Montag, 29. Dezember 2014

Christmas presents - reviewing my newest achievements

Dear Readers,

I was spoiled with lovely Christmas gifts this year! Besides "normal world stuff" I got also 5 new Sylvanian families sets. 

My boyfriend gave me three sets: the hedgehog family, the dining table set and the triple bunk beds-set :).

The dining table set will go into Highfield farm, it seems that little Alice likes her new place.

The bunk beds will go to the Tuxedo's household, I'm sure the triplets will be happy to have own beds now. What I especially like at this set are the different options to place the beds.

Now to my newest family.The hedgehogs are sooo cute, I love their smiling faces and their fur is very soft. The stings make them look very fluffy, what I think is so adorable!

I will mix their names a bit. So they will be called Mortimer, Eleanor, Franz (because the boy just looks like a cute Franz) and Greta von Stachel (which is the German family name and can be translated as "of sting"). 

The von Stachel's will be the owners of my brand new village store, which I got from my parents.

With the village store came another new villager: Miss Millicent Fisher. I don't yet know if she will work in the supermarket, but we will see :). Millicent is very happy to show you the new shop.
This is it from the front and that's it from the side.

Inside you find tons of delicious food! A nice cart facilitates the shopping tour.

Fresh fruits, vegetables and fish...

What I especially like here is, that most of the fruits and vegetable are attached, but you can use one loose fruit to play with. I know that a lot of people don't like that they're attached, but I always have to carry my buildings in another room when I take pictures and often all the little accessoires fall down in a mess. So it's ideal for me :D.

... ice cream in a freezer...

... cold goods, which are stored in a nice fridge...


... a wonderful baking goods area (love that little bag)...

... dry goods in the cupboard...

...and some more little cans at the cash register. Here kind Mrs. von Stachel serves you.

And a few more pictures through the windows! I'm very happy about the village store and can't wait to write some stories, where it will be featured!

Last but not least, another wonderful villager came to Marigold Creek: Cecil Maces, the professionell photographer! I got this awesome set from Aranera as a Christmas present. We both sent us a little set for Christmas and opened it at the day the donor celebrates Christmas. So I opened mine on the 25th of December.

Cecil comes with some lovely photo accessoires, I especially love the camera!

You can turn the pages in the little photo albums, which is really cool! 

I heard that Cecil will make the photos of Margaret and Pete's wedding ;).

You see, I'm reeeeeeaaaally happy about every single present I got. They're so amazing! :)

I hope you enjoyed this little tour :). I will take new photos of all my villagers soon - I know I have to add all the bios of the new villagers too^^.

Write you soon,

yours Kyra


  1. Such gorgeous presents! Alice looks so cute and the triple bunk beds are adorable too :D I'm so happy you like Cecil! I think the names you've picked are perfect ;) and congratulations on the Village Store!!

    1. I love Cecil :D. Thank you again sooo much!
      The store is so cool :D Thank you!

  2. Congrats on receiving so many awesome presents for Christmas! It's great when your family knows what you like :D :D :D It love your new additions! I think Sylvanian Families are really great presents anytime of the year. Kids love them, adults love them!

  3. Congrats Kyra! Your presents look excellent :)

  4. Awww this is great! Sounds like a wonderful Christmas! :D

    1. Thank you :). Yes it was a wonderful Christmas :)

  5. I hope you had a merry&happy christmas, I'm sure you did =) You are very lucky to get so many sylvanian things. The detail in sylvanian books are just, just..... detailed! I love the hedgehogs, they look so cute! Don't worry Cecil, I haven't forgotten about your cuteness =)

    1. I had - thank you :). I agree, Cecil is soo cute :D

  6. What brilliant new sets! It is so fnuny that we both got the Supermarket/Village Store! Great minds think alike :D It looks like you had a fabulous Christmas, which is just fantastic.


    1. :D indeed. Thank you, I had a wonderful Christmas :)

  7. I love love love that village grocery store set! I haven't played with it very much but I really adore it. It's so cute and detailed. Congratulations on the new sets you got! I hope you have a great 2015. And I look forward to hear more from you and your SF village news. =)