Montag, 12. Januar 2015

Not Sylvanian, but sooo lovely - My first Ai Doll

Dear Readers,

today I received a long awaited parcel! Inside the parcel my first Ai Doll was waiting for me. 
Lovely Jane Chérie helped me getting the doll, because Ai Dolls are ridiculously expensive here. 
Somehow our post delivered it to the wrong adress in my home village and was lost for more than a week. But suddenly my mum found a parcel in front of the door, somebody had brought it back to us. Phew! My mum then sent it to me and now I'm the proud owner of Rhodanthe. But I might rename her, it sounds so rough :D.

But Jane Chérie not just sent me the doll, she also included some goodies!

But let's take a first look at Rhodanthe. She came in this lovely like a book looking box, which is held closed by magnets. 

She was wearing a cute dress, pants, a little blue velvet jacket and some tiny socks. 

Included were also brown leather shoes, a cap and some eye putty.
She wanted to take of the jacket immediately, but I could persuade her to hold on for one photo.

Tadaa! Here she is with her shoes, the cap and the jacket on. 

Yep- you see, I couldn't stop her pulling of the jacket. Isn't her dress adorable? 

Her shoes are amazing, they are so tiny, but so well made at the same time. They even have a very stable sole!

Rhodanthe is a ball jointed doll, so she can move in variable ways. I can't wait to take more photos with her - but unfortunately, learning is much more important at the moment ^.^.

Then I also got this awesome Re-ment set!

It has the perfect size for Rhodanthe. Can you see all the tiny strawberries? I'm really amazed by this set, because I never had a Re-ment set before.

I also got this amazing miniature dollhouse! 

It's also perfect for my little doll. Now she have something to play with. I hope to make her some dolls or/and plushies soon :).

Last but not least, I got these two delicious looking food plates. 

Rhodanthe seems to like them too :D.

Thank you so much again for your help and your lovely surprises Jane! I really appreciated that :).

Oh and I have some special news: Pete's and Margarete's wedding story will be up in the next days :).

Enjoy your evening,

yours Kyra


  1. Aww, Rhodanthe is adorable!! :D I love the little dollhouse and re-ment set too! The strawberries are such a cute little detail, and I'm amazed at all her beautiful clothes!XD

    1. Thank you!!! :) The Re-ment set is adorable, I agree. I wonder if it's possible to find an easier way to get Re-ment stuff her in Germany... O.O

  2. She's beautiful! I'm so happy you were able to get her and that dollhouse is so adorable!! And that rement set is just so sweet looking, especially the little strawberry teapot! :D

    1. Awww, thank you! :) I'm also so happy, that I could get her! :D the strawberries make me hungry^^

  3. What a beautiful doll you got!! She has pretty eyes and hairs. And I think Re-ment things fit her well. I love the little dollhouse too!

    1. Thank you so much! I love her eyes too - they have a wonderful green colour. I will soon take more and better photos of her.
      You're right! And I think I will get her more Re-ment stuff! :D

  4. Congratulations on the doll. And what nice extra surprises!

  5. I am glad you like Rhodanthe so much! She is a great poser like all the Ai-dolls! And glad you like the extras too :D Re-ment is always a crowd pleaser! I don't know anybody who does not like Re-ment! It's easy for me to get them thanks to some site where I pre-order them. Otherwise, there is always good old Ebay! Good luck on getting the items you like!

    1. :) yes, she's so adorable - I just made a new post on my other blog :D
      Thank you again so much for the extras, they were a wonderful surprise!
      :D thank you - I'll order somr stuff this week :)