Sonntag, 1. Februar 2015

The first Village Store opens it's doors

Dear Readers,

something special happened in Marigold Creek, let's take a look:

It was about 9 o clock in the morning and a four hedgehogs stood nervously in front of new building - a huge glancing sign said "Village Store".

"Oh dear, what is, if the villagers don't like us? Or if nobody will come?", Eleanor von Stachel, the hedgehog lady, said.
"My dear, don't worry! Don't forget that everybody told us, that the villagers of Marigold Creek are very friendly people. I'm sure somebody will come!", her husband Mortimer tried to comfort her.

The family had instructed a building company a few months ago to build their new supermarket. But because the von Stachels had to organize many things back in their old home down, they weren't much involved in the building process. Mortimer had visited the shop a few times, but always late at night, so he never had met any citizen of Marigold Creek.

"I know, I know...", Eleanor sighed, "I just hope the opening will successful today!"
Mortimer gave her kiss, "I'm sure it will be a success!"

"Of course, mum!", a small boy grinned, "We're having the best supermarket in the Sylvanian world!" His sister Greta nodded fastly.

Their parents laughed, "Thank you Franz!"
"Let's check a last time all the things.", Greta decided, "We must be 100 % sure, everything works!"
Her mother agreed and the von Stachels started their work.

Mortimer checked the vegetables and the fruits - they were fresh and smelled delicious.

Eleanor looked after the shopping cart - all wheels worked perfectly and nothing squealed. 

Greta and Franz counted the perishable goods.

They had enough for more then 30 families.

At the end Eleanor went to the cash register and looked if it worked.

"We're done!", Mortimer smiled, "Now 

At the same time Daisy Buttercup decided to visit the new building near her farm. The whole family had watched the building process with huge interest and wondered who the owners could be. No villagers had seen one of the owners.
"Can we go with you, mum?", asked Anabell, while her brother already run out the house.
"Of yourse you can, we are all curious!"

Just half a minute later the four cows entered the supermarket.
"Oh wow!", Daisy said, "It's beautiful!"

A friendly looking hedgehog appeared and shook her hand, "Good morning, welcome to our village store! My name is Mortimer von Stachel and this is my wife Eleanor!"
"Oh, good Morning, Mr. von Stachel! I'm Daisy Buttercup! We're living in the farm beside the store.", the cow had a warm laugh, "It was such a surprise to see the building of a supermarket!"
"I hope it was a good surprise!", Eleanor asked.
"It was a wonderful surprise! Marigold Creek needed a supermarket! We always had to drive to Pumpkinvilles to go grocery shopping.", Daisy explained, "I mean we are vegetable farmers, but we of course can't grow all vegetables. And the Snow-Warrens grow local fruits. So we're very happy you are here now!"

While Daisy chatted with Mortimer and Eleanor, Anabell and Paddock met Greta and Franz von Stachel.
"Are you also working here?", she asked.
"No", Greta explained, "Just today. Normally we of course have to go to school. I'm in the second grade!"
"You're my age then!", determined Paddock, "That's cool, we are in a class!"
Greta laughed assuaged - she had feared to meet no child.

"And you?", Anabell asked Franz.

"I'm in the first class."
The cow girl cheered, "Like me!"
"That's great!", he showed a bunny shaped baking good, "Have you tried this before?"
"No, is it good?"
Franz nodded fastly, "It's soooo yummy, here, you must try it!" He handed over the bunny bread.
"Oh, thank you!"

Meanwhile Mortimer showed Daisy and little Elizabeth the village store.

"Here we have chocolates, coffee and cereals."
"You really have lots of stuff!"

They moved on to the shopping cart, where Elizabeth jumped in.
"Darling, you can't sit there. Mum must fill it with goods!"
"But I can take care of the goods!", Elizabeth argued.
Daisy laughed, "Good idea, but I fear I could hurt you with some of the cans."
"Oooookay.", a little bit frustrated Elizabeth left the cart.

Together Daisy and her youngest daughter looked at the wonderful perishable foods.

"Can I have the peach juice?", asked Elizabeth excited.
Daisy nodded, "Of course."

"Muuuuum?", Paddock and Anabell run to their mother, "Muuuum?"
Daisy grinned, "Yes?"
Both children held some sweets in their hands.
"Can I have this ice cream?", Annabel looked with huge eyes to Daisy.
Paddock footed from one to the other side, "And can I have this super cool strawberry joghurt? It even has little crispy chocolate balls!"
Elizabeth clapped her hands, "Chocolate balls!"
"Okay, my sweety pies! But just for once!"
"Yippieh!", cheered the children.

While Paddock and Anabell again chatted with the von Stachel children, Daisy paid for the food.
"Thank you so much for visiting our store!", Eleanor glanced all over her face, "I'm very happy to have met you and your lovely children."
"Me too.", Daisy took the change, "We will visit you for all our shopping trips now! I'll take my husband with me next time. Hornbull is very interested in wine and I saw you have some special bottles here!"
"I'm looking forward to meet him!"

The von Stachels said goodbye to Daisy and her children.

Daisy, Anabell, Elizabeth and Paddock walked home together with a huge bag filled with all kind of goods. The children couldn't wait to try all the sweets they got.

After the Buttercups other families entered the Village Store, but I couldn't watch them any longer, because it was time for lunch :D. But I know the first day of the store was a huge success and the von Stachels were very happy to have found a new home. Although they still needed to move into a new house....

I hope you enjoyed the little story, I know nothing special happpend, but I love to look at my supermarket :D.

Have a nice Sunday!

Yours Kyra


  1. Aww!! What a gorgeous story! :D The Village Store is so sweet and I love the characterisation you've given the von Stachels :)

    1. :) thank you Aranera!I think the von Stachels will be the kindest family in Marigold Creek :D

  2. What an awesome story!!! Just what I needed on this rainy Sunday evening. :D

  3. Lovely story! I wish That I could really go their and buy something, i would reallly like to try the bunny bread. =)

  4. Very cute and I would love to get my hands on this! The Von Stachels and Daisy showed it off nicely.

    1. I hope you can get that store one day, it's so lovely! Thank you so much :)

  5. Nice to meet the von Stachels! I had to check my dictionary to know they're actually von Stings xD Very clever. Thank you for the nice story!

    1. :D thank you! I like the German family name too, it's totally different to all other family names of the hedgehogs.

  6. Great story! Congrats on Mortimer Family opening the village store. Daisy is a very nice and friendly lady so I'm sure hedgehogs feel welcomed now. The SF village store is one of my favorite buildings. I like the details it presents and all the food sections how it organizes.

    1. Thank you very much Chloe! Mine too, if it would resist in reality, I would go and buy there things :D.

  7. Congratulations! The village store is open. This is an adorable story, I just love the way that you described how nervous the family was in all of the little things that they did. I can't wait to hear more about the gorgeous Von Stachels.

    1. :) thank you so much Mia! I guess it's very exciting to open a shop.:)

  8. Tell the Von Stachels congratulations! Very cute, I like that it was realistic! And an accurate description of what it is like to grocery shop with children. Chocolate balls! Ha, made me giggle!