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Advent Calendar: 9th of December

9th of December

Bobby Roberts walked through his flat towards the coffee machine. Together with the coffee and a large plate of chocolate chip cookies he wanted to watch one of his favorite movies, which he just bought on video.

Just when he pressed the play button in his TV, suddently the door bell rung.
Bobby stopped the film and put his food by side.

He didn't expected someone, so maybe it was Pete, who wanted to bring him some post.

When Bobby opened the door he couldn't trust his eyes!

On his doorstep a little badger girl sat in a basket and cried.

He looked right and left, but no one was here.
"Oh my!", he bowed to the toddler, "Don't cry, my dear! Who are you?"

Frightened the girl looked at him and whimpered, "Mommy!"
"That's a good question! Where's your mommy?"

At that moment Bobby detected a letter. He opened it and his eyes widened while reading.

"Oh... my...", shocked Bobby let himself fall on the floor.

He had a daughter! And like it seemed he was the only family member of the little badger, after her mother brought her to him.
The girl still cried, a circumstance which broke Bobby's heart. Softly he lifted her up, took the basket with him and went back in the flat.

"Everything will be ok now!", the police officer said, "I will take good care of you, Marie!" 

He sat her on his bed and covered her with a soft planket, "I'm Bobby... Ähm... I mean I'm your dad!"

"Daddy?", now it was her time to be irritated, "Dad is... dead...."

"No I'm not.", he gave her the little teddybear, which he had found in the basket, "Your mum was wrong. I didn't know anything of you. I even didn't know that you existed! I'm so sorry! Your mum was always a horrible person! Why didn't she told me? Oh my... I shouldn't talk like that about her! But I promise you to talk care if you! I know I'm not living in the biggest house, but we will for sure get a long with each other. We will have much fun together! Do you like chocolate chip cookies?"

Of course Marie didn't understand everything the man in front if her was saying, but she liked him. She felt sheltered and calmed down slowly.
"Y...yes.", she answered shyly.
Bobby smiled relieved and offered her a cookie.

"Thank you!", Marie took the cookie and immediatly nibbled at it.
Bobby sat beside her and took a cookie too.
For a while they ate quietly, than Bobby asked: "Do you like fairy tales?"
"Should I read one to you?"
Maries eyes glanced, "Oh yes, please!"

The police officer looked for the famous Sylvanian fairy tale book, "What is your favourite story?"

"The strawberry princess!"

Surprised Bobby turned around, "Mine too!" The little badger smiled and walked to him, "Help you?"
"That would be very nice! Thank you!"

Together they searched for the book, which was fallen under the bed.

Then Bobby made his daughter a hot chocolate and for himself a second coffee. It was an uncommon situation for him, but Marie was a sweet and adorable girl. He had took her in his heart immediatly. But still he had to talk with someone. He had no experience with toddlers. For sure Margarete, the wife of his best friend Pete would gave him some tips...

Peaceful Bobby and Marie drank their drinks, while he read the story of the strawberry princess. Marie looked at the coloured pictures and pointed at one of them: "They eat also cookies!"
"Right, my dear! Do you want another one?"
She thought about the question, then she nodded.
"Thank you."

After the story Marie slept for a while. She was exhausted. Bobby just could imagine, how horrible her day must have been.
Abandoned from her mother and brought to a stranger!

Silently Bobby called the Petites and explained the situation.
"Of course we will help!", said Margarete, "We have to go shopping together!"
"Thank you so much!"
"It's our pleasure!", Pete laughed caring, "Oh dear, father in just a few hours! I'm feeling for you!
"I just can’t understand why her mother didn't tell you earlier... And how cruel of her to leave little Marie alone in front of your door.",  Margarete was shocked.

"I know, but Linda wasn't the nicest woman, that's why I left her.", Bobby shook his head, "Of course I hadn't if I had known about Marie... Or I would have taken care of her earlier. I don't know how I should explain, that her mum left her alone!"

"But you must tell her!", Pete meant, "She will ask and one day she also must learn the truth."
"Tell her that she had to leave.", Margarete said, "That's all she must know for now. When she's older you can tell her everything. But now she's to young."
Bobby agreed.
"Ok, we will come tomorrow afternoon and then we will buy all the things you need!"
They said goodbye and Bobby looked to his daughter, who still slept.
Hopefully she could bear the lose of her mother....

To be continued....


Dear Readers,

again I had to borrow things - but this time a whole house :D. I hope you don't mind, I just have to wait until I got more flats and more furniture. 

Many greetings, have a nice day,

yours Kyra


  1. Aaaaah poor Marie, she must be so confused, but I am so glad that Bobby will be there for her! It was such a sweet story and I loved it. And I dont mind the borrowing of furniture and houses in the least. Congratulations on a great one!

    1. Yes, she is, it was hard to get her in front of the camera ;). Thank you so much!

  2. Awww, I loved seeing little Marie, but wow what a surprise for a bachelor like Bobby. He seems like a great father to her. I wonder if she will ever have a mother. I loved seeing little Sparky on the advent picture too, overall a really wonderful story! And don't worry about borrowing furniture, I don't even notice. Besides, sometimes the Sylvanians just happen to have the same taste in furniture. ;)

    1. :) little Sparky will also get his story soon :). That's a good question... I'm looking for a lonely badger woman... But it's harder than I thought. About the taste, yes, I wondered too... Strange.... Strange.... :D Thank you!

  3. I love this story! How nice to see Marie with her father once more :) But Linda seems horrible! Did she come from Pumpkinvilles? ;D

    1. Of course she comes from Pumpkinvilles ;) :D :D :D. Thank you :)

  4. What a touching story! Bobby is such a good and caring father!!! Poor Marie but glad she found a good parent a last!

    1. Thank you :). Yes, the poor thing. But at least she has home now :)

  5. Great story! I can't wait for the next installment! It's fun to see Bobby's tender side. :-) xo Jennifer

    1. Thank you :). Tomorrow the story will go on! :) I reality Bobby is a teddy bear! :D

  6. I hope Marie will fit in, but with a caring father like Bobby I'm sure she will.

  7. I think so too :). She will need her time, but than she'll fit in! Thank you :)

  8. Awwwwwww...what a sad but sweet tale you have told. I do hope that Marie will like living with her father, and I am confident that Bobby will do the best he can possibly do to raise her well. :D

    Until tomorrow!

    1. Thank you! :) Yes, he does the best :D. I'm curious what you'll say about today's story^^

  9. Oh my gosh this is so just.... aah I'm gonna cry!! So sweet and Bobby seems like an amazing father. :'D I feel sorry for Marie when she's on the step like that. Those cookies look yummy too, I'm guessing you made those? :) Can't wait to hear more!

    1. Yes I made those cookies :D. Thank you so much for your comments! :) Glad you enjoyed the story, wonder what you say about todays part II.

    2. You're very talented in fimo ^^

  10. Poor Marie! Abandoned so close to Christmas D: I hope Bobby rises to the challenge, he is a good fellow.