Samstag, 17. Januar 2015

Wedding Bells

Dear Readers,

I know you all have wondered, why Margarete and Pete suddenly were parents of 4 little bears. Well, they got married! But why didn't we hear about their marriage yet, you might ask... Well, I didn't hear about it either! But I snapped a talk between Margarete and her children up yesterday. So I will tell you everything, what I heard:


It was Saturday afternoon and Pete was still working - his wife took care of their four children. Victoria and Ron had just returned from the nursery, while Marmalade and Pippin played with the toybox in their room.

"Muuuuum?", Victoria asked Margarete, "How did you met daddy?"

Wondering Margarete looked at her daughter, "Oh well, I've met him while I was working at the bakery. And then he delivered me some furniture."

"Was it love at the first sight?", with huge eyes little Victoria looked at her, "It must have been soooo romantic!"
Her mother laughed, "Yes it was."

"And how was the wedding? You must tell me everything!"
Smiling Margarete took her wedding album, "Should we look at the photos together? And I tell you the whole story!"

Victoria nuzzled close to her mum, while also the other children joined them.

"It was Saturday morning and..."

Margarete was so excited! Today was her wedding day - today was the day she was going to marry her love of his life. Today she will become Mrs. Margarete Petite!

"You look so beautiful!", Molly McBurrow  said and softly pulled down the last skirt of Margarete's wedding dress.

"You look like a princess!", Flora agreed and gave her the wedding bouquet. 

Daisy nodded fastly - while she placed the tiara on Margarete's head, "Pete will adore you!"

Nervous the young bear lady looked in the mirror. She really looked beautiful - her fur was shining and smelled like lavender. Her cheeks had a soft blushed colour. The light white silk wedding dress wasn't decorated very much with ornaments, but it had a beautiful elegance and accentuated her dark eyes perfectly.

At this moment, Digger called, "The car is here! Are you ready?" 
"We are!", yelled Molly.

Margarete blushed, "Oh my! I'm so excited! Thank you so much for your help!" 

Her three friends smiled all over the face, "It was our pleasure! But now, we must go! Pete is for sure waiting for you!"

Together they entered the car and drove to Marigold Creek's parc, where an altair was placed to hold church outside. The sun was shining - all her friends were gathered in the parc.

The flowers were glancing in the sunlight and a soft wind made the trees rustle.
Indeed Pete was waiting already for his bride. 
He chatted nervously with his witness of marriage and best friend Bobby Roberts, while Gabriel Hornigold lighted the candles.

"She's here!", Luna yelled, "The bride is here!" Suddenly all heads turned and looked at Margarete.

A loud "Awww" sounded through the rows of people, "She's beautiful!"

Margarete's heart beated faster, her knees were shivering, but she was happy!  When her eyes met Pete's, all the fear - that something bad could happen - was gone. 

She slowly walked to the altair, leaded by Hornbull Buttercup - Elizabeth and Rose were her little flower girls and had fun spreading the flowers.

Softly Pete took her hands in his.

"You look so beautiful, Margarete!", he whispered.

At this moment priest Gabriel started the church office.

"We're here to bring together Margarete  Bellefleurs and Pete Petite. When they met each other, it was love at first sight..."

Gabriel said many wonderful things, but Margarete had just eyes for Pete. She felt like she was in a dream, but when Gabriel spoke the famous words: "Will you Pete Petite marry Margarete Bellefleur? And will you love her and honor her until the death will separate you? In good and in bad days?", she realized that she wasn't dreaming!

Pete smiled at his bride, "Yes I will!"

"And will you Margarete Bellefleur marry Pete Petite? And will you love him and honor him until the death will separate you? In good and in bad days?"

"I will!", she whispered - her heart was filled with love and joy.

"Then I declare you man and wife!", Gabriel grinned softly, "You may kiss the pride!"

Enthusiastic Pete pulled Margarete in his arms and gave her a long kiss, while everyone cheered loudly.

Now they were Mr. and Mrs. Petite!

"Awww, it sounds so romantic!", Victoria sighed, "One day I will have my wedding exactly like yours mommy!"

"And what happened then?", Ron asked.

"We went to the wedding photographer!"
"To Cecil?"
"Yes, my dear...", Margarete smiled.

Pete and Margarete glanced all over her face, when they entered Cecil's outside studio. 

"Congratulations you two! It was a wonderful wedding!", Mr. Maces said "I'm sure you want to go fastly on your party, but I fear we need some minutes for the photos..."

"That's fine!", Pete laughed,  "We have some time. Also the photos are very important for us!"
Good mooded they started the shooting. 

Even if it took some time, all photos looked wonderful! One better than the other! 
At the end Margarete and Pete took a gigantic wedding album with them.

"And that's the album!", Margarete explained to her children, "Now here are the other photos of the wedding party. 

Elsie fetched my wedding bouquet (Bessie was over the moon with joy!)...

... the men sang great songs in a choir...

... we had tons of cake...

... and here we had some funny games!"

Ron giggled, "Daddy looks so funny in this one!"

His mum agreed laughing, "You're right."

"And do you know what is the best?", Pete said of all a sudden. He had silently sneaked into the room.

"What?", all children asked.

"That I still love your mother as much as I did it on that day!", Pete kissed his wife, "And even more!"

Margarete glanced all over her face, "I love you too, Pete!"


I hope you enjoyed that little story. I know it's filled with unrealistic facts, like why is Gabriel already here? Or how could they get so many children in less than a year? But hey, they're living in the fictional world of Sylvanian! There is everything possible :D. I hope you don't mind about those "mistakes". They're just happening in this story, I promise!

Have a wonderful weekend,

yours Kyra


  1. What a wonderful story! They are bears, so they could have four children in one litter, and your right, anything is possible in Sylvania! Very creative to have the children ask about it. And it seemed like such a beautiful ceremony, I love the party pictures, everyone looks like they are having fun. I'm glad Pete and Margarete are still very much in love, where did they go on their honeymoon? ;)

    1. Aww, thank you Paige! :) I think the wedding was a great one - they all seemed so good mooded :D
      Good question - I should ask them ;) :D

  2. Gorgeous story!! :D It was a great idea for Victoria and Marmalade and Pippin and Ron to ask about the wedding, and I loved the photos you took for the wedding album! It sounds like a great day! :D As Paige said, they could have four bear cubs in one litter :)
    I really loved this story - the park looks so beautiful and perfect for a wedding! :D

    1. :) The wedding album pictures are my favourite too. Cecil will become a famous photographer I think :D. Thank you so much! :)

  3. That was a great wedding story! I love how you make it into flashbacks as Margarete tells the story to the kids. I totally love the photographer and his camera! Very tempted to get it myself after seeing your pictures!

    1. Thank you so much! :) I'm sure you would like the photographer set! It's very cute.

  4. Lovely wedding story! I love the way you told it, I would of never thought of that! Cecil is the perfect name for the mouse, do you have a suggestion what I could lastname my brown mouse on my blog?

    1. Thank you so much! :)
      Mmh... As a last name maybe Cracker or Fondue if you want a funny name fitting for a mouse :D. Otherwise maybe Hazel, oh or Dandelion. I think Mr. Dandelion sounds cute :D. But that's really a hard question O.O

  5. What a heartwarming story! Victoria is just like any other young girl - always dreaming :D Don't worry about those "mistakes", they were hardly even noticeable!


    1. Phew, I'm glad the mistakes weren't so bad. Thank you, glad you like the story! :)

  6. Beautiful story :) Not unrealistic at all: maybe they had two sets of twins at the same time, quadruplets I mean!