Freitag, 9. Januar 2015

Update :)

Dear Readers,

as promised I uploaded the new family photos and bio's of my newest members in the "My Sylvanian Families" - section.

Those are:

Laurel and Melanie Hawthorn

Marmalade and Pippin Petite

Moonlight, Peppermint and Angelica Tuxedo

Gabriel Hornigold

Milicent Fisher

Cecil Maces

The von Stachel family

The orphanage with Sarah and Jane Huntersmith; Minerva Dappledawn, Thomas Keats and Sparky Huckleberry

I wish you much fun to read their bio's - I'm really looking forward to write more stories about my families as soon as I have more time.

Also I will take new photos of my other families soon - they already complained about their "bad family photos" to me :D. And Mr. Hornigold will get a new photo too - the lighting turned very bad, while I took the photos.

Besides learning I'm working at my houses and hope to present you the finished ones soon :)

Wish you all a nice weekend!

Yours Kyra


  1. Aww, lovely new bios, I always enjoy reading them! Wishing you a wonderful weekend as well! <3

  2. I love the new bios! Marmalade and Pippin are so adorable :D Happy weekend!

  3. What a great update, I am loving all of the new bios! My favourite has to be Marmalade's: doesn't everyone love annoying their older siblings?! :D