Freitag, 27. Februar 2015

Afternoon walk with the Tuxedos

Dear Readers,

today we take a look at the Tuxedo family, who made a little family trip.


It was a sunny afternoon in February, when the Tuxedo family decided to go on a walk.
The triplets were not very happy about this idea - they still wanted to play with their toys, which they got for Christmas.

But Natalie tried to convince them by promising to visit the new shoe shop. The three little kitties loved trying on new shoes. 

Motivated by this idea Moonlight, Angelica and Peppermint followed their family.

Carefully Mason locked the door, then they walked into the village. 

The streets were busy, all shops had opened their doors - beside the Hamburger restaurant of course. It was always closed on Thursdays.

While Bessie and Angus Buttercup decided to enjoy a piece of cake at the Löffel's bakery, Milicent and Mallory Fisher wanted to buy some fresh baked breads.

"Oh hello, Mrs. Tuxedo!", greated Sarah Hunter-Smith at that moment and waved friendly. The dog lady was walking with her daughter through the village.

Together with Moonlight and Angelica Natalie paused for a moment to talk with the leader of the orphanage.
"Are you also going on a little shopping trip?", asked the cat woman.
"Yes, we haven't checked out the new village store yet - so that's our goal for today!", Sarah smiled.
"You will love it, I promise."

"Daddy, Daddy!", yelled little Peppermint, "May I have some ice-cream please?"

Mason followed her finger, which pointed at Elsie's ice cream cart. He smiled, "Of course! Everyone to Elsie!"
The young cow lady laughed, when they saw the four cats running towards her cart.

"Hello everyone! Which ice-creams do you want?"
"I take some waffle with chocolate and strawberry ice!", said Rose.
"For me the same please!", that was Lily.
"And you Peppermint?", Mason asked.
"Just chocolate please!" 
"Here we go!", gently Elsie handed over the ice-creams, "Enjoy!"

Meanwhile little Moonlight recognized, that his siblings very eating ice-cream.
"Mommy, mommy, mommy!", he screamed, "They all get ice-cream! And we not!"

"Don't worry my little furball, you will also have some ice-cream.", Natalie smirked. She said goodbye to Jane and Sarah and went to her husband.

Soon all kittens were happily licking at some delicious ice-cream.
After the little stopover the Tuxedos came by a new building.
Secretly the triplets tried to peek through the window.

"That's one of the houses, which I hope to sell soon.", explained Mason to his wife.
"It looks very cozy! I'm sure you'll find some owners soon. What about the von Stachels? Don't they need a house?"
"They do, but I fear that house would be too small for their family.", Mason said.

Natalie nodded, "You're right..."

At the same moment Rose and Lily got frightened. Some foreign looking Sylvanians walked down the street.

"Mum, dad!", fastly they ran to their parents.
"There is a man with gigantic teeth!", murmured Rose and her sister added, "He must be very cruel!"

Irritated the adults followed their childrens sighting.
"Oh no, those are no teeth, Rose.", Mason laughed, "Those are two wildboars, the man has tusks!"

"You don't have to fear them!", Natalie smiled and waved the two wildboars.

"Oh, good afternoon!", said the wildboar man with a deep, but warm voice and the woman beside him greeted also very friendly.

"Good afternoon!", Mason stepped forward, "You must be new in Marigold Creek!"
"We are, I'm Eustace Truffle and this is my wife Victoria.", the man smiled, while the adults shook hands.
"Nice to meet you! I'm Natalie Tuxedo and this is my husband Mason. And those are our children!"

"Oh, you have triplets too?", astonished Victoria asked and said "hello" to the kittens.

"Yes. They are three little mischieves!", Natalie grinned.

"We also just got triplets.", explained the lady, "They are at their grandparents house at the moment... Until we found a place to live here."
"So you're searching for a house?", Mason got excited.
The wildboars nodded.
"Oh, then I can help you maybe? I'm the estate agent of this village."

"What a coincidence!", laughed Eustace, "It seems we're having good luck today! Do you have any empty houses here? If for rent or sale doesn't matter."
"Indeed we have a house for sale - the one behind you!"

Curious Eustace turned his head (his wife had a little chat with Natalie also about the house).

"This one?"
"It's gorgeous! When can we visit it?", Eustace glanced all over his face.

Happily Mason answered: "Would tomorrow afternoon be okay for you? I unfortunately haven't the keys with me at the moment."
"Of course! We also didn't want to bother you to long today."
"That's okay. I'm glad that I can help you. And we are all always happy about new villagers!"

Good mooded the families said goodbye and the Tuxedos got on with their walk.
Soon they arrived at the brandnew shoe shop, which belonged to Margarete Petite. Margarete had finally opened her dream business.

Curious the family looked through the huge shop windows.
"So many shoes!", Angelica wondered.

Before they entered the shop, Natalie took a closer look at the shop sign, "It looks great!" Her husband agreed.

Inside Flora Löffel was just buying herself some new fancy shoes.

"Good afternoon Natalie! Good afternoon Mason!", the rabbit woman said, before she had to say goodbye. "My little ones are waiting", she explained excusing.
"Don't worry, many greetings to your family!", Mason said.

"It's so nice to see you!", greeted Margarete, "Welcome, how can I help you?"
"Hello, wow - the shop looks amazing!", praised Natalie, "I think we will first have a look around."
"Of course, feel free to ask everything."

Seconds later Peppermint watched herself in one of the little mirrors...

...while her sister Angelica inspired the shoe care products.

Rose and Lily took a seet on the cozy plush stools.

Suddenly Moonlight detected a blue pair of sneakers and let his mother lift him up to show her the shoes.

"Do you want to try those on?", Margarete asked. The kitten fastly nodded, "Yes, please!"
The bear lady fetched the shoes and helped him to pull them on.

"Aw, they're so cute!", Natalie clapped her hands, "Mason, darling, look at those shoes!" Then she asked her youngest, "How do you feel? Can you walk with those shoes?"

"Yes, mummy! They are very soft." 
"They are made of a elastic material, which shouldn't hurt the childrens feet.", explained Margarete.

Meanwhile Rose and Lily were looking at each others feet, both had found some pretty shoes.

"Daddy? Can we have them please?", with huge eyes they looked up to their father, who couldn't resist.

"Okay, okay.", he scratched his head, "But we still have to ask your mum!"
"Thank you dad!!!!", the two girls made a little jig.

Just a minute later also Angelica and Peppermint wore new shoes.
"When did that happen?", asked Mason irritated.

"Don't ask me...", his wife said, "But have you touched those shoes? They are fabulous! They are made of such a high quality material, we should buy them."
"Well... Ahm... I have also agreed in buying new shoes for Rose and Lily..."
Natalie paused, then she had to laugh, "Okay, okay, I see. Then today is a huge exception, we will buy all shoes."

The children were already allowed to go outside (of course with their new shoes on), while Mason and Natalie chatted with Margarete.

"I'm so glad you like the shoes! It wasn't that easy to import those children's shoes..."
"I can imagine! Where did you bought them?"
"In Evergreen Village.", explained Margarete, "But we had some customs problems after shipping. They didn't want to believe me first, that I really have a business."
"Oh no, was it at the customs in Pumpkinvilles?", asked Mason caring.
"Of course in Pumpkinvilles.", the bear sighed, "They always stress for nothing! But I'm glad they're finally here."
"And that is the most important!"

Mason looked suddenly at his wife, "Darling? You said today is an exception... Shouldn't we two also take a little look?"
"Should we?"
"We should!", grinned the tomcat.

"We're looking really good!", laughed Natalie minutes later, while she admired her pretty white sandals and the elegant brown leather shoes of her husband.
Mason nodded amused, "But we should better pay now - not that we find another pair!" 

They walked to the cash register, where Margarete packed their newest achievements in two pretty boxes.

"I wish you much fun with the new shoes!", smiled Margarete, while she was storing the money in the cash register, "Have a nice evening!"
"You too, greetings to Pete and the children!"
"Thank you, goodbye!"

"Goodbye!", Mason and Natalie left the shop. Outside their children were waiting.

"Oh that was so great! We should do that all week!", cheered Rose.
"Yes, more shoes! More shoes!", Moonlight and Peppermint yelled.

Mason dropped his shoe box. Shocked he and his wife looked at each other.

"No!", they said at once, "Not every week!"


I hope you enjoyed the little story. Have you noticed the new outfits of the Tuxedos? I bought those four awesome clothes at Grandma's Originals. I think they look absolutely fantastic and fit them very well. The old outfits were just too elegant and carnival looking^^.

And what do you say to the shoe shop? I'm almost pleased with it, but I think I need to add more advertising at the outer walls...

Anyway, enjoy your weekend! I hope you have a nice one!

Many greetings,
yours Kyra

Samstag, 21. Februar 2015

Absolutely non Sylvanian post^^

Dear Readers,

today my post won't feature any Sylvanians. I hope you don't mind.
I made an old Egyptian looking bracelet today (I LOVE old Egypt^.^), by using polymer clay. It turned out quiet good I think and that's the cause why I wanted to show it to you. 

Here's the finished result (with my typical Egyptian skin :D):

If you want to rework such a bracelet (Maybe for the next costume party?), I also took some step by step photos. I think they're self explaining, but here are a few explanations/tips:

- It's important to use a soft polymer clay, like FIMO soft. The bracelet needs to stay flexible. Also take care you use new clay... I made a try with older FIMO and the poor bracelet got destroyed *cries*
- You can use finished golden clay, but I recommend to use a gold metallic powder for the shiny look. I think it looks a bit more realistic. 
- The tin really is important, because it helps to keep the round form while baking. I highly recommend using one!

You need:
- FIMO (gold or other colour, if you use powder + other colours if you want add "gemstones")
- gold metallic powder
- needle tools
- a ribbon
- a tin

So let's go:

Bake for the first time! Let the clay cool down and then add some strings (which can be baked). This helps to keep the basic shape, while you're adding the other details.

This should look like lapislazuli and coral ;).

Bake again, let it cool down and add the final ribbon. 

I hope you enjoyed the post, even if it didn't feature Sylvanians, but I promise the next one will be about the Tuxedos ;) :D. 

Have a nice weekend,

yours Kyra