Alice dismayed.

Clarence smiled, “This is for sure St. Nicholas!”
He opened the door and a huge man in a red brocade coat entered the house. 

He had a long white beard and held a golden staff in the one hand. In the other hand St. Nicholas carried a huge brown bag.
“Good evening!”, he said and the whole family greeted him back. “I see you’ve waited for me?”

Lucky nodded.
St. Nicholas smiled and softly patted the head of the young rabbit boy, “Hello Lucky, I read that you’ve been good boy in the last year!”

“I did my best!”
“And you did also behave very well, Sophie!”, praised St. Nicholas, “I was very happy that you helped the little bird last spring!”
Sophie blushed, “Thank you.”

Then he turned towards little Alice, who shivered all over and clung to her mother.

“Alice? You look so afraid? Should we take a look at the golden book together? You know, there is written everything about you! But I don’t think you must be afraid.” Encouraging he reached his hand to the girl.
“O… okay.”, Alice plucked up courage and took his hand.
St. Nicholas fetched the famous golden book, which listed all children of the world. Both the good acts and the bad ones could be found in it.

“So, here you are: Alice Snow-Warren. I read that you behaved very well. But… What is that? You hid your dad’s socks on the 8th of November?”
Alice winced, “I… I’m so sorry!” (Clarence giggled in the background).

St. Nicholas looked calming to the girl, “But I also read that you had regrets and put the socks back. That’s a good act, Alice! So please don’t worry. You are a good girl!”

“Y… You don’t put me in your bag?”
St. Nicholas shook his head and laughed, “No, no. But I think I have something for you in my bag.”

“St. Nicholas?”, Lucky said, “We have prepared a poem for you!”
“Oh! That is so nice of you, can I hear it?”
“Of course!” Together the older Snow-Warren children recited a lovely Christmas poem.

St. Nicholas glanced and together with the adults he applauded, “Wonderful! That was a very nice poem!” He looked benevolently to the children, “I think you really deserve presents!”

Excited the rabbits stood next to him, while he opened his bag.
“For Sophie I have this book about the plants of Sylvania, because I read that you’re very interested in farming!”

“Oh thank you so much!”, said the girl happy, “That’s exactly what I had wished for!”
“It was my huge pleasure. Now, Alice, for you I have this doll! I know you will love playing tea-time with her!”

“Oh wow!”, Alice was astonished, “Thank you!” Carefully she took the doll and pressed it to her heart, “I promise that I will never hide any socks!”

St. Nicholas laughed, “And I’m sure you keep this promise! And for you, Lucky, I have this train. It’s extra fast!”
“Super! Thank you so much St. Nicholas! Now I can make racing duels with my friends!”

“And I’m sure you can win with this train!”, St. Nicholas smirked shortly, than he looked to the rest of the family, “I also haven’t forgot you! I have a new grate for you Clarence, a set of wine classes for Bernard, a new pot for Lettuce and some special knitting needles for Edith. And of course for all of you gingerbread and mandarins!”

Thankful the adults took their presents.
“I can’t wait to start knitting!”, Edith said, “You will all get new scarves!”
St. Nicholas went to the door, “Now I must go, the Buttercups are waiting for me. I wish you a wonderful evening and a peaceful advent time. And don’t forget to behave well until Christmas!”
The children nodded, “We will!”
“Goodbye!”, yelled the Snow-Warren family and waved. 

At this moment St. Nicholas disappeared directly in front of their eyes, leaving nothing behind but some fresh fallen snow. Even footprints were not visible.
“Wow! He’s soooo cool!”, said Lucky, while his sisters nodded.
The parents and the grandparents smiled at each other: It was a wonderful St. Nicholas day!

And while Lucky and Alice played with their new toys and Sophie read in her book, the adults drank a glass of wine and enjoyed some gingerbreads.

Happy St. Nicholas day to all of you!!!!

PS: You sure recognized the new house in the background. I'm so happy to tell you that I won Highfield farm!!! I already wallpapered the house but hadn't time to add curtains, rugs and new furniture. So I had to borrow furniture for the story :D. I hope you don't mind.


  1. I LOVED this story, it's definitely the best one yet! Alice is SO cute, and Edith is also adorable in this story :D I love the look of your new Highfields Farm, the wallpaper suits it. Especially the Orange wallpaper in the living room ;D Also, I love St nicholas's clothes! They are amazing, and look so cool XD

  2. Oh and also, I love Alice's toy :D :D She deserved it :)

    1. Thank you soooo much Aranera :-*. It's also my favourite story yet, but I think that's because, beside the story theme, I love Highfield farm so much :D.
      The orange wallpaper is the best ;D. Hihi, yes, I know she likes the doll very much! :)

    2. My pleasure XD Yes, the Farm is sooo cute and of course St Nicholas is very important too :D
      It is ;D ;D That is great :) :) :)

  3. I would have to agree with Aranera ^^
    This story is one of the best (but all of yours are wonderful!) and Alice made me laugh so much! Your new house is adorable and please post pictures of when it is all decorated. I'm happy the Snow-Warrens had a nice St. Nicholas Day and I hope you did too. :)

    1. I promise to post lots of pictures, when it's decorated :). Thank you sooo much; yes I had a nice Nicholas day - I got a DVD and of course oranges, mandarines and gingerbread :D

  4. Congratulations for this new house, it is very beautiful!
    Lol for the socks behind the bath! :D
    I'm happy that all children have had gifts!

    Happy St. Nicholas to you too!

    1. Thank you so much :).
      :D sometimes socks can lead to a little catastrophe ;)

  5. Poor Alice, She really was terified of st Nicholas!

  6. Darling Alice...she is such a good girl! I gather that everyone was pleased with St Nicholas's visit??? :D

    Congratulations on the new house - it looks gorgeous already.


    1. Yes, everyone was veeeery pleased with his visit! :D Thank you so much :) Glad you enjoyed the story :)

  7. Great story! I loved learning about the traditions of St. Nicholas. Congratulations on winning Highfield Farm! I look forward to seeing more pictures of it. xo Jennifer

    1. It was my pleasure :). Thank you very much! And I hope to share more pictures soon!

  8. Yep, this one is my favorite! I was happy to see your new Highfields Farm in action! Your Santa costume looks gorgeous and very traditional! Oh little Alice, she's just too sweet, I had a feeling Santa would understand that she hadn't done too much wrong! I wish that we had this tradition in America, seems like lots of fun. :)

    1. :D thank you sooo much! I'm so glad you liked the costume and the story of course. Yes, it's a fun tradition - I always loved it! :D

  9. Poor Alice, but Im sure she feels better now. What a cute toy she got!

  10. OMG what a cute story! I have to share this with the kids!!!!

    1. :) Aww, thank you! I hope you're kids will like the story too! :)

  11. This story is so cuteeee....I like how kids worried at first about being put in the bag instead of getting gifts. St. Nicholas is a good man. I wish I could met one.

  12. I loved the pictures of Edith and Allice together, so touching :) St. Nicholaus looks great with the cotton beard!