Freitag, 6. März 2015

Talking about an awesome parcel

Dear Readers,

today I want to show you my newest achievements, which were a wonderful surprise from lovely Eaton Blackberry. Beside two furniture pieces, which I knew about, EB spoiled me with two awesome new sets: The Beaver Carry Case and the Tableware Set.

I decided to give the fantastic antique looking oven...

...and the sink unit to Bobby and Marie. 

Marie wanted to try it out and washed her hands. 

You for sure recognized, that they moved into the Hawthornes flat - you will find out more in a coming story ;).

This is little Neferi Waters, a shy little beaver girl, who loves taking a bath and playing with her toyboat. 
Until her parents finally appear in Marigold Creek Sarah Hunter-Smith will take good care or her.

Last but not least I want to show you that fantastic tableware set that I got! The dishes went directly to the wildboars new household (Which you will also find out about in a hopefully soon coming new story :D).

Eustace Barrington enjoys his first cup of tea in the morning, while little Charly and Felicity want to have a hot chocolate.

Mum Victoria admires her new platter, but got interrupted by Susan Mary, who tried to fetch the new tea cup.

Thank you so much EB for those wonderful presents, I and my Sylvanians enjoy them very much :). I can't wait for our coming trade!

Have a great weekend,

yours Kyra