Samstag, 6. Dezember 2014

Advent Calendar: 7th of December

7th of December


Natalie Tuxedo carefully put the roast into the oven. She already had prepared the rest of the meal, so she planned to read in the book she had received from St. Nicholas the day before.

But no sooner she sat on the couch, she heard the triplets running around in the upper floor.

 Suddenly a loud bang sounded through the house and just seconds later more than one child cried.

“Not again!”, Natalie sighed, while her husband Mason already run upstairs.
When she entered the children’s room she found chaos all over. 

Mason had his hands full. He tried to comfort Moonlight and Angelica on the one side. On the other side he had to pull Rose out – the poor girl was stuck under an overturned bed. Lily tried to lift the bed on her own, while Peppermint sat confused on the bottom.

“Why ever is Rose lying under the bed? What has happened and how did you get the bed turned?”
Moonlight cried louder and pointed at this sister Angelica, “I… I… I wa… wanted to…” 

He stopped and run to his own bed, where he hid himself under the bedding.
Meanwhile Rose was freed. She wasn’t hurt badly, just a few bruises, but she sniveled of the shock.

Carefully Natalie checked her daughter, "Everything thing is ok now, but if you feel another pain you must tell us immediately!"
"Y...yes", Rose clung to her mother.

Mason sighed and walked to Moonlight, the youngest of the triplets, "What has happened, Moony?"

Two black little ears popped up, „I… I run after An.. Angi… And then we fell over Rose and… And the bed… It made bang! I… I didn’t want to do that, Daddy...”
“It’s okay, but I still have no idea how that bed could turn over…”, while he hugged Moonlight, Mason looked to his wife.

“I don’t know…”, Lily answered, “Everything went so fast! I was coloring a picture and Rose read a comic and then… She suddenly laid under the bed.”

“Well…”, Mason said, “As long as everything will turn into normal now… And nobody is really hurt…”
“I’m sorry Rose!”, Moonlight carefully patted his older sister.

She still sniveled, but smiled at her brother, “I.. It’s okay. I know it wasn’t your aim to hurt anyone.” “Yes.”, he nuzzled close to her.

Mason grinned at his wife, “Problem solved!”
“Yes, but let’s tidy up together.”
All children moaned loudly, but they had to help – Natalie made sure that the house was always tidy. If there was a bit of chaos or dirt she could get very angry.

For this reason the family fastly cleaned up the children’s room and just a few minutes later everything looked as nothing had even happened in the room.
Rose and Lily sat on their beds and continued what they had done earlier. Lily draw a picture and Rose read in her comic. Moonlight, Peppermint and Angelica went on with their play.

"Whew! That was...", Mason let himself drop down on the couch, " of these moments..."

Natalie laughed, "Dear, I will never forget this picture! Rose lying under the bed and all the little ones so confused. I'm so glad nothing really bad happened!"
"Indeed. Now I need a few minutes to recover from all the stress!", Mason grinned, "I think nothing will happen in the next half hour!"
"I think so too.", smiled the cat woman and finally Natalie had also a little time to start her book.


Dear Readers,

again I had to borrow furniture the furniture for the Tuxedos, because I won't buy any SF things before Christmas^^. Also I'm very sorry for the lighting in the pictures - it was so late, when I took them yesterday. :/

Still I hope you enjoyed the story and wish you a very nice Sunday! :)

Yours Kyra


  1. I loved this story, the pictures are so clear and the triplets make me laugh so much XD I love Moony, Angi and Peppermint, they are sooooo cute! :) Great story overall, I'm glad Natalie could finally enjoy her book! ��

    1. :D thank you - glad you like the pictures! Yes she was also happy, that she could finally enjoy her book :D

  2. I really enjoyed this story, poor Rose! Luckily she wasn't hurt =)

  3. What a lovely story! With a house of five children, I imagine that that sort of thing is not uncommon... :D It seems that the adults handled the situation well, though. I hope that you yourself have a nice Sunday as well :D


    1. Thank you, yes I enjoyed a nice Sunday. And you? :)

  4. Cute & funny story, I love the tuxedos! I love how you renamed the baby triplet ( moonlight ) ! :)

  5. A real cute story, I guess these parents will have their hands full with those triplets!

  6. Cute story! I'm happy to see the triplets in action! I just love when the babies get into some mischief!XD I love the candy wallpaper in the children's room, so fun and whimsical! Sorry I always comment on these late! I promise to be better!

    1. Me too :D. Those babies are such too cuddly! Thank you! Don't worry I'm always happy when I read your comments!

  7. I get annoyed when things are messy and dirty too so I can totally relate LOL I like the room décor and how you have created your scenes! It's difficult to take pictures in a dollhouse. The light is always a tricky challenge but you managed beautifully :)

    1. Thank you so much! :) Yes, chaos is pure horror! :D. It was my own fault with the light, I should have taken the photos in the morning and not in the evening. But I'm glad you like them!