Donnerstag, 5. Februar 2015

Introducing the Wildboars

Dear Readers,

I recently bought myself a new family: the wildboars. I couldn't resist their cuteness :D.

So let me introduce: 

Eustace Barrington, Victoria, Felicity, Susan Mary and Charlie Truffle.

Eustace and his darling wife Victoria will be the dentists of Marigold Creek, so I just have to get them the dentist set^^.
I think they have really cute faces and I love that their clothes are completely different (in colour and design) compared to the other Sylvanian families. Both father and mother wear more pieces than "normal".

The three little piglets are so lovely, even if they don't have stripes, like real wildboar piglets should have^^.

Eustache and Victoria watched carefully over their children, while I took the photos. Also the outfit of little Charlie Truffle differs from the other SF standing baby outfits.

I enjoy the Truffles very much. I know that they're not everybodies favourite, but they're something special to me ^.^.

Hope you enjoyed the little post, I'm back to learning-.-.

Have a nice week,

yours Kyra


  1. Such a cute little post and family! They are second on my Wishlist (after the Redwood Panda family XD)

  2. I love their clothes, and how cute is that babies!

  3. What an adorable and rather rare family! I cannot wait to read more! :D

    1. Thank you! I hopr to write more about them soon! :)

  4. Awww, they are so sweet! I do wish the babies had stripes though.

  5. I love the babies- so cute- squuueeeee

  6. awww, they are so adorable!!!! They are one of the cutest families ever! I love Eustance's tusks =)

  7. Squee, so cute!! Great choice of family, so adorable and fun! I like their clothes too, very sweet!