Sonntag, 15. März 2015

A new home for the Hawthorns

Dear Readers,

I finally found the time to write a new story. I'm still very busy with learning for the coming exam, but happily I passed the last huge exam, so I feel a bit more motivated for learning^^.

I hope you enjoy the story! :)


It was a sunny Monday morning, when Michael and Katie Hawthorn visited their friends Lettuce and Clarence Snow-Warren. The rabbits had invited them for a "special cause" (That's how Lettuce named her concern on the phone).
"So...", Clarence begun, "You for sure wondered, what's that "special cause" my wife was talking about..." 

Michael laughed, "Indeed we do!"
"Well, we have found a solution for your house problem!"
Katies eyes became huge.

After the Hawthorns decided to adopt litte Melanie and her sister Laurel, they were searching for a bigger home. Otherwise the youth welfare office wouldn't agree in the adoption.

"Really? Oh, please tell us!"
Lettuce nodded, "Do you know our barn? It would need a bit time to renovate and you would need to build some walls, but it could be big enough to live in..."
Michael marveled at the idea of his friends - it was the perfect solution!
"It would be gorgeous!", he clapped his hands, "And you would really give it to us? How much do you want for it?"
Clarence waved aside, "Nothing! We don't need the barn - also we didn't build it, it just belonged to our lot."
"Thank you so much!", Katie and Michael were over the moon with joy. 

Together they walked to the old barn.

"See, it's big enough!", Clarence presented the building.
"And we will of course help you during the building process!", Lettuce promised.

Curious the two mice inspired the barn. 
Katie glanced: "I must say it again, it's fantastic! Thank you so much!"

Just a few hours later Michael and Clarence visited Digger McBurrow, who was the carpenter of Marigold Creek.
Excited about the plans, he immediatly started to draw a constructional drawing.

"You could use those beams to hold the new walls.", the mole explained and pointed at his drawing.
Michael listend intently, "Good idea. And could there be the front door?"
"Of course. I would have also recommended it."

The mouse man glanced all over his face, "I still can't believe that we will have a new house soon!" Clarence laughed, "I'm so happy we could help!"

"The youth welfare office will be pleased with your new home - I promise!", Digger said, "We could start in two days, if you want? I just have to order some of the materials..."
"That would be fantastic!"

No sooner said than done. Two days later the men started building the walls.
Because Katie couldn't help at this process, she met with Molly McBurrow and their youngest children in the parc. Little Melanie was also with them - Sarah Hunter-Smith had allowed a family visit.

"Your husband is doing a fantastic job!", praised Katie, "I'm so excited!"
Molly smiled, "He's very glad to help you. And also he loves his profession."

"One can see that!"
"Have you made any plans yet, how you will decorate the house?"
Katie nodded, "Yes, I will..."

While the women were talking, their children played hide and seek together.

"I got you!", triumphant pointed Monty at Melanie, who immediatly started to giggle.

Another two days later, Michael and Clarence stood in the wallpapered first floor, while Digger peeked through a window.

"It looks gorgeous!", the rabbit said, "It's already a real house!"
"Without the help of you I could have never done this!", thankful Michael looked to his friends.

"We're brilliant!", Digger winked, before he said: "And I'm also done with planting the bushes. You must take a look!"

Planting bushes and some flowers was also one of Diggers fantastic ideas. He thought it would look more charming and he was proved to be correct.

Not long after Katie, Molly and Lettuce returned to their husbands. Amazed they stopped. 

The Hawthorns new home was a nice, country style cottage. The building really wasn't a barn any longer.

Happily Katie and Michael kissed eachother...

...while Lettuce smelled at one of the beautiful green roses...

...and Molly showed her youngest one of the hydrangeas.

"What a huge flower!", said Monty, "It's bigger than me!" 

After the house was fully dry, Michael and Clarence carried in the furniture and...

...installed the kitchen.

Katie brought the first accessoires and soon their new home was fully furnished.

Excited they called Sarah Hunter-Smith, who immediatly decided to visit together with Laurel and Melanie.

"Welcome!", Katie and her complete family waited infront of their new home.

"Mum, dad!", the two girls run to their parents and hugged them tightly.

Sarah was glad to see the family reunited. It wasn't easy to let the orphans go, but she knew that the Hawthorns loved them very much. 

"Should I show you your new home?", Katie asked.
"Oh yes mum!", Laurel glanced all over her face, "I'm so excited!"

Inside the house, they first looked at the sleeping rooms.
"And that's all for us?"
Proudly Katie nodded, "Yes my dear!"

They moved towards the kitchen, where Melanie declared she could eat a pizza. 

"We have one here, should I heat the oven?", amused Katie looked at the girl.
"Oh yes, please!"

"Mum?", Laurel asked at that moment.
"I'm so happy that we've found you and dad!"
Touched the woman agreed, "We too, my darling!"

Meanwhile Sarah inspired the house too and decided that it was the perfect home.
"Congratulations!", she and Michael shook hands, "I will fastly fill in the documents and send them to the youth welfare office, but of course Melanie and Laurel can already move in!"

"Thank you so much!", Michael said with a suppressed voice - he tried to hold back his tears.

Soon it was time for Sarah to say goodbye. 

She waved, before she returned to the orphanage. A new child should come to Marigold Creek soon.

Just a few minutes later, Flora and her daughter Luna appeared and brought a huge orange cake.

"We're so sorry we couldn't help you building your new house. But Hans is still on the bakery congress and I was busy with the children and the bakery.", Flora said.
"Don't worry!", Katie smiled, "It's a hard time for you. We totally understand!"
"Thank you. But to make it a bit up to you I made you this cake. I hope you like it!"
"Of course! Thank you! Will you eat with us?"

Together they enjoyed a wonderful picnic sitting on the warm green grass infront of their new home.
Finally the Hawthorn family was complete! 

They fastly settled in and after a few days the mice felt like they have been living there for their whole life. It was fun to live in direct neighbourhood to the Snow-Warrens. The children played together, the women talked and went grocery shopping together and every morning Michael took a step out of his house with a cup of hot coffee and waved to Clarence...

...who also enjoyed his coffee outside. 

They both looked forward to their talks in the early morning.

I know it wasn't a real story, because it was more a shown process of the before and after result of the barn. But I thought it would be nicer to have a little story to pictures.

I'm not completely pleased with the result of the barn. The outer walls don't look very pretty, but I tried to hide them with the plants :D. Well let's say it looks a bit like an old rustic cottage. If I find more time, I will define and clean the outer walls.

Read and write you hopefully soon,

Yours Kyra


  1. It is fantastic! So glad you had time! And it wad a story afterall! Thank you!

  2. Nice to see you had time to renovate and make a story :) Cute to see the Hawthornes reunited.

    1. Thank you! Yes, it was so hard to find some "Sylvanian- time" these days.

  3. Great story! I love the Hawthorns new home, very clever of you to use the barn to make a little cottage. :) I'm glad the Hawthorns can enjoy the new company of the Snow Warrens. :)

    1. :) thank you so much! They enjoy the company very much I think :D

  4. Such a lovely little story! I love the sweet cottage you made from the barn, it really is a gorgeous home!

  5. Lovely inspiring story. Is the barn itself a Sylvanian item? Turning it into a cottage is so smart. It looks beautiful. I think the outer wall looks good with the flowers you decorated.

    1. Thank you! :) Yes, it's a Sylvanian item, this one:
      I won it together with Highfield farm, but didn't know what to use it for^^

  6. I think your barn turned out into an amazing cottage! I love how you decorated it.

  7. This is a very sweet story and your photos are so sharp and clear! You decorated the barn beautifully! It looks just like a house now! Good luck with studying for the exams!

    1. Thank you very much dear Jane! :)
      I'm so glad when the exams are over... :D

  8. What an absolutely exquisite cottage! You are SOOOOOO clever, Kyra. And I do love that cake - it made me hungry. The story itself was also heartwarming.
    Congratulations on another fantastic house :D

    1. Awww, thank you so much Mia! I'm so glad you like the house! :)