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Dear Readers,

sorry for my absence, I'm very busy at the moment. But I try to post as often as I can :).

For today (think of it as a Saturday post^.^) I have a brandnew story for you, introducing my decorated Highfield farm and a cute Re-ment set, which I bought. But you will also see the Buttercups, because I thought it would be time to take a closer look at their profession. 

Important note: Neither the calf, nor the chicken, nor the hare (brilliant delimitation to rabbit, right? :'D) are related to Sylvanian families figures. We all wonder, from where the milk comes or from which animal the eggs... Well let's say they are some special unrelated animal race in the Sylvanian world ^^.

Enjoy! :)


It was 6 o'clock at the morning and the soft tones of a piano sounded through Highfield farm.
It was grandpa Bernard, who played the song. 

He was always the first family member out of bed. But shortly after him Clarence and Lettuce got up and a day on the farm started. 
While Lettuce started to prepare the lunch, her husband got himself dressed (He was always a bit slowly with his decision, what he should wear) and woke up his children. 
Lucky already was full of energy and greeted him loudly.

"Hi dad!"
"Good morning my little early riser!", smiled Clarence, before he softly called his youngest daughter, "Alice, my sweetheart, it's time to get up!"

The toddler grumbled silently, then Alice suddenly looked at her dad, "Daddy?"
"Good morning, my fluffy furball! It's time for breakfast!"
"But I guess we have to wake up Sophie first!", grinned Lucky, "She's still sleeping!"
"Okay, then it's our turn!"

Clarence and Lucky sneaked to the rabbit girl's bed, said "Good morning" and started a tickling attack. Laughing Sophie got up, "Allright, allright. I'm awake!"
Clarence liftet Alice and took her downstairs.

"Aww, is that grandpa's youngest sweety pie?", Bernard smiled, while Lettuce laughed, "Are you still tired, Alice?"
"Yes, mommy..."
Clarence placed his daughter in her highchair, while they were waiting for the rest of the family.
At the same time at the Buttercup farm...

All the Buttercups were still sleeping - except of little Elizabeth! Today was a very special day for her. Today she was allowed to feet the family hare! The furry little animal was a new family member of the farm and still very young, that's why everyone treated it very carefully. But her mother decided, that she was old enough to take care of a pet. 
Full of energy the girl crawled out of her bed and walked into her parents sleeping room. She jumped on their bed "Wake up, mommy! Wake up daddy!"
Hornbull moaned, "Good morning, Eli!" 
"You must get up! The sun is already shining!"
Still a bit drowsy her father left the bed and dressed himself, while Daisy already went downstairs to cut the bread. 

Anabell, who went with her, brought some fruits, "Some Bananas for you mum!"
Daisy smiled, "Thank you, my butterflower!"
Upstairs Paddock had a fight with his dungarees - to the amusement of his father and his sister.

Together both farmer families enjoyed breakfast, then a day filled with work started. Because it was Saturday, the children were allowed to help their parents, which they always enjoyed.
Hornbull started the day with sawing some big wood into smaller pieces. 

After he finished work he transported the logs with his new wheelbarrow and... heard the voice of his wife.
"PADDOCK! This is no toy! Please lay it down immediatly!"
Irritated he turned his head and saw his son with his sharp saw in the Hands.

"Ooops...", he murmured.
"Hornbull! How could you let your saw lying around like that! Something could have happened!", Daisy threw an angry look at her husband, while her son walked apologetic to her.
"I'm sorry mum. I didn't want to do something bad!"

"I know, I know!", Daisy sighed, but gave him softly a kiss on his forehead, "Please ask, before you touch such dangerous things!"

Meanwhile Clarence inspired one of the apple trees on his farm.

"They're ready to be harvested!", whistling he placed a ladder.
"I will collect the apples for you, daddy!", Sophie said.
"Thank you my dear!"

Clarence took a few steps on the ladder and started to cut down the beautiful red apples.

After collecting the apples, Sophie walked to her younger brother,  who was taking the egg from their home chicken Susie. "I found one!", Lucky glanced.
"Oh great! It seems like Susie and Chip are hungry!", Sophie mentioned.
"I know, I will feed them immediately!"
Good mooded Lucky opened the big feed bag - a noise, which led the chicken and her chick run to the rabbit boy immediately.
"Some food for you Susie, and some food for you little Chip!", baited Lucky.
Clarence fed the calf at the same time...
...while Daisy walked with her youngest to the familie hare.

They carried a little bucket with carrots - all food for Crumby (How they called the hare). Daisy placed the bucket on the bottom and lifted Crumby out of his box.

"Here he is!", she smiled.
"Aww, he's sooooo cute!", Elizabeth footed on the spot, "Can I feed him, Mommy? Pleeeeeaaaaase!?"
"Yes, you can! But carefully!", softly she placed the hare on the grass and little Elizabeth could finally gave him some carrots. 
The girl was over the moon.
A little while later Hornbull and his son Paddock checked their field. The Buttercups owned a vegetable farm, so they grew carrots, spinach, salad, cauliflower, potatos and also pumpkins.

"Look dad, I think the carrots can be harvested!", triumphant he lifted a carrot.
Hornbull aerated the soil and nodded, "They look brilliant!"
"Can I get them out?"
Amused his father nooded again, "Of course, if you want!" It was always a riddle to him, why his children enjoyed working on the farm that much, but Hornbull didn't scrutinized it.

Paddock liked digging in the earth, because he was able to get dirty in a permitted way. Happily he harvested all the carrots, while his father checked the potatos and some of the cabbage. 
"It seems like also the pumpkins can be harvested!", he recognized.
After feeding the animals, Clarence Snow-Warren watered all the plants on their farm. 
Edith walked meanwhile with her youngest grandchild to the strawberry bushes.


Together they collected all the mellow ones, of course not without nibbling on some of them.

"Wow!", amazed Clarence stepped by, "Those are lots of strawberries!"
"Yes, and little Alice found the most of them!", Edith proudly smiled, while the young girl nodded: "I took the big ones!"
"You have done very well!"
Lettuce in turn cleaned up the house and made the beds.

Of course she did also take good care of her shiny fur and combed it. After that she planned to read a bit in her new book about needle work.

Bernard for his part sat in an armchair with his favourite pen, which always inspired him, in his hand and thought about new stories, which he could write. Soon he had some ideas.

It was already late afternoon, when the farmers finished today's work.
Proudly Hornbull and Paddock smiled at each other.

"We're amazing!", glanced Hornbull, "Look at all these goods!"
"And I have a pumpkin!", giggled Elizabeth.
Paddock cheered: "But a gorgeous pumpkin!"

And because they had more than one gorgeous pumpkin Daisy made some pumpkinsoup with the help of Anabell.
It was about 5 o' clock in the afternoon and both families finally enjoyed a delicious meal. 

The Buttercups had their pumpkin soup...

... and the Snow-Warrens some sausages with fresh baked bread.

But what about Edith and Bernard? 

The two of them enjoyed a romantic picnic outside. Bernard surprised Edith with delicious cheese fondue, famous berry juice and a beautiful flower bouquet. 

"Happy Valentines day, my dear!"               


Of course this wasn't a Valentines story at all, but I thought a little Valentines picture at the end can't hurt ;). This is also the picture with whom I entered the Valentines photo contest, hosted by Lady Lollipop on the Sylvanian Families forum.

I must admit that I LOVE those Re-ment stuff. I think it fits perfectly to Sylvanian families! I'm thinking of getting more in the future...

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and a romantic Valentines day if you're celebrating,

yours Kyra

PS: The wildboar profile is now on my bio site :)

PPS: If you want to see the single Re-ment sets more detailed, Hornbull recommends visit my other blog :D. I made a full post about the single sets.


  1. What a sweet story! I love how they cared for all the fam animals! The re-ment set is so cute! And was so wonderfully showed off by this story! :D Happy Valentine's Day to you and the Sylvanians of Marigold Creek! :)

    1. Thank you! The animal pictures are also my favourites :D. Happy Valentines Day to Whisper Wood!

  2. Such a lovely story! I really loved seeing all their jobs around the farms - the Re Ment sets fit very well with your SF :D
    Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

    1. Thank you :). Yes, I agree. The Re-ment fits perfectly! :) Happy Valentines Day!

  3. Lovely story! I have finally had a chance to read your blog and to post on mine! I was very busy, I love reading your stories, this is one of my favourites!

    1. Thank you! :) I'm glad you enjoy my stories! Oh yes, I've seen your post! It was sooo cute :)

  4. Highfield farm is an old and hard-to-get Sylvanian building. I am so happy to see you have one and have decorated it so well. The story is so cute! I like how Daisy interacts with her kids. Their dialogue sounded very similar to our life. Love it!

    1. Thank you so much! I was so happy when I won Highfield farm.
      Glad you like the story! :)

  5. A very cute story indeed. Sorry I took so long to read it, but Im glad I waited till I was ready. There was so many facets to it, but it was really good jumping between the two families. Thank you again!

    1. Don't worry - I'm happy you read it now :). And even more happy you liked it that much!